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Why Are Arsenal Called ‘The Gunners’?

Arsenal is known as “The Gunners” due to the club’s origins, which were closely tied to the Arsenal Armament Factory in Woolwich, South East London. The Arsenal Armament Factory was a major producer of military equipment, including guns and artillery, for the British Army. In 1886, a group of workers at the Arsenal Armament Factory…
ronaldo at press conference

Richest Soccer Players in The World

Introduction A professional soccer player usually earns an above-average salary. As widespread as it is, soccer has for a long time now been a sport where professional athletes could easily become millionaires.  Being amongst the best ones doesn’t always mean the highest salary since various factors decide which players in the world are the richest….
why are newcastle called the toon army

Newcastle United Nicknames Explained

An introduction Newcastle United – probably one of the most exciting clubs in the Premier League to keep an eye on in the upcoming seasons. The Geordies are currently under new management and are attracting interest from many world-class players who have already, or will join the club quite soon. Unlike many other clubs in…
Why Are West Brom Called ‘The Baggies’?

Why Are West Brom Called ‘The Baggies’?

An introduction A club that is one of the English football league founders has had a quite long history in the sport. West Bromwich Albion, or ‘The Baggies’ as some refer to them, is a club based in  West Bromwich, West Midlands, or to put it simply, Birmingham. While many clubs all over the country…