The pitch is rectangular and must be 50-100yd wide and 100-130yd long, this can be modified for FIFA-recognized international matches. The boundary of a pitch is made using touch-lines on either side and bylines at either end, signaled using clear white lines.

Inside the boundary of the pitch, there are many smaller areas also signaled using white lines. These different areas are crucial for any soccer match as they help the referee and both teams to follow and implement the rules.

These areas consist of:

  1. Center circle and Center spot – The area where the match is started and restated by kicking the ball.
  2. Penalty area and Penalty spot – The area where the goalkeeper can handle the ball and penalty kicks are taken.
  3. Goal area – The area for the goalkeeper and boundary for opposition free kicks.
  4. Corner flag – The area where a corner can be taken.