A chip is a technique used mainly to deceive the opposing goalkeeper by delicately lifting the ball over their head. The player doesn’t kick the ball with maximum power; however, to successfully score a goal, accuracy is important. This technique can also be used to pass to a teammate by looping the ball of the opposition player. A player will usually try to put a backspin on the ball when performing a chip, if they don’t this technique is referred to as a ‘lob’. If a player decides to use a chip when taking a penalty kick, this is known as a ‘paneka’.

How does a soccer player chip a ball?

For a player to get the best possible chip, when approaching the ball they will lean back slightly to create an angle that allows backspin to be put on the ball. The non-kicking foot should be placed slightly behind the ball to the side and planted on the floor. The kicking foot is angled downwards and the player will scoop under the ball, launching it into the air using the laces of their boots to successfully lift it over the opposition player. This technique can often be compared with a chip in golf as it has the same wedge-like movement.