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Rabbit punch (Boxing)
RAC (Rally Driving)
RAC (Rallycross)
Race (Cross Country Running)
Race card (Greyhound Racing)
Race conduct (Dragon Boat Racing)
Race director (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Race distance (Pigeon Racing)
Race officials (Bobsled)
Race pannier (Pigeon Racing)
Race sheet (Pigeon Racing)
Racing (Snowboarding)
Racing (Water Skiing)
Racing class (Dragon Boat Racing)
Racing jackets (Greyhound Racing)
Racing line (IndyCars)
Racing line (NASCAR)
Racing paddle (Dragon Boat Racing)
Racket (Real Tennis)
Racket (Squash)
Racket (Tennis)
Racket abuse (Tennis)
Racket foot (Badminton)
Racket tension (Tennis)
Rackets (Rackets)
Racking (Pool)
Radical (Skateboarding)
Raider (Kabaddi)
Rail (Surfing)
Rail (Windsurfing)
Rail radii (Surfing)
Rail saver (Surfing)
Railride (Windsurfing)
Railroad service (Real Tennis)
Rainbow trout (Fishing)
Rake (Rowing)
Rake (Yachting)
Rally (Badminton)
Rally (Court Handball)
Rally (Rackets)
Rally (Squash)
Rally (Table Tennis)
Rally (Tennis)
Rally (Volleyball)
Rally Driving (Rally Driving)
Rallycross (Rallycross)
Ram muay (Thai Kickboxing)
Ramp (In-line skating)
Randolph (Trampolining)
Randori (Judo)
Randori kyoghi (Aikido)
Range (Archery - Field Archery)
Range (Biathlon)
Rankings (Tennis)
Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Rapids (Fishing)
Rate of striking (Rowing)
Ratrac (Skiing)
Re-antrant (Orienteering)
Read (American Football)
Ready position (In-line skating)
Ready position (Table Tennis)
Ready position (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Real Tennis (Real Tennis)
Reap (Judo)
Reaps (Thai Kickboxing)
Reasonable backswing (Squash)
Reasonable follow-through (Squash)
Rebot (Jai alai)
Rebote (Jai alai)
Rebound (Basketball)
Rebound (Ice Hockey)
Rebounding (Netball)
Recall (Harness Racing)
Recall signal (Harness Racing)
Receiver (Badminton)
Receiver (Fives)
Receiver (Guns and Ammunition)
Receiver (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Receiver (Table Tennis)
Receiver (Tennis)
Recompression chamber (RCC) (Scuba Diving)
Recorder (Swimming)
Recording time (Show Jumping)
Records (Powerboat Racing)
Recovering (Fencing)
Recovery (Canoeing)
Recovery (Rowing)
Recovery (Swimming)
Recovery dive (Volleyball)
Rectangular flags (Skibob Racing)
Recumbent (Cycling)
Red (Snooker)
Red card (Field Hockey)
Red card (Soccer)
Red card (Volleyball)
Red card (Wrestling)
Red flag (Field Events - Long Jump)
Red flag (Field Events - Triple Jump)
Red flag (Formula One)
Red flag (Karting)
Red flag (Powerboat Racing)
Red flag (Rallycross)
Red flag (Rowing)
Red flag (Stock Car Racing)
Red light (Bobsled)
Red light (Greyhound Racing)
Red light (Weightlifting)
Red lights (Speedway)
Red line (Ice Hockey)
Red zone (American Football)
Redoublement (Fencing)
Reducing swims (Swimming)
Redworm (Fishing)
Reefing (Yachting)
Reel clutch (Fishing)
Reels (Fishing)
Referee (American Football)
Referee (Boxing)
Referee (Cross Country Running)
Referee (Darts)
Referee (Hurling)
Referee (Ice Hockey)
Referee (Kabaddi)
Referee (Karate)
Referee (Paddleball)
Referee (Polo)
Referee (Rackets)
Referee (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Referee (Soccer)
Referee (Speedway)
Referee (Tennis)
Referee (Wrestling)
Referee (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Referee throw (Team Handball)
Referees (Weightlifting)
Reflex (Hang gliding)
Refreshment stations (Track Events - Marathon)
Refreshment stations (Track Events - Walking Events)
Refreshments (Cross Country Running)
Refusal (Eventing)
Refusal (Show Jumping)
Regatta (Rowing)
Registration (Greyhound Racing)
Regular (Snowboarding)
Regular foot (Surfing)
Regular point (Boules)
Rei (Judo)
Rein back (Dressage)
Relative strength (Figure Skating)
Relay (Biathlon)
Relay Events (Track Events - Relay Events)
Relay orienteering (Orienteering)
Relays (Speed Skating)
Relays (Swimming)
Release aid (Archery)
Releve (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Relief (Golf)
Relief pitcher (Baseball)
Remise (Fencing)
Renshu (Aikido)
Renshu (Kendo)
Renvers (Dressage)
Repairs (Rally Driving)
Repeated element (Figure Skating)
Repechage (Cycling)
Repechage (Rowing)
Repetition (Trampolining)
Replacement (Fencing)
Replacement (Rugby League)
Replacements (Aerobatics)
Replay (Soccer)
Repositioned (Skittles)
Repositioning (Boules)
Repositioning (Netball)
Reprimand (Rowing)
Reprise (Fencing)
Required (Diving)
Required track (Ballooning)
Rerun (Greyhound Racing)
Rescue canoeists (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Rescue craft (Powerboat Racing)
Rescue powerboat crews (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Reserve chute (Parachuting)
Reserve rifle (Biathlon)
Resin (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Resistance (Show Jumping)
Resistance (Swimming)
Respotted ball (Snooker)
Rest (Real Tennis)
Rest (Tug-of-War)
Rest shot (Bowls)
Rest time between heats (Track Events - General Terms)
Restart (Windsurfing)
Restarts (Speed Skating)
Restraining line (Speedball)
Restricted events (Karting)
Restricted four (Rowing)
Rests (Billiards)
Rests (Snooker)
Result (Bowls)
Result recorders (Cross Country Running)
Retaining and returning fish (Fishing)
Retire (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Retiring (Cricket)
Retrieving (Fishing)
Return (Real Tennis)
Return crease (Cricket)
Return of serve (four wall) (Paddleball)
Return of serve (one wall and three wall) (Paddleball)
Return of service (Tennis)
Returning service (Fives)
Reuther board (Women's Gymnastics)
Reversal (Wrestling)
Reverse (American Football)
Reverse dive (Diving)
Reverse grip (Polo)
Reverse handing (Netball)
Reverse lasso (Figure Skating)
Reverse pivot (Netball)
Reverse punch (Thai Kickboxing)
Reverse rotation (Roller skating)
Reverse roundhouse kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Reverse scull (Synchronized Swimming)
Reverse shot (Tennis)
Reverse shoulder skiing (Skiing)
Reverse turning kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Reverse-stick push (Field Hockey)
Reversed kilian (Figure Skating)
Reversed tango position (Figure Skating)
Revolver (Track Events - General Terms)
Rhythmic Gymnastics (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Rib (Canoeing)
Rib (Mountaineering)
Ribbon (American Football)
Ribbon (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Ribbon (Women's Gymnastics)
Ride (Eventing)
Ride height (NASCAR)
Ride-off (Polo)
Ridge (Mountaineering)
Riffle (Canoeing)
Rifle Shooting (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Rifles (Biathlon)
Rig (Windsurfing)
Rig (Yachting)
Rigger (Rowing)
Rigging (Paragliding)
Rigging (Rowing)
Rigging (Yachting)
Rigging lines (Ballooning)
Rigging lines (Parachuting)
Rigging wires (Hang gliding)
Right (Surfing)
Right defenseman (Ice Hockey)
Right of way (Polo)
Right of way (Sled Dog Racing)
Right wing (Ice Hockey)
Rikishi (Sumo Wrestling)
Rimfire firearm (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Ring (Boxing)
Rings (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Rings (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Rink (Figure Skating)
Rink (Ice Hockey)
Rink (Roller Hockey)
Rink (Roller skating)
Rinks (Bowls)
Rip (Ballooning)
Rip (Surfing)
Rip cord (Parachuting)
Rip line (Ballooning)
Rip panel (Ballooning)
Riposte (Fencing)
Riposte (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Riser (Archery)
Riser pad (Skateboarding)
Risers (Parachuting)
Risers (Paragliding)
Ritual (Thai Kickboxing)
Roach (Yachting)
Road course (IndyCars)
Road racing (Cycling)
Road racing (Motorcycling)
Road racing (Rally Driving)
Road running (Cross Country Running)
Road transporter (Pigeon Racing)
Road walks (Track Events - Walking Events)
Roads and tracks (Eventing)
Roast beef (Snowboarding)
Rocker (Figure Skating)
Rocker (Roller skating)
Rocker (Skateboarding)
Rockering (In-line skating)
Rod length (Fishing)
Rogallo (Hang gliding)
Roland Garros (Tennis)
Roll (Paragliding)
Roll (Table Tennis)
Roll cage (Rallycross)
Roll shot (Croquet)
Roller derby (Roller skating)
Roller Hockey (Roller Hockey)
Roller race (Cycling)
Roller skates (Roller skating)
Roller skates (Sports Footwear)
Roller skating (Roller skating)
Rolling circle with horizontal rolls (Aerobatics)
Rolling off (Netball)
Rolling start (IndyCars)
Rolling start (Karting)
Rolling substitutions (Field Hockey)
Roof (Mountaineering)
Rookie (American Football)
Rope (Highland Games)
Rope (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Rope markings (Tug-of-War)
Rope on neck (Water Skiing)
Rope on teeth (Water Skiing)
Ropes (Boxing)
Roquet (Croquet)
Roqueted ball (Croquet)
Rotation (American Football)
Rotation (In-line skating)
Rotation order (Volleyball)
Rotational vault (Men's Gymnastics - Vault)
Rotor (Hang gliding)
Rotor (Paragliding)
Rottefella binding (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Rouge, or single point (Canadian Football)
Rough (Golf)
Rough (Real Tennis)
Rough compass (Orienteering)
Rough or smooth? (Tennis)
Rough orienteering (Orienteering)
Roughing (Ice Hockey)
Round (Archery)
Round (Boxing)
Round (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Round (Fives)
Round (Golf)
Round off (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Round the clock (Darts)
Round the houses (Karting)
Round the wicket (Cricket)
Round-off (Women's Gymnastics)
Round-off dismount (Women's Gymnastics)
Rounder (Rounders)
Rounders (Rounders)
Roundhouse (Boxing)
Roundhouse kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Roundhouse punch (Thai Kickboxing)
Rounds (Field Events - High Jump)
Rounds (Field Events - Long Jump)
Rounds (Tae Kwon Do)
Route one (Soccer)
Routine (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Routine (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Routine (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Routine (Men's Gymnastics - Pommel Horse)
Routine (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Routine competition (Synchronized Swimming)
Roval (IndyCars)
Rover (Croquet)
Rower (Rowing)
Rowing (Rowing)
Rowlock (Rowing)
Royal and Ancient Golf Club (Golf)
Royal Christie (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
RSC (Referee Stopping Contest) (Boxing)
RSCH (Referee Stopping Contest for Head Injuries) (Boxing)
Ruade (Skiing)
Rubber band (Pigeon Racing)
Ruck (Rugby Union)
Ruckmen (Australian Rules Football)
Rudder (Gliding)
Rudder (Rowing)
Rugby boots (Rugby Union)
Rugby Football Union (RFU) (Rugby Union)
Rugby League (Rugby League)
Rugby Union (Rugby Union)
Rules of Golf (Golf)
Rumble strip (NASCAR)
Run (Bobsled)
Run (Cricket)
Run (Skittles)
Run down (Baseball)
Run off (Canoeing)
Run off (Eventing)
Run out (Cricket)
Run out (Eventing)
Run out (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Run-in (Women's Gymnastics)
Run-out (Mountaineering)
Run-out (Snowboarding)
Run-through (Figure Skating)
Run-up (Field Events - Triple Jump)
Runability (Orienteering)
Runner (Australian Rules Football)
Runner (Cricket)
Runner (Curling)
Runner (Softball)
Running (Bowls)
Running (Yachting)
Running a hoop (Croquet)
Running back (American Football)
Running downhill (Horse Racing)
Running order (Track Events - Relay Events)
Running out (Greyhound Racing)
Running out (Horse Racing)
Running rigging (Yachting)
Running shots (Bowls)
Running side (Snooker)
Running track (Rounders)
Runs (Rounders)
Runs batted in (Baseball)
Runs batted in (Softball)
Runway (Field Events - Long Jump)
Runway (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Runways (Drag Racing)
Rush (Croquet)
Rush (Ice Hockey)
Russian split (Figure Skating)
Rut (Skiing)
Ryder Cup (Golf)
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