1. 4-3-3
  2. 4-4-2
  3. 5-3-2
  4. Advantage
  5. Anchor man
  6. Assist
  7. Assistant referee
  8. Back-Pass Rule
  9. Backheel
  10. Ball
  11. Banana kick
  12. Bosman ruling
  13. Brace
  14. Byline
  15. Cap
  16. Captain
  17. Caution
  18. Center circle
  19. Center spot
  20. Center-half
  21. Chip
  22. Coin Toss
  23. Corner
  24. Corner flag
  25. Crossbar
  26. Curling ball
  27. Defense
  28. Defensive wall
  29. Direct free kick
  30. Dragback
  31. Dribble
  32. Dugout
  33. Dummy
  34. Duration
  35. European Championships
  36. Extra-time
  37. FA Cup
  38. FIFA
  39. Flat back four
  40. Flick
  41. Floodlights
  42. Football Association
  43. Football League
  44. Formation
  45. Foul
  46. Foul throw
  47. Free kick
  48. Free transfer
  49. Full time
  50. Fullback
  51. Goal
  52. Goal area
  53. Goal-line clearance
  54. Goalkeeper
  55. Goalpost
  56. Golden Goal
  57. Half-volley
  58. Halftime
  59. Header
  60. Indirect free kick
  61. Kickoff
  62. Lancaster Gate
  63. League Cup
  64. Loan transfer
  65. Lob
  66. Man-to-man marking
  67. Marking
  68. Midfielder
  69. Net
  70. Number 9
  71. Nutmeg
  72. Obstruction
  73. One-two
  74. Onside
  75. Overhead kick
  76. Parry
  77. Penalty area
  78. Penalty kick
  79. Penalty shoot-out
  80. Penalty spot
  81. Pitch
  82. Premier League
  83. Professional foul
  84. Red card
  85. Referee
  86. Replay
  87. Route one
  88. Scissors kick
  89. Set Piece
  90. Shin pads
  91. Shoulder charge
  92. Six-yard box
  93. Sliding tackle
  94. Soccer
  95. Squad
  96. Stoppage time
  97. Studs
  98. Substitute
  99. Substitutes’ bench
  100. Suspension
  101. Sweeper
  102. Tackle
  103. Throw-in
  104. Touch-lines
  105. Transfer
  106. Transfer Fee
  107. Transfer Window
  108. Trap
  109. Trap
  110. UEFA
  111. Volley
  112. Wall pass
  113. Wide player
  114. Wing Back
  115. Winger
  116. Wings
  117. Woodwork
  118. World Cup
  119. Zone defense

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