Penalty shoot-out

The competition used to decide the winning team if the scores are still level after extra time. The teams take five penalty kicks each, with a different player required to take each one. The team that scores the highest number of penalties wins the shoot-out and the match. If both teams score an equal number, then the competition enters a “sudden-death” phase in which the first team to miss loses the match.

What are the rules of a shoot-out in Soccer?

A penalty shoot-out is essentially a competition of penalty kicks that happens when a match requires a winner. The rules of the penalty kick are the same however there are specific rules regarding the shoot-out competition.

  • Before the shoot-out begins the referee will toss a coin to decide which team takes the first penalty and decides what goal area the shoot-out takes place in.
  • Teams take alternating penalties from the penalty spot and no player can return until every teammate has taken a penalty. The goalkeeper is also included in this rule and must take a penalty.
  • Only the goalkeeper and penalty taker are allowed in the half, all other players are required to stay near or in the center circle. However, the opposition goalkeeper may stand on the byline, outside of the penalty area.
  • If the penalty shoot-out is mathematically over before the completion of 5 penalties then the match is won. If the scores are tied the shoot-out enters a sudden death format.