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O-goshi (Judo)
O-guruma (Judo)
O-ring (Scuba Diving)
O-soto-gari (Judo)
O-soto-guruma (Judo)
O-uchi-gake (Judo)
O-uchi-gari (Judo)
Oar (Rowing)
Oarsman (Rowing)
Obelisk (Stadium Architecture)
Obi (Jiu Jitsu)
Observed sections (Motorcycling - Trials)
Observer (Water Skiing)
Obstacle path (Carriage Driving)
Obstacles (Carriage Driving)
Obstacles (Cross Country Running)
Obstruction (Baseball)
Obstruction (Field Hockey)
Obstruction (Highland Games)
Obstruction (Netball)
Obstruction (Paddleball)
Obstruction (Rugby League)
Obstruction (Rugby Union)
Obstruction (Soccer)
Obstruction (Softball)
Obstruction (Squash)
Obstruction (Table Tennis)
Obstruction (Track Events - General Terms)
Obstruction to sea room (Yachting)
Obstructions (Rounders)
Oche (Darts)
Octave (Fencing)
Octopus rig (Scuba Diving)
Odds (Horse Racing)
Odds (Real Tennis)
Off side (Cricket)
Off stump (Cricket)
Off the wind (Yachting)
Off-break (Cricket)
Off-side (Polo)
Off-the-board pass (Ice Hockey)
Off-trail (Skiing)
Offense (Baseball)
Offense (Luge)
Offenses (Bowls)
Offensive line (American Football)
Offensive shot (Court Handball)
Offensive zone (Ice Hockey)
Official training (Skibob Racing)
Officials (Basketball)
Officials (Canoe Polo)
Officials (Court Handball)
Officials (Cross Country Running)
Officials (Field Events - Discus)
Officials (Field Events - Hammer)
Officials (Field Events - Javelin)
Officials (Field Hockey)
Officials (Greyhound Racing)
Officials (Harness Racing)
Officials (Jai alai)
Officials (Luge)
Officials (Men's Gymnastics)
Officials (Netball)
Officials (Orienteering)
Officials (Paddleball)
Officials (Rounders)
Officials (Show Jumping)
Officials (Ski Jumping)
Officials (Skibob Racing)
Officials (Sled Dog Racing)
Officials (Speed Skating)
Officials (Synchronized Swimming)
Officials (Team Handball)
Officials (Tennis)
Officials (Women's Gymnastics)
Officials (Down-the-Line Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Offset hairpin (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Offshore (Powerboat Racing)
Offshore (Surfing)
Offshore wind (Weather Forecast)
Offshore wind (Windsurfing)
Offside (Bandy)
Offside (Canadian Football)
Offside (Field Hockey)
Offside (Harness Racing)
Offside (Horse Racing)
Offside (Ice Hockey)
Offside (Netball)
Offside (Roller Hockey)
Offside (Rugby League)
Offside (Rugby Union)
Offside (Shinty)
Offside (Soccer)
Offside pass (Canadian Football)
Oicho mage (Sumo Wrestling)
Oily 0 chigi (Tae Kwon Do)
Okome (Sumo Wrestling)
Okuri (Sumo Wrestling)
Okuri dashi (Sumo Wrestling)
Okuri-ashi-harai (Judo)
Okuri-eri-jime (Judo)
Old birds (Pigeon Racing)
Old Course (Golf)
Olive wreath (The Olympic Games)
Ollieing (Snowboarding)
Olympiad (The Olympic Games)
Olympic categories (Rowing)
Olympic flame (The Olympic Games)
Olympic motto (The Olympic Games)
Olympic pool (Swimming)
Olympic rings (The Olympic Games)
Olympic style (Speed Skating)
Olympic village (The Olympic Games)
Omnium (Cycling)
On ball (Snooker)
On guard (Fencing)
On guard (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
On side (Cricket)
On sight (Mountaineering)
On the aids (Horse Racing)
On the bit (Horse Racing)
On the full (Rugby League)
On-deck circle (Baseball)
One point (Wrestling)
One-day match (Cricket)
One-on-one (Basketball)
One-sidedness (Horse Racing)
One-timer (Ice Hockey)
One-two (Fencing)
One-two (Soccer)
One-two punches (Boxing)
One-wall court (Paddleball)
Onshore (Surfing)
Onside (Rugby Union)
Onside (Soccer)
Onside (or lateral) pass (Canadian Football)
Onside kick (American Football)
Open gate (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Open position (Figure Skating)
Open races (Horse Racing)
Open water (Canoeing)
Open-faced reel (Fishing)
Open-framed goals (Canoe Polo)
Open-glove punch (Boxing)
Openside (Rugby League)
Opposition (Fencing)
Optimum takeoff zone (Horse Racing)
Optional exercise (Men's Gymnastics)
Optional exercise (Women's Gymnastics)
Orange ball (Soccer)
Order of play (Golf)
Order of play (Pool)
Ordinal (Figure Skating)
Ordinary fouls (Water Polo)
Organization (Biathlon)
Orienteering (Orienteering)
Original dance (Figure Skating)
Osae-waza (Judo)
Osaekomi (Jiu Jitsu)
Oshi dashi (Sumo Wrestling)
Oshi taoshi (Sumo Wrestling)
Oshi zumo (Sumo Wrestling)
Out (Baseball)
Out (Softball)
Out (Squash)
Out (Tennis)
Out ball (Rackets)
Out bounce (Trampolining)
Out line (Squash)
Out of bounds (American Football)
Out of bounds (Australian Rules Football)
Out of bounds (Basketball)
Out of bounds (Canadian Football)
Out of bounds (Golf)
Out of bounds (Sled Dog Racing)
Out of court (Real Tennis)
Out of play (Boules)
Out of play (Canoe Polo)
Out of play (Korfball)
Out of play (Table Tennis)
Out-hand (Curling)
Out-of-court serve (Court Handball)
Out-of-play line (Boules)
Outboard (Rowing)
Outbrake (IndyCars)
Outbrake (Motocross)
Outbrake (Motorcycling)
Outbrake (NASCAR)
Outbrake (Rallycross)
Outcrop climbs (Mountaineering)
Outer ski (Skiing)
Outfield (Baseball)
Outfield (Cricket)
Outfield (Softball)
Outfielder (Baseball)
Outfit (Motorcycling - Trials)
Outgoing runner (Track Events - Relay Events)
Outlanding (Gliding)
Outlet pass (Basketball)
Outrigger turn (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Outrun (Ski Jumping)
Outrun (Skiing)
Outs (Rounders)
Outside (Surfing)
Outside agency (Golf)
Outside assistance (Carriage Driving)
Outside assistance (Eventing)
Outside assistance (Sled Dog Racing)
Outside edge (In-line skating)
Outside edge (Roller skating)
Outside lines (Fencing)
Outside position (Figure Skating)
Outside skate (In-line skating)
Outside stress (Sports Psychology)
Oval (IndyCars)
Over (Cricket)
Over the wicket (Cricket)
Over-bent (Horse Racing)
Over-center entry (Swimming)
Over-facing (Horse Racing)
Over-reaching (Horse Racing)
Overalls (Rallycross)
Overface (Show Jumping)
Overgrasp (Women's Gymnastics)
Overhang (Mountaineering)
Overhead (Tennis)
Overhead dribble (Speedball)
Overhead kick (Soccer)
Overhead pass (Basketball)
Overhead pass (Netball)
Overhead serve (Volleyball)
Overhead shots (Badminton)
Overhead smash (Badminton)
Overlap (Yachting)
Overnight events (Harness Racing)
Override (Eventing)
Override (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Overslide (Baseball)
Overslide (Softball)
Oversteer (Formula One)
Oversteer (IndyCars)
Oversteer (Karting)
Oversteer (Motocross)
Oversteer (Motorcycling)
Oversteer (Motorcycling)
Oversteer (NASCAR)
Oversteer (Rally Driving)
Oversteer (Rallycross)
Oversteer (Stock Car Racing)
Overthrows (Cricket)
Overtime (American Football)
Overtime (Basketball)
Oxer (Show Jumping)
Oxygen debt (Swimming)
Oyakata (Sumo Wrestling)
Ozeki (Sumo Wrestling)
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