What is a Nutmeg in Soccer?

A nutmeg in soccer is a skillful maneuver in which a player plays the ball through the legs of an opposing player and runs on to take the ball again.

This maneuver is done to trick and confuse the opponent, and contain control of the ball. A nutmeg in soccer is performed when an opponent approaches the player with the ball, and the player wishes to keep control of the ball. The only way to do so may be to pass the ball through the opponent’s legs and continue running forward to take the ball back.

what is a nutmeg in soccer

Why do they Call it a Nutmeg in Soccer?

Whilst nutmeg is usually used to refer to a type of spice, it is also used in slang to describe being tricked or deceived by someone else. This slang term arose during the Victorian era and during that time, nutmegs were a valuable import. As a result, wooden replicas were often added to exports to make up the weight of each batch.

The word nutmegged also made its way into Cockney rhyming slang, where it meant the word “legs”. This could also explain how the term began getting used during soccer, as the ball is passed through the opposing player’s legs during a nutmeg.