Which Soccer Players Have The Most Trophies?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Considering this, it’s no wonder many soccer players are stars who earn a lot of money. But to be so famous and adored, you must win soccer games. And with that, you get to lift trophies.

But which soccer players are the absolute best among the best? Which soccer players have won the most trophies in history? Here, we will look at the top 11 players with the most titles won in soccer.

Here, we will see it helps a player to be of certain nationalities or play for a single club that has dominated many different competitions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make their achievements easier to fulfil.

The trophies we count here are only team awards, not the individual ones. We will also only consider the trophies won at the senior level, with the Olympic gold medal the only exception. Therefore, top-division league wins, cup victories, and international tournaments fall into this category.

But which 11 soccer players have won the most trophies?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 32 trophies

In 11th place is the legendary Swede, Zlatan Ibrahimović. Ibrahimovic has 32 trophies to his name. Despite being 40 years old, he still plays for AC Milan and hopes to add to his tally. But that tally is already impressive.

Playing for Ajax, AC Milan, Inter, Barcelona, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain, he has managed to win some silverware in all these teams. He has four Italian Serie A titles at two different Milan-based clubs, he was champion of France on four occasions and has a FIFA Club World Cup trophy with Barcelona.

At Man United, he also has the Europa League trophy from 2017, with only the famous Champions League title eluding him. With that, there are also Zlatan’s incredible personality and outrageous goals, and you get a career like not many others.

Oleksandr Shovkovskyi – 34 trophies

You probably didn’t expect to see this name on this list. Oleksandr Shovkovskiy is a former Ukrainian goalkeeper who has managed to win 34 trophies in his career, all of them at Dynamo Kyiv. He was the club’s first-team goalkeeper from 1993 to 2016. He won 14 Ukrainian Premier League titles in that time, spanning from his first to his last season at the club.

Shovkovskiy also has 10 Ukrainian Cups to his name and six Super Cups. To make it 34, he also won four CIS Cups. This competition was the Commonwealth of Independent States Cup, held among the champions of former Soviet Union republics, which became independent countries in the early 1990s.

FIFA recognized this annual tournament, and it makes sense to count them to Shovkovskiy’s trophy tally. A unique career for a one-club man he had been during his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 34 trophies

In ninth place on this list is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar also has 34 trophies, the same as Shovkovskiy. However, considering the types of titles Ronaldo has been winning throughout the years, it is logical to put him ahead of the Ukrainian goalkeeper.i

Playing for Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo has won trophies everywhere. He has five Champions League trophies and four FIFA Club World Cups in his trophy cabinet, winning them with Man United and Real Madrid.

He was the European champion with the national team of Portugal in 2016 and has added the UEFA Nations League trophy as well. Ronaldo was a league winner in England, Spain and Italy. He also won three UEFA Super Cups with Real Madrid, showing the vast array of silverware his career is littered with.

And then there are all of the individual awards we don’t count here. Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or a staggering five times, being the world’s best player for five years between 2008 and 2017. He was UEFA’s best player in Europe three times and Portugal’s 10-time footballer of the year. And the list goes on and on.

Sergio Busquets – 34 trophies

Another player with 34 trophies in his soccer career is Sergio Busquets. The Barcelona midfielder has been playing for the club since 2008. When he joined the first team from Barcelona B, not many expected him to become such a decorated player in all possible competitions.

Busquets has won 32 trophies with Barcelona, and the list of them is phenomenal. He has eight titles in La Liga, seven Spanish Cup wins and eight wins in Spanish Super Cup. He lifted the Champions League trophy three times, followed by three UEFA Super Cup and three FIFA Club World Cup wins.

But that is far from all of the trophies he has won. In 2010, Spain won the World Cup and then conquered Europe in 2012, with Busquets a crucial member of both of those teams.

Ryan Giggs – 35 trophies

Ryan Giggs is another player on this list who managed to win all of his trophies at a single club. The legendary Manchester United winger has a large trophy cabinet, spanning wins from the early 1990s to the second decade of the 21st century.

Giggs won 35 trophies and all of them while at Man United. He has 13 Premier League titles, nine English Super Cup wins, four FA Cup and four League Cup trophies, but there are also international wins. In 1991, he won the UEFA Super Cup, in 1999 and 2008 he won the Champions League and both times, Giggs ended up becoming the club world champion – first in the old Intercontinental Cup and then in the revamped FIFA Club World Cup.

However, with Giggs playing for Wales internationally, he never managed to get even close to winning something with his national team.

Gerard Pique – 36 trophies

Another name on this list comes from Spain, and it is another Barcelona legend. That is Gerard Pique. The 35-year-old defender has won 36 trophies in his career.

He was also World Cup and European Championship winner in 2010 and 2012, as was Busquets, but he has four Champions League wins, not three. Pique was part of Manchester United’s team in 2008 before he returned to Barcelona, which explains another Champions League win.

Apart from eight Spanish league titles, seven Spanish Cups and six Spanish Super Cups, Pique also has three FIFA Club World Cup wins. There were also one Premier League, one English League Cup and one English Super Cup trophy from his time in England.

Maxwell – 37 trophies

Former Brazilian left-back Maxwell was also a former Barcelona player, but among 37 of his trophies, there are titles from several different clubs as well. Among his titles are two Dutch titles at Ajax, four French titles at Paris Saint-Germain, three Italian titles with Inter and two Spanish titles with Barcelona.

Add to that one Champions League, two UEFA Super Cups and one Club World Cup with Barca, multiple cup wins in France, the Netherlands and Italy, and you get a total of 36 trophies. The final, 37th was his first-ever trophy, won in Brazil when he played for Cruzeiro.

It was there that Maxwell won the Brazilian Cup before embarking on a trophy-winning spree across four different European countries.

Hossam Ashour – 37 trophies

In fourth place on our all-time list of soccer players with the most trophies is the player most soccer fans have not heard of. But in Africa, Hossam Ashour is a legendary soccer player with 37 trophies.

The 36-year-old Egyptian defensive midfielder had played for Egyptian giants Al Ahly between 2004 and 2020, and in that time, there were barely any competitions he didn’t conquer.

Hossam has 13 titles as the champion of Egypt, four Egyptian Cup wins and eight trophies in Egypt’s Super Cup. But internationally, things are as spectacular – there were six CAF Champions League wins, five CAF Super Cup wins and one CAF Confederation Cup trophy in 2014. His 37 trophies came for Cairo’s Al Ahly, dominating Egypt’s and African soccer like no other player.

Lionel Messi – 37 trophies

For many soccer fans Lionel Messi is the greatest player of all time. But in terms of trophies, he remains in third place. While he is the record-holder with seven Ballon d’Or awards, his trophy count is also spectacular. 

With Barcelona, he won 10 La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues, three FIFA Club World Cups, seven Spanish Cups and eight Spanish Super Cups. There are also three UEFA Super Cup wins and one French Ligue 1 title with Paris Saint-Germain.

With Argentina, he added two important wins, as well – in 2008, Messi won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing, while in 2021, he was the South American champion, winning the famous Copa America. But Messi is not higher on this list because one of his former teammates has won the trophy that eluded him so far – the World Cup.

Andres Iniesta – 37 trophies

And that player is Andres Iniesta. The Spanish maestro is still playing soccer, at the age of 37, for Japanese Vissel Kobe. But it was at Barcelona and with the Spanish national team that he won all of the greatest titles in soccer.

Another former Barcelona player dominating this list Iniesta is in second all-time place with 37 trophies. But unlike Messi, he also has the World Cup win from 2010, which Iniesta brought to Spain with his goal in the grand final.

There are also two European Championships with Spain, nine Spanish La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues, three FIFA Club World Cups, six Spanish Cups and seven Spanish Super Cups. Iniesta won three UEFA Super Cups with Barcelona, but he added two more trophies in Japan – the Japanese Cup in 2019 and the Japanese Super Cup in 2020.

Still, another former Barcelona player is ahead of him.

Dani Alves – 41 trophies

Finally, the soccer player with the most trophies won is Dani Alves. The legendary Brazilian full-back has won 41 trophies. He is the absolute record-breaker in this category. There is simply no one like him, and when you hear about everything he has won, it is clear why.

Dani Alves has won all of his trophies playing for Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Sevilla and Brazil’s national team. At Barcelona alone he has six La Liga titles, five Spanish Cup wins, five Spanish Super Cups and three FIFA Club World Cups. At Sevilla, he also has one Spanish Cup and one Spanish Super Cup but also two UEFA Cups from 2006 and 2007 before the UEFA rebranded it to Europa League. There were also four UEFA Super Cups, one with Sevilla and three with Barcelona.

At Juventus, he was the Italian champion and Italian Cup winner in 2017, while he continued the streak in France. He won two league titles with PSG, one French Cup, one French League Cup and two French Super Cups.

Dani Alves also had great success with Brazil. He won Copa America on two occasions and two FIFA Confederations Cups. His last trophy so far came in 2021, when he won the Olympic gold with Brazil in Tokyo. With a staggering number of trophies in all possible categories, there is simply no one like the 38-year-old Dani Alves.