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Maai (Aikido)
Maai (Kendo)
MacCready ring (Gliding)
Macon blade (Rowing)
Madison (Cycling)
Madison Square Garden (Boxing)
Maegashira (Sumo Wrestling)
Maggot (Fishing)
Magpie (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Maiden (Cricket)
Maiden (Horse Racing)
Maillot jaune (Cycling)
Main nue (Jai alai)
Main wall (Real Tennis)
Mainsail (Yachting)
Major fouls (Water Polo)
Major penalty (Ice Hockey)
Make-koshi (Sumo Wrestling)
Makunouchi (Sumo Wrestling)
Makura-kesa-gatame (Judo)
Makushita (Sumo Wrestling)
Mal pare (Fencing)
Mallet (Polo)
Mallet (Sticks and Balls)
Mallon (Paragliding)
Man in motion (American Football)
Man-for-man (American Football)
Man-on-man (Windsurfing)
Man-to-man (Basketball)
Man-to-man (Netball)
Man-to-man marking (Field Hockey)
Man-to-man marking (Soccer)
Mandatory eight count (Boxing)
Mantelshelf (Mountaineering)
Marathon (Carriage Driving)
Marathon (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Marathon (Track Events - Marathon)
Marathon elimination (Carriage Driving)
Marathon penalties (Carriage Driving)
Marathons (Speed Skating)
Marbles (IndyCars)
Marbles (NASCAR)
Mare (Carriage Driving)
Mare (Horse Racing)
Mare's tails (Yachting)
Mark (Australian Rules Football)
Mark (Boxing)
Mark (Rugby League)
Mark (Rugby Union)
Mark (Yachting)
Marker (Rackets)
Marker (Squash)
Markers (Darts)
Markers (Field Events - High Jump)
Markers (Field Events - Long Jump)
Markers (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Markers (Sled Dog Racing)
Markers (Track Events - Steeplechase)
Marking (Lacrosse)
Marking (Netball)
Marking (Soccer)
Marking objects (Boules)
Markings (Badminton)
Markings (Cross Country Running)
Markings (Cross Country Running - Mountain/Fell Running)
Marks (Field Events - Javelin)
Marks (Figure Skating)
Marks (Track Events - Relay Events)
Marksmen (Track Events - General Terms)
Marrowspoon (Fishing)
Marshals (Motocross)
Marshals (Motorcycling - Trials)
Marshals (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Massed-start racing (Cycling)
Mast (Yachting)
Master bowl (Bowls)
Master maps (Orienteering)
Masters (Golf)
Masuzeki (Sumo Wrestling)
Mat (Bowls)
Mat (Safety Measures)
Mat (Wrestling)
Mat chairman (Wrestling)
Matawari (Sumo Wrestling)
Match (Greyhound Racing)
Match (Horse Racing)
Match (Tennis)
Match (Volleyball)
Match (Match Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Match area (Karate)
Match ball (Squash)
Match penalty (Ice Hockey)
Match play (Golf)
Match point (Tennis)
Match rifle (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Match secretary (Bandy)
Matinee (Harness Racing)
Matte (Jiu Jitsu)
Maul (Rugby Union)
Mawashi (Sumo Wrestling)
Max glide (Paragliding)
Mayday (Ballooning)
MCC (Cricket)
Measurement (Field Events - Long Jump)
Measurement (Field Events - Shot Put)
Measurements (Field Events - High Jump)
Measurements (Field Events - Javelin)
Measurements (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Measuring (Boules)
Measuring (Field Events - Discus)
Measuring (Field Events - Hammer)
Measuring (Field Events - Triple Jump)
Medals (The Olympic Games)
Medical staff (Track Events - Marathon)
Medium canter (Dressage)
Medium pace (Cricket)
Medium trot (Dressage)
Medium walk (Dressage)
Medley events (Swimming)
Meet (Swimming)
Meijin (Aikido)
Meijin (Kendo)
Memory (Carriage Driving)
Men (Kendo)
Men's four balance routines (Sports Acrobatics)
Men's Gymnastics (Men's Gymnastics)
Men's pairs (Sports Acrobatics)
Mesure (Fencing)
Metal plate (Skittles)
Meteorology (Ballooning)
Meteorology (Weather Forecast)
Method (Snowboarding)
Mid-off (Cricket)
Mid-on (Cricket)
Mid-wicket (Cricket)
Middle line (Speedball)
Middle runner (Greyhound Racing)
Middle stump (Cricket)
Middleweight (Boxing)
Midfield strip (American Football)
Midfielder (Soccer)
Midline (Roller skating)
Migi (Aikido)
Migi (Sumo Wrestling)
Military (Eventing)
Milling (Boxing)
Mills (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Minimum age (Greyhound Racing)
Minimum sink (Hang gliding)
Minimum sink (Paragliding)
Minor penalty (Ice Hockey)
Minute man (Cycling)
Minute rally (Table Tennis)
Mirror skating (Figure Skating)
Misconduct (Field Hockey)
Misconduct (Orienteering)
Misconduct penalty (Ice Hockey)
Misfire (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Misfires (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Misfires (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Miss (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Miss stays (Yachting)
Misses (Pool)
Misuse (Boules)
Mit choomuk (Tae Kwon Do)
Mitt (Baseball)
Mixed climbing (Mountaineering)
Mixed doubles (Tennis)
Mixed pairs (Sports Acrobatics)
Mizzen (Yachting)
Modern harness (Carriage Driving)
Modern horse driving trials (Carriage Driving)
Modern Pentathlon (Modern Pentathlon - General Terms)
Modified Sweden form (Canoeing)
Moebius (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Mogul (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Mogul field (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Mogul run (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Mohawk (Figure Skating)
Mohawk (Roller skating)
Mollberg (Diving)
Molting (Pigeon Racing)
Momdollyo chagi (Tae Kwon Do)
Momentum (In-line skating)
Momtong marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Mongkon (Thai Kickboxing)
Monkey (Betting)
Mono-skiing (Skiing)
Monocoque (Drag Racing)
Moro zashi (Sumo Wrestling)
Morote uke (Aikido)
Morote-gari (Judo)
Morote-jime (Judo)
Morote-seoi-nage (Judo)
Moshiai (Sumo Wrestling)
Motion (Basketball)
Motives (Sports Psychology)
Motocross (Motocross)
Motonoichi (Aikido)
Motonoichi (Kendo)
Motor paced (Cycling)
Motorcycles (Cycling)
Motorcycling (Motorcycling)
Motorway (Skiing)
Mount (Trampolining)
Mountain Biking (Mountain Biking)
Mountain classification (Cycling)
Mountain orienteering (Orienteering)
Mountaineering (Mountaineering)
Mouth (Ballooning)
Mouth guard (American Football)
Mouth lock (Parachuting)
Moving with the ball (Korfball)
Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing)
Muff (American Football)
Mufflers (Boxing)
Mule kick (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Multihull (Yachting)
Multiple obstacles (Show Jumping)
Mune-gatame (Judo)
Musette (Cycling)
Museum (The Olympic Games)
Mush (Sled Dog Racing)
Musher (Sled Dog Racing)
Music (Sports Acrobatics)
Musubi dachi (Aikido)
Mute (Snowboarding)
Muzzles (Greyhound Racing)
Muzzles (Sled Dog Racing)
MVP (Basketball)
Mylar (Hang gliding)
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