Base on balls

Sport: Baseball

A base in baseball is a square bag, usually 15×15 inches, filled with a soft material and covered in either rubber or canvas. They’re used as markers on the baseball field and are crucial in terms of play, scoring and the aesthetics of baseball. 

There are four bases on a baseball field, although the fourth one is known as the home plate. Each of the bases make up a diamond shape on the field, with the home plate being at the bottom. The other bases are spread evenly away from each other, with the first base being 90 degrees to the right and 90 feet away.  All bases are 90 feet away from each other, and are tethered to the ground using a metal spike, which keeps them in position throughout the game regardless of how much force they come into contact with.

As a base runner is advancing, they need to touch every base they pass in order for their run to be counted. Only one runner can stay on each base at any given time, meaning that if another runner is approaching a base, the occupant of the next base needs to move. Between the bases lies a baseline, which is a line which encompasses the four bases. Whilst the baseline isn’t visible, it serves as a general guide for base runners and umpires on where they should be heading to. 

The base coaches are situated near the first and third base, and exist for a few reasons pertaining to the runner and third baseman.

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