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Jay Rowan

Jay Rowan

Hello, I’m Jay – and I’m a passionate sports fan with a mission to help others understand the most talked-about questions and definitions in the world of sports. My favorite sport is soccer (we call it ‘footy’ where I am from – life long Liverpool fan), but I recently spent some time in the States and caught the bug for baseball and basketball.

I’m the proud father of a young son Jack, who is just starting to learn the game of soccer and asking all sorts of questions about it. I’ve found this a great way to think about how the content on our website is written. We aim to explain sports terms to fans of all ages.

I’ve built up a team of fantastic writers from around the world with an array of backgrounds, interests, and experience across all major sports. If you would like to join our contributors, please drop me an email.

Nebojša Marković

I’m Nebojša Marković, a sports journalist from Serbia. I’m a soccer writer with 10 years of experience in online and TV media.

Alongside working for various news media in my country, I also wrote for FourFourTwo and various other international media and fanzines. Sometimes, you can hear my voice talking about all things Serbian soccer on the BBC Radio or TalkSPORT.

For the past four years I’ve been part of The Guardian’s voting panel for their Top 100 Male Footballers Of The Year award. I love telling unusual soccer stories and I’m obsessed with researching soccer’s historical topics. Also, I try to explore different angles to soccer topics, as that can be a challenging task. But as much as anything, I like watching some good live soccer, whether that’s my national team or a local lower league match.

Vlad Andjelkovic

Hey, I’m Vlad, A language professor and writer who’s also a huge football fan. I’ve been involved in the game my whole life – one way or another.

I’ve had the pleasure of working as a football transfer market data analyst and have been writing about the sport for years now.

Football is a fairly complex sport in my opinion – there are way too many aspects of the game for a regular fan to be able to fully grasp. That’s where my perspective comes in. I tend to focus on things that happen not only on the pitch, but also “behind the curtains”, like the economy, the history, and the business side of things.

I’m a huge Everton and Red Star fan – if you’re a fan of both as well, congrats, you’re part of a very special club.

Steve Cox

Steve grew up in the 1970s and 1980s. As soccer was sweeping the world, he was taken to his first professional match – Mansfield Town v Northampton Town at the age of eight by his grandfather, He was soon spared such mediocrity when his parents moved house, and over the next decade followed Derby County, then one of England’s top teams, as they competed against the best in Europe, and welcomed the likes of Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Benfica.

These early experiences lit the flame of a passion for sport in general, and countless Saturday afternoons were spent watching any and every sport around the world.

After qualifying as a journalist, Steve gained experience in all kinds of general news and feature reporting, for newspapers, magazines and radio.

Today, he still follows the teams he grew up with, and combines this with working as a writer for an investment management company, occasional freelance gigs, and watching the Manchester United Under-21s, who play near his home. His most recent claim to fame is having seen Marcus Rashford playing in one such game in a one-quarter full stadium, and thinking he was a pretty decent prospect.

Married with one daughter, he’s happy to admit that family commitments mean most of his sports-watching today is from the comfort of an armchair!

Nick Gilden

I’m Nick, a professional researcher & writer by day and a die-hard baseball fan by night. I have a deep love and knowledge of the game and love sharing it with others.

I’ve been involved in baseball in one way or another for as long as I can remember – playing the game on an amateur level since I was a kid, writing about the game for my college newspaper, and now working with some of the biggest names in baseball media.

I’m always striving to learn more, do more, and be better – both on and off the field. So if you’re looking for someone who can provide insight and analysis into America’s pastime, I’m your guy.

In my writing, I aim to share my passion for the sport and help others understand the game’s complexities. Whether that is breaking down rules or sharing my favorite strategies, I always try to present the information in a way that’s easy to understand and fun to read so people of all ages can understand it.

Oliver Jansen

Meet Oliver, a basketball fan and advocate from the USA. Hailing from Indiana, home of the Pacers, Oliver has been deeply passionate about the game since childhood. After a successful college career playing on the court, he now focuses on sharing his love of basketball with others as an amateur coach.

Having witnessed firsthand how basketball can bring joy to any situation, Oliver loves to pass on his knowledge and expertise to new generations of players. He currently spends much of his time training a small kids’ team in his local area, helping them master the fundamentals of the sport – something he never shied away from during his own playing days.

When not on the court or in training mode, Oliver is dedicated to writing about all facets of the game. From recapping must-watch games to providing deeper analysis into player stats and trends, Oliver is passionate about educating fans through insightful pieces that get to the heart of what makes basketball so special.

Julian Bell

Hello, I’m Julian-I am the driving force behind Sports Definitions’ captivating golf content. My love for the sport shines through in my insightful articles, With an innate talent for teaching others on the sport with my definitions. I aim to make you understand the most talked-about questions in the world of golf.

You’ll often find me on the course, playing my best with my close friends. For me, golf is more than just a game of precision; it’s also a way for me to relax and focus on just one thing. I recognise that every article and definition I write is an opportunity to share my passion, inspire fellow golfers, and introduce newcomers to the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer seeking tips or just curious on the sport, my work at Sports Definitions provides you a portal to the fascinating world of golf.