A pitch in baseball is one of the most important maneuvers in the game. At its simplest, a pitch refers to the action of the ball being thrown by the pitcher towards the batter to either lead to a strike or a hit.

The pitcher and catcher make up a team known as the battery.

How is a Pitch Taken?

A pitch is taken by the pitcher as they are standing on the pitcher’s rubber, located in the center of the pitcher’s mound. To serve a pitch, the pitcher goes through several stages to ensure that the throw is adequate. These stages include windup, late cocking, early acceleration, late acceleration, deceleration and follow-through. A pitch is usually thrown through the strike zone, where it is either hit or missed by the batter.

Different Types of Pitches

There are different types of pitches that can be made, and can be used for different circumstances and situations. Just as there are different types of pitchers, there are also different types of throws that can be used. For example, there are fastballs, curveballs, sinkers and knuckleballs amongst others.