Home plate

What is the Meaning of Home Plate in Baseball?

In baseball, the home plate refers to one of the four bases that a runner must touch and pass before completing a run or a home run. The home plate is last in the succession of bases, and is presented differently to the first three.

For instance, the home plate is a five-sided irregular pentagon, whilst the other bases are square in shape. Along with this, the home plate is also level with the ground and is made of a flat, hard material, unlike the other bases which are often weighted bags which are tethered to the ground. The home plate is flat to ensure that any interference with the field is minimal and no obstruction is caused.

As the home plate is the last base to be touched before a runner can score a run or home run, they need to touch all other bases first.

The home plate is located in front of the pitcher’s mound, helping provide the field with a diamond-like shape.