Sport: Baseball

A strike in baseball refers to a pitched ball that the batter fails to hit. A strike can also occur when the batter doesn’t strike at a ball that has passed through the strike zone, or when the batter hits a foul ball. If a batter only hits the foul tip of the bat, only a strike can be called unless the catcher catches it after connecting with the bat. 

A player is allowed to amass three strikes before being called out. In some cases, however, a player can be called out straight away providing the ball was bunted foul. 

A batter can be put out without attaining a strike providing the ball is caught before touching the ground, regardless of whether the ball is a fair or foul ball. 

Occasionally, a batter will attempt to hit a bunt in the hopes it will allow the runner or runners on base to advance. This is known as a sacrifice bunt and can lead to a strike or an instant call out. 

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