Corner flag

A post marking each corner of the pitch not less than 5ft high and topped with a colored flag. The purpose of a corner flag is to help the match referee and assistant referee separate the by-line from the touch-lines, awarding a goal kick, corner, or throw-in. A corner must be taken on or within the corner area which is marked out next to the corner flag.

Can you score directly from the corner flag?

In soccer, it is possible to score a goal from the corner area without a teammate or opponent touching the ball. This type of goal is considered highly unlikely and the goalkeeper is usually at fault, making a huge error.

What happens if the corner flag is removed?

The corner flag must not be removed by any player during a match. If a player removes a corner flag this can be deemed an unnecessary waste of time and can result in the player receiving a caution. The ball may strike the corner flag during a match and if it stays on the field, play continues as normal.