Set position

Sport: Baseball

In baseball, the pitcher’s role can be very regulated. One of the ways in which it is regulated is the way in which the pitcher is positioned on the pitcher’s mound. When standing on the mound, there are two legal positions in which the pitcher can deliver their pitch.

The set position in particular is used when runners are on base, as it takes a shorter time to deliver.  

The set position can be determined by the way the pitcher is standing. When in the set position, the pitcher stands with their pivot foot on the pitcher’s rubber, with their shoulders facing towards first base of third base, and holds the ball with both hands in front of them. In addition to the set position, pitchers are also permitted to use what is known as the wind up position. This setup takes longer, and is often used when there are no runners on base. The wind up position can sometimes be used to help make specific throws.

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