A single is the term given to when the hitter successfully hits the ball into play and then reaches first base only without the fielder putting them out. Plays can be scored as a single if the batter hits a bunt or an infield dribbler.

When is a Run Considered Not to be a Single?

If the runner is able to safely make it to any base beyond first base after hitting the ball, this is no longer considered a single. However, if the runner is able to reach second base, third base, or the home plate, and an error is made during the play, the official scorer will record this as a single.

Can Other Runners Advance More than One Base in a Single?

Even if the hitter only reaches first base, other runners on the field have the chance to advance two bases on a single. For this reason, runners on second or third base are often referred to as being in “scoring position”, as they have the chance of scoring on a single that reaches the outfield.