Sport: Baseball

The term “fielder” is used to refer to certain positions during a game of baseball. In a game of baseball, there are nine defensive positions available, and fielders are included. 

In baseball, the position of fielder is given to players who are situated in the outfield, which include the left fielder, center fielder and right fielder, and those that are in the infield, near the first base, second base and third base. 

What is a Fielder’s Job in Baseball?

The fielder’s job in baseball is to prevent runs and make outs, ensuring that their team gets to bat. In order to do this job effectively, fielders aim to make outs by throwing and catching the live ball, in order to put or tag base runners out. 

Holding the ball and throwing it to another player on the defense in order to put a base runner out is known as fielding.

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