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P point (Ski Jumping)
P-tex (Snowboarding)
Pace car (IndyCars)
Pace notes (Rally Driving)
Pacer's shoes (Harness Racing)
Pacers (Harness Racing)
Pacesetter (Track Events - General Terms)
Pacing (Cycling)
Pack (Cycling)
Pack (Parachuting)
Pack (Rugby League)
Pack style (Speed Skating)
Pad (Cricket)
Padded area (Skittles)
Padding (Safety Measures)
Paddle (Paddleball)
Paddle (Sticks and Balls)
Paddle (Table Tennis)
Paddle edge (Table Tennis)
Paddle hand (Table Tennis)
Paddleball (Paddleball)
Paddles (Canoe Polo)
Paddles (Canoeing)
Paddling (Rowing)
Paddock (Harness Racing)
Paddock (Horse Racing)
Paddock (Rallycross)
Paddock admission (Greyhound Racing)
Pads (In-line skating)
Pain barrier (Track Events - General Terms)
Painter (Canoeing)
Pair event (Carriage Driving)
Pair work (Sports Acrobatics)
Pairs (Bowls)
Pairs (Figure Skating)
Pairs (Rowing)
Pala (Jai alai)
Palisade (Eventing)
Palkoop chigi (Tae Kwon Do)
Palm strap (Women's Gymnastics)
Palming (Boxing)
Par (Golf)
Par terre position (Wrestling)
Parablock (Skiing)
Parachute (Gliding)
Parachute (Safety Measures)
Parachutes (Drag Racing)
Parachuting (Parachuting)
Paragliding (Paragliding)
Parallel bars (Eventing)
Parallel Bars (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Parallel bars (Show Jumping)
Parallel skiing (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Parallel slalom course (Skibob Racing)
Parallel spin (Figure Skating)
Parallel turn (In-line skating)
Parallel turn (Skiing)
Parallelogram (Gaelic Football)
Parallelogram (Hurling)
Paralympics (The Olympic Games)
Paramyxovirus (Pigeon Racing)
Parasailing (Water Skiing)
Pare (Fencing)
Pare ferme (Formula One)
Park (Snowboarding)
Parro (Tae Kwon Do)
Parry (Boxing)
Parry (Fencing)
Parry (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Parry (Soccer)
Partners' positions (four wall) (Paddleball)
Partners' positions (one wall and three wall) (Paddleball)
Parts of the hook (Fishing)
Pas de bas (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Pas de touche (Fencing)
Pas de touche (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Pas valable (Fencing)
Pasaka (Jai alai)
Pass (Basketball)
Pass (Mountaineering)
Pass (Water Skiing)
Pass back (Field Hockey)
Pass out (Ice Hockey)
Pass pattern (American Football)
Passa da sotto (Fencing)
Passage (Dressage)
Passed ball (Baseball)
Passed ball (Softball)
Passing (Field Events - High Jump)
Passing (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Passing (Skiing)
Passing lanes (Basketball)
Passing rules (Speed Skating)
Passing shot (Court Handball)
Passing shot (Tennis)
Passive obstruction (Wrestling)
Passivity zone (Wrestling)
Pavement pizza (Skateboarding)
Pavilion (Stadium Architecture)
Pawlata (Canoeing)
Payoff (Yachting)
Peach basket (Women's Gymnastics)
Peak (Surfing)
Peak (Yachting)
Pearling (Surfing)
Peck (Eventing)
Peck (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Pedalling (Skiing)
Pedestrian crossing (Eventing)
Peel (Croquet)
Peel (Mountaineering)
Peeling off (Rugby Union)
Peels (Curling)
Peg out (Croquet)
Pegged-out ball (Croquet)
Pegs (Highland Games)
Pelota (Jai alai)
Pelota (Sticks and Balls)
Peloton (Cycling)
Pen grip (Table Tennis)
Penalties (Aerobatics)
Penalties (Biathlon)
Penalties (Boules)
Penalties (Canadian Football)
Penalties (Canoe Polo)
Penalties (Eventing)
Penalties (Karate)
Penalties (Skiing)
Penalties (Squash)
Penalties (Synchronized Swimming)
Penalties (Team Handball)
Penalties (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Penalty (Bandy)
Penalty (Betting)
Penalty (Golf)
Penalty (Korfball)
Penalty (Polo)
Penalty (Pool)
Penalty (Speedball)
Penalty area (Soccer)
Penalty area (Speedball)
Penalty box (Ice Hockey)
Penalty box assistant (Ice Hockey)
Penalty corner (Field Hockey)
Penalty course (Biathlon)
Penalty goal (Polo)
Penalty goal (Rugby League)
Penalty goal (Rugby Union)
Penalty half-rounder (Rounders)
Penalty hit (Shinty)
Penalty kick (Gaelic Football)
Penalty kick (Rugby Union)
Penalty kick (Soccer)
Penalty kick (Speedball)
Penalty killing (Ice Hockey)
Penalty lane (Lacrosse)
Penalty loop (Biathlon)
Penalty pass (Netball)
Penalty points (Dragon Boat Racing)
Penalty points (Wrestling)
Penalty shoot-out (Soccer)
Penalty shot (Ice Hockey)
Penalty shot (Netball)
Penalty shot (Roller Hockey)
Penalty spot (Korfball)
Penalty spot (Shinty)
Penalty spot (Soccer)
Penalty stroke (Field Hockey)
Penalty throw (Water Polo)
Penalty try (Rugby League)
Penalty try (Rugby Union)
Penalty-kick mark (Speedball)
Pendulum swing (Men's Gymnastics - Pommel Horse)
Penetration (Volleyball)
Penthouse (Real Tennis)
Penultimate (Croquet)
Pepper box (Fives)
Perch (Fishing)
Perfect game (Baseball)
Performance zone (Aerobatics)
Permanent (Karting)
Permitted area (Tae Kwon Do)
Permitted techniques (Tae Kwon Do)
Personal foul (Water Polo)
Personal fouls (Basketball)
Personal fouls (Lacrosse)
Petit finale (Rowing)
Petticoat (Archery)
PGA Championship (Golf)
PGA of America (Golf)
PGA Tour (Golf)
Phases (Women's Gymnastics)
Photo finish (Track Events - General Terms)
Photogrammetry (Orienteering)
Phrase (Fencing)
Physiology (Swimming)
Piaffe (Dressage)
Pick (Lacrosse)
Pigeon clock (Pigeon Racing)
Pigeon Racing (Pigeon Racing)
Piggyback rig (Parachuting)
Piggyback singles (Table Tennis)
Pik (Jai alai)
Pike (Diving)
Pike (Women's Gymnastics)
Piked (Trampolining)
Pile (Archery)
Pillar (Mountaineering)
Pilot chute (Parachuting)
Pilot light (Ballooning)
Pin (Golf)
Pin (Wrestling)
Pin deck (Bowling)
Pin hole (Archery)
Pinch hitter (Baseball)
Pinch runner (Baseball)
Pinch the boat (Rowing)
Pinching (Yachting)
Pinfalls (Bowling)
Pinkies (Fishing)
Pins (Bowling)
Pioneer (Croquet)
Pipe (Snowboarding)
Pipe-opener (Horse Racing)
Pique service (Real Tennis)
Pirouette (Figure Skating)
Pirouette (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Pirouette (Skateboarding)
Piste (Fencing)
Piste (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Pit board (Formula One)
Pit board (Stock Car Racing)
Pit crew (IndyCars)
Pit-lane speeding (Formula One)
Pitch (Australian Rules Football)
Pitch (Baseball)
Pitch (Boules)
Pitch (Cricket)
Pitch (Gaelic Football)
Pitch (Gliding)
Pitch (Golf)
Pitch (Hurling)
Pitch (Mountaineering)
Pitch (Rugby League)
Pitch (Soccer)
Pitch (Speedball)
Pitch (Swimming)
Pitch mark (Golf)
Pitch-and-putt (Golf)
Pitcher's mound (Baseball)
Pitcher's rubber (Baseball)
Pitchout (American Football)
Piton (Mountaineering)
Pits (Cycling)
Pits (Formula One)
Pits (IndyCars)
Pits (Motocross)
Pits (Motorcycling)
Pits (Rallycross)
Pits (Speedway)
Pits (Stock Car Racing)
Pivot (Basketball)
Pivot (Croquet)
Pivot (Figure Skating)
Pivot (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Pivot foot (Baseball)
Pivot punch (Boxing)
Pivoting (Netball)
Pivoting shoe (Rowing)
Place kick (Rugby League)
Place kick (Rugby Union)
Place kick (Speedball)
Place libre (Jai alai)
Placing in danger (Wrestling)
Placing judges (Swimming)
Placing the mat (Bowls)
Plan of the course (Show Jumping)
Planche (Women's Gymnastics)
Plane (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Plane (Windsurfing)
Planing (Yachting)
Planing surface (Surfing)
Plant (Snooker)
Plantar-flexion (Swimming)
Plastic ball (Rowing)
Plate (Horse Racing)
Plate binding (Ski Jumping)
Platform (Weightlifting)
Play (American Football)
Play (Cricket)
Play clock (American Football)
Play line (Real Tennis)
Play-on (Australian Rules Football)
Play-the-ball (Rugby League)
Players (Baseball)
Players (Court Handball)
Players (Jai alai)
Players (Paddleball)
Players (Rackets)
Players (Shinty)
Playing a fish (Fishing)
Playing area (Canoe Polo)
Playing area (Table Tennis)
Playing areas (Korfball)
Playing distance (Field Hockey)
Playing fault (Volleyball)
Playing on (Cricket)
Playing out of your skin (Sports Psychology)
Playing surface (Table Tennis)
Playing the ball (Field Hockey)
Playing the ball (Jai alai)
Playing the ball (Korfball)
Playing the ball (Paddleball)
Playing time (Lacrosse)
Playing time (Rugby Union)
Playing time lost (Rugby Union)
Playmaker (Basketball)
Playoff (Golf)
Playoffs (American Football)
Plie (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Plummet line (Diving)
Plunge dive (Diving)
Poach (Tennis)
Pocket (American Football)
Pocket (Billiards)
Pocketed ball (Billiards)
Pocketing balls (Pool)
Pockets (Australian Rules Football)
Pockets (Snooker)
Podium (Formula One)
Podium (IndyCars)
Podium (Motocross)
Podium (NASCAR)
Point (Court Handball)
Point (Cricket)
Point (Fishing)
Point (Gaelic Football)
Point (Hurling)
Point (Ice Hockey)
Point (Table Tennis)
Point cap (Volleyball)
Point in line (Fencing)
Point to point (Cycling)
Points (Formula One)
Points (Harness Racing)
Points (Powerboat Racing)
Points (Speed Skating)
Points (Speedway)
Points (Squash)
Points (Yachting)
Points classification (Cycling)
Points decision (Boxing)
Points scoring (Dragon Boat Racing)
Points system (Diving)
Pointsmen (Cross Country Running)
Poke check (Ice Hockey)
Polar curve (Hang gliding)
Polar curve (Paragliding)
Polarized sunglasses (Fishing)
Pole (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Pole code (Fishing)
Pole planting (Skiing)
Pole position (Formula One)
Pole position (IndyCars)
Pole position (Motocross)
Pole position (Motorcycling)
Pole position (NASCAR)
Pole position (Rallycross)
Pole vault (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Pole Vault (Highland Games)
Poles (Skiing)
Pollution monitor (Fishing)
Polo (Polo)
Polo pit (Polo)
Poma lift (Skiing)
Pommel horse (Men's Gymnastics - Pommel Horse)
Pommel horse (Men's Gymnastics - Pommel Horse)
Pony (Betting)
Pony power (Polo)
Pool (Fencing)
Pool (Pool)
Pool (Synchronized Swimming)
Pool (Water Polo)
Pooped (Yachting)
Pop (Figure Skating)
Popinjay shooting (Archery)
Popping (Rugby Union)
Popping crease (Cricket)
Porridge (Skiing)
Port (Curling)
Port (Yachting)
Port tack (Yachting)
Ports de bras (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Position (Archery - Target Archery)
Position of readiness (Badminton)
Position to (Horse Racing)
Positional shot (Bowls)
Positions (Boules)
Positive buoyancy (Scuba Diving)
Possession (Canoe Polo)
Possession (Water Polo)
Possession indicator (Basketball)
Possession of the puck (Ice Hockey)
Post (Tennis)
Post and rails (Eventing)
Post positions (Harness Racing)
Posts (Rounders)
Pot lid (Curling)
Pot white (Billiards)
Potato (Fishing)
Powder (Ski Jumping)
Powder (Skiing)
Powder (Weather Forecast)
Power play (Ice Hockey)
Power set (Weightlifting)
Power slide (In-line skating)
Power slide (Skateboarding)
Power sliding (Speedway)
Power strap (In-line skating)
Power sweep (American Football)
Powerboat Racing (Powerboat Racing)
Practice throws (Field Events - Javelin)
Pre-baiting (Fishing)
Pre-jumping (Skiing)
Precipitation (Weather Forecast)
Preferred lie (Golf)
Preliminaries (Diving)
Preliminary rally (Fives)
Preliminary round (Trampolining)
Premarked maps (Orienteering)
Premier League (Soccer)
Preparation time (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Presentation (Carriage Driving)
Presentation (Horse Racing)
Presentation (Sports Acrobatics)
Presentation mark (Figure Skating)
President's Cup (Show Jumping)
Presidents Cup (Golf)
Press (Weightlifting)
Pressing (Fencing)
Prestart (Orienteering)
Presumo (Sumo Wrestling)
Pret (Fencing)
Priest (Fishing)
Prime (Cycling)
Prise de fer (Fencing)
Private driving (Carriage Driving)
Private sweepstake (Greyhound Racing)
Privateer (NASCAR)
Prizes (Greyhound Racing)
Procedure (Biathlon)
Procedure (Karate)
Procedure (Track Events - Relay Events)
Procedure at firing range (Biathlon)
Procedure on course (Biathlon)
Procedures (Speed Skating)
Processional races (Rowing)
Produce race (Greyhound Racing)
Professional foul (Soccer)
Professionalism (Rugby Union)
Profile (Fishing)
Profile drag (Gliding)
Program (Figure Skating)
Program four (Aerobatics)
Program one (Aerobatics)
Program three (Aerobatics)
Program two (Aerobatics)
Progressive (Roller skating)
Promote (Curling)
Pronation (Fencing)
Prone (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Prone (Swimming)
Prone out (Surfing)
Prop (Rugby League)
Propulsion (Swimming)
Protector (Safety Measures)
Protests (Karate)
Provisional ball (Golf)
Pry over (Canoeing)
Psyching (Sports Psychology)
Psyching up (Sports Psychology)
Puck (Ice Hockey)
Puck (Roller Hockey)
Puck (Sticks and Balls)
Puck-out (Hurling)
Puddle (Rowing)
Puissance (Show Jumping)
Pull (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Pull (Polo)
Pull (Swimming)
Pull (Down-the-Line Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Pull through (Figure Skating)
Pullbuoy (Swimming)
Puller's grip (Tug-of-War)
Pulling (Swimming)
Pulling a punch (Boxing)
Pulling the goalie (Ice Hockey)
Pulling tricks (Snowboarding)
Pump (Mountain Biking)
Pump (Paragliding)
Pumping (Skateboarding)
Punch (Orienteering)
Punching (Water Polo)
Punt (American Football)
Punt (Rugby Union)
Punt (Speedball)
Punt returner (American Football)
Punter (American Football)
Punters (Betting)
Puppy (Greyhound Racing)
Pure distance (Gliding)
Purge valve (Scuba Diving)
Purse (Boxing)
Pursuit (Cycling)
Pursuit races (Speed Skating)
Push (Table Tennis)
Push pass (Field Hockey)
Push pass (Ice Hockey)
Push shot (Croquet)
Push shot (Water Polo)
Push shots or double hits (Pool)
Push-and-glide position (Swimming)
Push-in (Field Hockey)
Push-off (Women's Gymnastics)
Pushing (Speed Skating)
Pushing (Triathlon/Ironman - Cycling)
Putout (Baseball)
Putt (Golf)
Putter (Golf)
Putting action (Field Events - Shot Put)
Putting green (Golf)
Putting the ball (Highland Games)
Pylon (Stadium Architecture)
Pylon (Water Skiing)
Pyonson keut (Tae Kwon Do)
Pyramid (Snooker)
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