Team Foul

Team fouls are a mechanic in basketball which help determine the bonuses each team receives. Team fouls are a tally of the team’s personal fouls.

What’s the Difference Between Team Fouls and Personal Fouls?

To understand what the difference between team and personal fouls are, one must remember what a personal foul consists of.

Personal fouls in basketball are a type of foul which are between singular players. These fouls are fairly common and come about when contact has been made between two players in an attempt to obstruct the defending player. Flagrant fouls are also considered to be personal fouls, as they also consist of unnecessary contact being made between players, however, flagrant fouls are typically more abrasive and can result in additional penalties.

Team fouls account for each personal foul that each individual player on a team has received. For instance, if three players each had a single personal foul, the team foul tally would be at three. When the team fouls are reset, however, the personal fouls are not, so team members will carry their fouls throughout the game, and only additional ones will be added to the next quarter.

Penalties in Basketball

When both teams amass enough fouls to reach the limit, a penalty situation will arise. This kind of penalty is known as a bonus or double bonus. If a team commits more than five fouls in a quarter before it is reset, or if they commit two fouls in the last two minutes of the game, they are in the bonus. The team received two free throws for each time a player is given a foul in the bonus.