Stoppage time

Time added to the end of each half by the referee to take account of stoppages needed throughout a match. This time can be added after each half of a normal 90-minute game and also after each period of extra time if needed.

What is time added on for in soccer?

The time is added on by the match referee for things like:

  • The time used by a team before taking a free kick, corner, or throw-in. This is a common time-wasting tactic used by many teams.
  • Player injuries that occur after a tackle as sometimes players can be on the ground for a long time.
  • All substitutions made throughout a match. The time for players to leave and enter the pitch can be added into stoppage time.
  • Any other general delays to a match such as goal celebrations, referee cautions, and crowd disturbance.

How is stoppage time added?

Once the referee has decided how long they will add as stoppage time they will communicate with their assistant referee, usually the ‘fourth official’ who will use an electronic board to display the added time to the spectators in the stadium.