Called game

Sport: Baseball

A called game is a game in baseball which has been abandoned or ended for a variety of different reasons. An umpire is allowed to call game for several reasons, mainly for:

  • The weather leaving the game unplayable.
  • The conditions of the field leaving the game unplayable. For example, damaged flooring or other essential equipment. 
  • Darkness. Lights being out or faulty can obscure vision and make the game harder to umpire.
  • A team forfeiting. 
  • Legal restrictions, such as a curfew or time limitation. 

When a game is called, it can either be postponed or cancelled completely. Postponed games are often rescheduled due to elements out of the organizer’s control, such as in the case of equipment failure or a curfew. Cancellations often occur due to weather or team-related circumstances.

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