Chin music

Chin music in baseball is used to describe a type of throw which a pitcher makes that passes closely to the batter’s face. The phrase “chin music” is more of a slang phrase as opposed to a legitimate call made by an umpire, but it is a term which is widely used amongst professional and casual baseball players and fans.

Pitching a ball in such a way that it closely passes the batter’s face can be dangerous. Some pitchers choose to do this in an attempt to be off putting to the batter, or to make them flinch. If these intentions are clear to the umpire, the pitcher may face penalties for their intimidation. This could lead to a pitcher being taken off the field.

Why is it Called Chin Music?

Chin music is named as such due to the sound the batter will hear as the ball passes their face at a high speed. The sound is often described as a whistling sound.