Earned run

What is the Meaning of Earned Run in Baseball?

An earned run is a term given to any run that the offensive team score against a pitcher without the help of an error or passed ball.

What Counts As An Earned Run?

Pitchers receive an earned run by scoring on a hit, sacrifice, sacrifice fly, wild pitch, bunt, base on balls, stolen base, fielder’s choice, putout, or balk. Any other runs that the defensive team achieves, e.g. by means of an error or passed ball, are considered to be unearned runs – if there are no errors or passed balls during the inning, all runs are automatically scored as earned runs. If an error does occur, it is often down to the judgment of the official scorer to determine whether the run in question would have been scored if the error had not occurred.

Are Earned Runs Scored Differently?

Both earned and unearned runs are scored the same when it comes to determining the score of the game – the only difference is that the run is recorded as unearned, or in other words, given away by the opposing team. Although they don’t count towards game scoring, earned runs are one of the most important counting statistics used in baseball to be used as an indicator of a pitcher’s success.