Double play

Sport: Baseball

Double play is when two players are put out, usually when running. The term refers to a type of defensive play used in baseball, and is often used in a certain scenario.

Typically, double plays are called when a shortstop retrieves the ball, passes it to the second baseman who uses it to out one base runner, who then passes it to the first baseman to out a second runner. Double play can be achieved at any time during a game, providing there are two runners on bases who are put out. 

There are a couple of ways in which a double play can be inadvertently initiated by the batter. 

  • The batter could hit a ground ball. This means that the ball could be easily caught by a fielder, who could pass it along to the shortstop or baseman with ease. 
  • The batter could hit the ball into the air, leaving it open for a fielder to catch and immediately cause a first out, and then pass it along to cause a second out.

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