A player who does not start the game but may be used as a replacement for a teammate at any stage during a game. A substitute can come on the field of play only with the referee’s permission, and when the ball has gone out of play. The number of substitutes a team is allowed varies depending on the league football association.

What are the rules for making a substitute in Soccer?

The rules of the substitution process usually depend on the nation or organization the league is played. The number of substitutes allowed to be named in a match squad can vary between 5 and 12 players. Most national leagues allow between 3 and 5 substitutes to be made during a single match.

It is essential that all substitutes have been registered in the match squad before the game has started. If a player is not eligible and is used as a substitute, this can lead to a punishment for the player and the club.

Substitutes can only be made in accordance with the match officials who must be informed of any planned substitutions. The oncoming player must also wait before entering the pitch until the referee has signalled or the playing being substituted has left the pitch.

Why is a substitute made in Soccer?

Substitutions are made for many reasons; sometimes it’s forced and sometimes unforced. Whatever the reason they can be crucial in deciding the result of a match. Some of the popular reasons are:

  • Injury or fatigue
  • Tactical / change of position.
  • Discipline reasons.
  • Based on performance.

When can a substitute be made in Soccer?

A substitution can be made when there is a stoppage in play, either when the ball goes out of play, a foul is committed or an injury occurs. Once this stoppage happens it’s then the decision of the referee to signal when the substitution can be made.

A popular time for substitutions to be made is during stoppage time which is usually a time-wasting tactic.

Can you substitute a substitute in Soccer?

Yes, this is possible if the rules are followed.

If the maximum number of substitutes has not been used during the match then a substitute can leave the field.

However, a player substituted off from the same match cannot re-enter the pitch. This is for the reason that they are classified as an ineligible player and they must return to the substitutes’ bench or the player’s dressing room until full time.