In most cases, the most suitable clothing is a waterproof jacket, stout shoes or rubber boots, and warm undergarments. Several layers are better than one, thick one as they can be removed gradually. Hats are useful in the summer to protect you from the sun.


The visiting team chooses the end from which to start, and the teams change ends at halftime. The game is started with a jump ball, and both teams must have five players on the court.

Wall pass

Also known as a one-two or give-and-go. A triangular movement where one player gets past an opponent by making a short pass to a teammate and running toward the return pass.


Only the player or team serving can score a point. Women’s singles games are normally scored to 11; men’s singles and doubles games to 15. If a women’s singles game is tied at 9-9 or 10-10, the side that reaches that score first may “set” the game. When a game is set, the score is…