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WACA (Cricket)
Waders (Sports Footwear)
Wading (Fishing)
Wagglers (Fishing)
Waist (Ski Jumping)
Waist (Snowboarding)
Waiting blocks (Kabaddi)
Waiting zone (Motocross)
Wake tricks (Water Skiing)
Wake tricks (Water Skiing)
Waki-gatame (Judo)
Walk (Baseball)
Walk (Dressage)
Walk-overs (Track Events - Steeplechase)
Walker Cup (Golf)
Walking (Water Polo)
Walking Events (Track Events - Walking Events)
Walking the dog (Skateboarding)
Walkover (Boxing)
Walkover (Greyhound Racing)
Walkover (Horse Racing)
Wall (Eventing)
Wall (IndyCars)
Wall (Skiing)
Wall (Track Events - Marathon)
Wall pass (Field Hockey)
Wall pass (Soccer)
Walls (Badminton)
Walls (Squash)
Warm-up lap (Formula One)
Warning (Boxing)
Warning (Rowing)
Warning track (Baseball)
Wash out (Rowing)
Washing-down (Rowing)
Washout (Hang gliding)
Washout (Karting)
Washout (Rally Driving)
Washout (Rallycross)
Washout (Stock Car Racing)
Water hazard (Golf)
Water jump (Show Jumping)
Water jump (Track Events - Steeplechase)
Water patrol (Safety Measures)
Water Polo (Water Polo)
Water Skiing (Water Skiing)
Water start (Windsurfing)
Watermanship (Rowing)
Wave (Paragliding)
Wave (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Wave lift (Gliding)
Wave performance (Windsurfing)
Wax (Skiing)
Wax (Water Skiing)
Waza (Aikido)
Waza ari (Aikido)
Waza ari (Jiu Jitsu)
Waza ari awazette ippon (Aikido)
Waza ari awazette ippon (Jiu Jitsu)
Waza-ari (Judo)
Waza-ari (Karate)
WBA (Boxing)
WBC (Boxing)
WBF (Boxing)
WDI (Parachuting)
Weak side (Basketball)
Weapon (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Weapons (Biathlon)
Wear (Yachting)
Weather conditions (Aerobatics)
Weather elements (Weather Forecast)
Weather helm (Yachting)
Weather-shortened game (Baseball)
Wedeling (Skateboarding)
Wedeln (Skiing)
Wedge kick (Swimming)
Wedge turn (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Weigh-in (Betting)
Weigh-in (Boxing)
Weigh-in (Tug-of-War)
Weigh-in (Weightlifting)
Weighing-out (Horse Racing)
Weight (Bowls)
Weight (Karting)
Weight (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Weight belt (Scuba Diving)
Weight categories (Jiu Jitsu)
Weight categories (Tae Kwon Do)
Weight categories (Thai Kickboxing)
Weight cloth (Eventing)
Weight restrictions (Rowing)
Weight-for-age (Horse Racing)
Weightlifting (Weightlifting)
Weights (Weightlifting)
Well-laid (Curling)
Wellen (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Welterweight (Boxing)
West swell (Surfing)
Westerly wind (Surfing)
Wet fly (Fishing)
Wet pass (Water Polo)
Wet suit (Scuba Diving)
Wet suit (Sports Locker)
Wet suit (Surfing)
Wets (Formula One)
Wets (IndyCars)
Wetted area (Windsurfing)
WGRF (Greyhound Racing)
Whaxel (Figure Skating)
Wheelbase (Cycling)
Wheeler (Carriage Driving)
Wheelie (Motocross)
Wheelie (Motorcycling)
Wheeling the scrum (Rugby Union)
Whip (Carriage Driving)
Whip (Cycling)
Whip (Sled Dog Racing)
Whip kick (Swimming)
Whips (Fishing)
Whips (Harness Racing)
Whistle (Orienteering)
White (Snooker)
White flag (Field Events - Long Jump)
White flag (Field Events - Triple Jump)
White flag (Formula One)
White flag (Karting)
White flag (Rallycross)
White flag (Rowing)
White flag (Stock Car Racing)
White light (Weightlifting)
White line (Table Tennis)
White water (Canoeing)
White water (Surfing)
Whiteout (Skiing)
Whites (Cricket)
Whites (Sports Locker)
Wick (Curling)
Wick and roll (Curling)
Wick shot (Bowls)
Wicket (Cricket)
Wicket-keeper (Cricket)
Wide (Cricket)
Wide (Curling)
Wide entry (Swimming)
Wide player (Soccer)
Wide receiver (American Football)
Wide runner (Greyhound Racing)
Widowhood (Pigeon Racing)
Wild card (American Football)
Wild pitch (Baseball)
Wild pitch (Softball)
Wild water racing (Canoeing)
Will power (Sports Psychology)
Wimbledon (Tennis)
Winch-launch (Gliding)
Wind assisted (Field Events - Long Jump)
Wind assisted (Track Events - General Terms)
Wind flags (Biathlon)
Wind sock (Parachuting)
Wind-up start (Swimming)
Window frame (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Windshift (Windsurfing)
Windslab (Skiing)
Windsock (Field Events - Long Jump)
Windsock (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Windsurfing (Windsurfing)
Windup position (Baseball)
Windward (Yachting)
Wing (Wrestling)
Wing net (Real Tennis)
Wing stamp (Pigeon Racing)
Winger (Soccer)
Wings (IndyCars)
Wings (Soccer)
Winner (Field Events - High Jump)
Winner (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Winner (Karate)
Winner (Tennis)
Winners (Tug-of-War)
Winning a point (Tennis)
Winning gallery (Real Tennis)
Winning hazards (Billiards)
Winning openings (Real Tennis)
Winning pitcher (Baseball)
Winter Games (The Olympic Games)
Winter holding (Eventing)
Winter Rules (Golf)
Wipe out (Skateboarding)
Wipeout (Surfing)
Wipeout (Windsurfing)
Wire (Harness Racing)
Wire-stemmed stick float (Fishing)
Wiring (Croquet)
Withers (Harness Racing)
Women's Gymnastics (Women's Gymnastics)
Women's pairs (Sports Acrobatics)
Women's Tennis Association (WTA) (Tennis)
Women's trio (Sports Acrobatics)
Wongbanger (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Wooded terrain (Skibob Racing)
Wooden horse (Polo)
Woodland (Cross Country Running)
Woods (Golf)
Woodwork (Soccer)
Work (Cycling)
Working leg (Judo)
Works team (NASCAR)
World best performances (Track Events - Marathon)
World Bowls Board (Bowls)
World Championship (Formula One)
World Championships (Aerobatics)
World championships (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
World Cup (Cross Country Running - Mountain/Fell Running)
World Cup (Mountain Biking)
World Cup (Rugby Union)
World Cup (Soccer)
World Rackets Championships (Rackets)
World Team Cup (Speedway)
Worlds (Mountain Biking)
Worms (Fishing)
Worse (Real Tennis)
Wrapped jump (Figure Skating)
Wrestling (Wrestling)
Wrist shot (Ice Hockey)
Wrist shot (Roller Hockey)
Wrong bowl (Bowls)
WTA Tour (Tennis)
WTA Tour Championships (Tennis)
WTF (Tae Kwon Do)
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