Penalty kick

What is a Penalty Kick in Soccer?

A penalty is given when a foul is committed in a team’s penalty area. The kicker must place the ball on the penalty spot and wait for the referee to signal before taking the penalty. The only player allowed to face the kicker is the goalkeeper, who must remain on his line until the ball is kicked, and no other players are allowed inside the penalty area before the kick is taken. Penalty kicks can also be used in a penalty shoot-out which is needed after a full match and extra-time is finished.

A penalty will need to be retaken if the goalkeeper comes off his goal line before the ball is kicked and saves the goal, this is usually a decision made by the assistant referee.

Can you pass the ball from a Penalty Kick?

As long as the kicker kicks the ball forward and doesn’t touch it twice before a teammate or opponent does, a penalty kick may be passed. All players must be outside the penalty area but can enter once the ball is touched. This is very uncommon in soccer however has been used in the past.