What is Bury in Basketball?

“Bury” is a term used in basketball to describe the successful completion of a field goal or basket. This expression is often utilized in game commentary to emphasize the skill and precision of a player when they successfully make a shot. The term has its origins in the notion of “burying” something in the ground, indicating that the shot was so emphatic that it will not be undone or contested.

Basketball enthusiasts frequently use the term “bury” in various contexts, such as when a player makes an impressive three-pointer or demonstrates their ability to successfully shoot jumpers from different areas of the court. The term encapsulates the thrill and excitement of witnessing a well-executed shot and highlights the player’s skill in overcoming defensive efforts.

While “bury” is a common term in basketball lexicon, it is just one of many expressions used to describe the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the sport. As basketball continues to evolve, so does the language used to discuss and analyze various aspects of the game, adding depth to the understanding and appreciation of this popular sport.

Definition and Origin of ‘Bury’ in Basketball


The term “bury” in basketball refers to making a successful field goal or basket. The usage of the word “bury” in this context most likely stems from its general definition meaning to put something out of sight or to hide it. When a basketball player “buries” a shot, they are figuratively putting the ball out of sight by sinking it into the net. The phrase “bury a jumper” specifically refers to making an especially pretty or skillful jump shot.

Strategic Use

In basketball, the ability to consistently bury shots is essential for both individual players and teams as a whole. Strategy-wise, this skill can be utilized in various ways:

  1. Creating space: Players who can bury jumpers from anywhere on the court are a significant threat to the opposing team, as they force defenders to cover more ground and create space for their teammates.

  2. Ball movement: A team with multiple players who can bury shots consistently may emphasize ball movement to find an open shot opportunity, often resulting in high-percentage scoring chances.

  3. Last-second plays: Players known to bury shots under pressure can be called upon in crucial game moments, such as buzzer-beaters or late-game free throws.

Developing the ability to bury shots in basketball contributes to a team’s overall offensive prowess and can make a huge difference in close games. Any player or team striving for success should value the strategic use of this skill.

Significance and Impact

In-Game Relevance

In basketball, the term “bury” is used to describe the act of successfully making a field goal or basket. A player who is able to consistently bury jumpers or three-pointers demonstrates their skill and accuracy, making them valuable on the court. High-performing players, such as Michael Jordan, are often praised for their ability to bury a jumper from nearly anywhere on the basketball court. This skill not only contributes to a team’s overall performance but also boosts individual players’ confidence during games.

  • Accurate shooting is critical in basketball, as each successful shot earns the team points.
  • Clutch players are often called upon to “bury” the game-winning shots.
  • The ability to bury shots under pressure showcases a player’s mental toughness as well as their physical prowess.

Cultural Aspects

Basketball’s global cultural impact transcends the boundaries of the court. The sport and its terminology, including the use of “bury,” have left an indelible mark on society. Basketball phrases, such as “bury a jumper,” have become part of everyday language, signifying the extent to which the sport has permeated many aspects of life.

Notable events in basketball history have influenced and impacted society as a whole. For instance:

  1. Coach John McLendon’s free clinics in Africa: In the late 1950s, coach McLendon traveled to Africa to conduct basketball clinics, spreading the sport and creating opportunities for future generations of players.
  2. The strength of mind demonstrated by tennis player Billie Jean King: King, known for challenging the gender caste system in sports, exemplifies the power of athletes to effect change beyond their sport.

In conclusion, the term “bury” in basketball has both in-game relevance and cultural significance. On the court, a player’s ability to bury shots highlights their skill and contributes to team success. Off the court, the sport’s terminology and history provide insight into basketball’s impact on culture and society.