Batting order

The batting order in baseball refers to the order in which players from the offense team take their turns against the pitcher on the defense team. It is known also as the lineup, but the term batting order is what it is traditionally known as.

The batting order is mostly decided by the coaches and field manager of the team, and it’s based largely on statistics and strategy. It takes into consideration the opposing team and their strengths, along with their weaknesses.

The batting order consists of nine players, and if any of the list is played out of order, previous play will be considered null based on the ground of illegal substitution.

Some positions on the batting order have nicknames, such as “leadoff” for the first batter, “cleanup” for the fourth batter, along with “last” for the ninth.

Additionally, the first portion of the lineup are sometimes referred to as the “meat” or “heart” of the lineup, whilst, on the contrary, the final few on the lineup are sometimes referred to as the “bottom of the lineup” as they are quite literally at the bottom, and often, figuratively, not as offensive in terms of play as other players on the lineup.