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international soccer fans

Why Is Soccer So Popular Worldwide?

Soccer is a sport that has reached every continent of the world, and it’s estimated that it is played by as many as 200 million people worldwide. For so many, it is not just a sport. It has come to represent a community, led to them forming new friendships, and give them something which can…
soccer crowd cheering

Why Is Soccer Not As Popular In The U.S.?

It’s by far the most popular sport on the planet, so why haven’t Americans taken soccer – or football – to their hearts in the same way as much of the rest of the world? In the countries where it is the number one sport, it’s often referred to as ‘the beautiful game’, yet in…
olympic flag soccer

Why does Olympic Soccer have an Age Limit?

The Olympics are one of the best sporting competitions in the world. Every four years, they engross the whole world. Many sports get their new Olympic champions, as the winning athletes get to call themselves the very best among the very best. But things are different in soccer. Soccer at the Olympics is a rare…

Why Does Baseball Have Rain Delays?

Baseball is very much a gladiatorial contest – pitcher against batter. It is also generally considered to be a summer game, with the regular season commonly running between March and September. This is in large part because it has to be played in good light, in order to minimize any chances of a player suffering…
soccer player wearing sports bra

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Sport Bras?

There is a huge possibility that you might’ve noticed soccer players wearing some sort of a bra-like feature beneath their shirt over the past decade or so. Even though there are many clubs, and especially players who are competing with each other about who has the best look, wearing a sports-bra kind of equipment is…
Why Do Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists?

Why Do Soccer Players Tape Their Wrists?

Many soccer players all around the world wear different kinds of accessories. We’ve seen major shifts in fashion both on and off the pitch in the past decade or so. But why do soccer players wear tape on their wrists? Is that a fashion statement or something a bit different? We are all used to…