Complete game

In baseball, a complete game refers to a game which has been played to completion by a pitcher without the use of a relief pitcher. In baseball, there are different kinds of pitchers which are used in different circumstances. These include relief pitchers, starting pitchers, set-up pitchers amongst others. Each of these pitchers have their own specialist areas and can be called in to finish games off or to match up against certain batters with their own expertise.

A complete game is awarded to a pitcher who stays at the pitcher’s mound for the entirety of the game, without swapping to a relief pitcher. A complete game can be considered any game which has been considered finished, including games which have been shortened due to weather conditions or extended due to extra innings. Complete games are now oftentimes rarely awarded due to the statistical advantage that additional pitchers bring to the defense team. In fact, during the 21st century, a pitcher has only thrown ten or more complete games in a season twice.