This happens at the start of the game, the start of the second half, or the restart after a goal has been scored. The ball must be passed to another player before the player who kicked off can touch it again. A kick-off will always be taken from the center circle of the pitch.

Which team kicks off first in Soccer?

At the start of a soccer match, a coin toss takes place to decide which team will take the first kick-off. This coin toss is conducted by the referee and takes place in the center circle with the captains from each team. The winning team captain has a choice between kicking off the match first or choosing the goal their team will attack first.

Other instances where a kick-off is needed are:

  • The team that didn’t kick off the first half always kick off the second half.
  • After every goal scored the opposing team that conceded the goal regain possession and restart the game from the center circle.
  • If extra time is needed, the referee will conduct another coin toss, similar to the start of the match.

Are there any rules for the kick-off?

There are some rules that both teams must follow at every kick-off and are the same throughout the match.

Firstly, before the team kicking off the match can play a pass, the ball must be still and positioned on the center spot. After the ball is kicked and has moved the match has started.

Secondly, all players from the team that is kicking off first must be in their own half before the player kicking off can start the match from the center circle. The opposing team should also be in their own half, no closer than ten yards to the ball.