Home run

Home runs are synonymous with baseball, and they’re one of the most exciting events that can happen within a game. The act of hitting a home run involves a batter hitting the ball over the outfield fence, giving them the chance and time to run around all bases and score a run without interruption.

Different Types of Home Runs

In baseball, there are different ways and scenarios in which a home run can be scored. Even though, typically, home runs are scored by a batter hitting the ball over the fence, a home run can still be scored using other techniques.

Inside the Park

An inside the park home run is achieved when the batsman manages to hit the ball far enough, but not too far that it leaves over the outfield fence. The batsman must then achieve a full run without being put out. It’s very rare for this to happen, but with a fast enough batter, it’s possible.

Grand Slam

A grand slam in baseball is when a home run is scored despite the bases being loaded with other runners. If there are runners on first base, second base and third base, along with the current batsman, there’s a chance that four runs could be scored at once.