An inning in baseball is a way in which the game is structured. Each inning in baseball is constructed of two halves, or frames. Of these halves, one is referred to as the “top”, and one is referred to as the “bottom”. During these two halves, both teams are given the opportunity to bat and defend. These halves last until the batting team is given three outs.A game of baseball usually consists of nine innings, but games can be shortened or lengthened depending on weather conditions on the ground or whether the teams are tied at the final scheduled inning.

When a game of baseball begins, the top of the inning is batted by the away team until three outs are made. Then the middle inning takes place, in which there is a short window for both teams to swap over and assume their next roles. The bottom of the inning then takes place, in which the at home team will take the role as batters.