Goal-line clearance

Sport: Soccer

When the ball is cleared to safety by a player just as it is about to cross the goal line. When performed or executed successfully a player is briefly considered a hero with the supporting fans inside the stadium.

In the past, it was very difficult to judge if a ball had crossed the line or a player had successfully cleared it to safety as the match officials didn’t have the use of technology. However, the introduction of VAR and other goal-line technology has made it easier for the referee to clearly see if a ball has fully crossed the goal line.

What happens if the ball strikes a player’s arm?

In soccer, when a ball intentionally strikes the arm of any player apart from the goalkeeper a free kick or penalty kick can be awarded by the referee. This is also the same if it happens during a goal-line clearance. However, the caution is usually more severe and a red card can be given to the offending player, whether the handball is intentional or not.

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