The ball in baseball refers to two things. The physical ball and a type of pitch which the pitcher throws

The ball used in baseball is on the smaller side and able to be held with one hand. An MLB baseball measures 9-9.25inches in circumference, weighs 5-5.5oz and contains 108 stitches to hold it together. A pitcher has the ability to throw the ball in a variety of different ways, including, but not limited to, a forkball, a curveball, a sinker and fastball.

Plenty of baseballs are used in each game of baseball, as they can be replaced frequently due to any wear or damage on the ball. Additionally, a pitcher can discard a ball that they don’t like the feel of. The baseball has two statuses whilst on the pitch, as it can be considered either a live ball or a dead ball. A live ball is a baseball which is currently in play and within legal boundaries. A dead ball, on the other hand, is a ball which is considered out of play, which could occur in many different ways.

Official MLB baseballs are produced by Rawlings and are made by hand in Cuba, where the materials are imported and then exported back to the USA.

A ball in terms of gameplay is when a pitcher throws a pitch which is not a strike. If a pitcher throws four balls, the batter is awarded a walk, otherwise known as a base on balls. A walk can either be accidental or purposefully set up by the pitcher. Balls are thrown outside of the strike zone and are purposefully not hit by the batter.