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Fastest Soccer Players in the World Ranked

In soccer, the most important thing is to score a goal. But how a team is going to do that is up to them to decide. Many sides these days prepare themselves for possession-based style of soccer, slowly working their way towards creating chances. There are teams, however, which prefer counter-attacking and getting into the…

Are Premier League Pitches The Same Size?

Soccer stadiums in the English Premier League are some of the best in the world, but not many people stop to think about the pitches of those stadia. Many fans will say while watching a soccer match that the size of the field is bigger or smaller than usual, but are they correct to say…
Why Do Soccer Games Sometimes End in a Tie?

Why Do Soccer Games Sometimes End in a Tie?

With many major national sports’ focus on producing positive outcomes in one way or another – for example basketball and ice hockey – it can be difficult for American and Canadian sports fans to accept that soccer games can end with the scores tied, and neither team having won. It might add to the confusion…

How Does a Soccer Game Start?

Ahead of a game of soccer, the excitement may have been building for days, fans excitedly anticipating a closely-fought match between two very competitive teams, who may even be the bitterest of rivals. But when the teams are out on the pitch, the fans have all got to their places inside the stadium, and all…

Why Are Arsenal Called ‘The Gunners’?

Arsenal is known as “The Gunners” due to the club’s origins, which were closely tied to the Arsenal Armament Factory in Woolwich, South East London. The Arsenal Armament Factory was a major producer of military equipment, including guns and artillery, for the British Army. In 1886, a group of workers at the Arsenal Armament Factory…