A half-volley is similar to the common volley in Soccer however players strike the ball directly as or after it hits the ground with the ball rising towards the goal. The player does not control the ball before striking it. Once the ball is struck, if it isn’t rising, this will usually be referred to as a normal volley.

After the ball bounces some half-volleys can be struck in the traditional way of a volley, this can be known as a ‘bouncing’ or ‘dropping’ ball.

What situations are half-volleys most used?

The half-volley is a common skill in Soccer and can be used by all positions on the pitch. Each different use can depend on the quality of the player executing the skill. Each use has a different method and purpose.

The goalkeeper has an advantage when using this skill as they can drop the ball to feet with their hands, positioning it exactly where they need it to land.

Other situations when the half-volley may be used can be either: