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L (Parachuting)
La belle (Fencing)
La belle (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
la parade (Fencing)
Lacrosse (Lacrosse)
Lady paramount (Archery)
Lag putt (Golf)
Lagging (Pool)
laido (Kendo)
Lancaster Gate (Soccer)
Landing (Field Events - Discus)
landing (Field Events - Hammer)
Landing (Field Events - Javelin)
Landing (Field Events - Shot Put)
Landing (Men's Gymnastics - Vault)
Landing (Paragliding)
Landing (Women's Gymnastics)
Landing area (Field Events - High Jump)
Landing area (Field Events - Long Jump)
Landing area (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Landing area (Field Events - Triple Jump)
Landing area (Sports Acrobatics)
Lanes (Speed Skating)
Lanes (Swimming)
Lanes (Track Events - General Terms)
Lanes (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Lanes (Track Events - Relay Events)
Langlauf (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Lanterne rouge (Cycling)
Lap (Formula One)
Lap (IndyCars)
Lap (Karting)
Lap (Motocross)
Lap (Motorcycling)
Lap (Stock Car Racing)
Lap scorer (Track Events - General Terms)
Lap scoring (Powerboat Racing)
Lapping (IndyCars)
Lapping (Speed Skating)
Laps (Speedway)
Last over (Cricket)
Lateral (American Football)
Lateral (Jai alai)
Lateral line (Fishing)
Lateral parry (Fencing)
Lateral twist jump (Figure Skating)
Lateral water hazard (Golf)
Lateral work (Dressage)
Latitude (Weather Forecast)
Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) (Tennis)
Lay up (Basketball)
Layback (Mountaineering)
Layback spin (Figure Skating)
Layout (Trampolining)
Layouts (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
LBW (Cricket)
Lead boat (Triathlon/Ironman - Swimming)
Lead leg/arm (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Leader (Carriage Driving)
Leading edge (Hang gliding)
League (Baseball)
League Cup (Soccer)
League programme (Speedway)
Lean mixture (IndyCars)
Leaning on the bit (Horse Racing)
Leaping (Softball)
Leash (Surfing)
Leathers (Horse Racing)
Leathers (Motorcycling)
Leathers (Motorcycling - Trials)
Leathers (Speedway)
Leathers (Sports Locker)
Ledge (Real Tennis)
Lee bowing (Yachting)
Lee helm (Yachting)
Lee shore (Yachting)
Leeboards (Canoeing)
Leech (Yachting)
Leeward (Yachting)
Leeway (Windsurfing)
Leeway (Yachting)
Left (Surfing)
Left defenseman (Ice Hockey)
Left service court (Badminton)
Left wing (Ice Hockey)
Leg (Skittles)
Leg (Swimming)
Leg (Track Events - Relay Events)
Leg (Yachting)
Leg action (Synchronized Swimming)
Leg breaker (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Leg glance (Cricket)
Leg stump (Cricket)
Leg-before-wicket (Cricket)
Leg-break (Cricket)
Leg-bye (Cricket)
Legal guarding position (Basketball)
Legal shot (Pool)
Legal touch (Softball)
Leger tactics (Fishing)
Leisure pool (Swimming)
Length (Horse Racing)
Length of play (Badminton)
Leotard (Sports Locker)
Let (Badminton)
Let (Rackets)
Let (Squash)
Let (Table Tennis)
Let (Tennis)
Let down (Archery)
Levade (Dressage)
Liberation point (Pigeon Racing)
License (Powerboat Racing)
Licenses (Fishing)
Lie (Fishing)
Lie (Golf)
Lie of the stick (Ice Hockey)
Liemente (Fencing)
Life jackets (Powerboat Racing)
Life-jackets (Sports Locker)
Lifeguards (Safety Measures)
Lifesaving (Swimming)
Lift (Figure Skating)
Lift (Gliding)
Lift (Hang gliding)
Lift (Parachuting)
Lift (Paragliding)
Lift shot (Croquet)
Lifting In (Weightlifting)
Lifting order (Weightlifting)
Light (Ballooning)
Light field events (Highland Games)
Light flyweight (Boxing)
Light heavyweight (Boxing)
Light middleweight (Boxing)
Light the lamp (Ice Hockey)
Light welterweight (Boxing)
Lights (Motorcycling - Trials)
Lightweight (Boxing)
Lightweight category (Rowing)
Lignum vitae (Bowls)
Limb (Archery)
Limit (Drag Racing)
Limit (Rally Driving)
Limit man (Cycling)
Limited-overs match (Cricket)
Line (Formula One)
Line (Skittles)
Line (Stock Car Racing)
Line drive (Baseball)
Line features (Orienteering)
Line judge (American Football)
Line judge (Canadian Football)
Line judge (Kendo)
Line judges (Volleyball)
Line of scrimmage (American Football)
Line through the mark (Rugby Union)
Line-down (Canoeing)
Line-off (Water Skiing)
Line-out (Cycling)
Line-out (Rugby Union)
Linebacker (American Football)
Lines (Paragliding)
Linesman (Gaelic Football)
Linesman (Hurling)
Linesman (Ice Hockey)
Linesman (Shinty)
Linesman (Speedball)
Linesman (Tennis)
Linesmen (Aerobatics)
Linesmen (Kabaddi)
Linesmen (Korfball)
Links (Golf)
Lip (Skateboarding)
Lip (Ski Jumping)
Lip (Surfing)
Live ball (American Football)
Live ball (Baseball)
Live ball (Basketball)
Live bowl (Bowls)
Lo-Po (Parachuting)
LOA (Yachting)
Load ring (Ballooning)
Loan transfer (Soccer)
Lob (Tennis)
Lobe (Figure Skating)
Locals (Surfing)
Locations (Cross Country Running - Mountain/Fell Running)
Lock up (Rallycross)
Lock-up (Motorcycling)
Locked arms (Weightlifting)
Lockup (IndyCars)
Lockup (Motocross)
Lockup (NASCAR)
Loft (Golf)
Loft (Pigeon Racing)
Lofted drive (Cricket)
Log book (Scuba Diving)
Log roll (Trampolining)
Loipe (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Lollipop (Windsurfing)
Lona (Kabaddi)
Long bows (Archery - Target Archery)
Long butt cue (Snooker)
Long corner (Field Hockey)
Long course (Swimming)
Long course (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Long free program (Figure Skating)
Long Jump (Field Events - Long Jump)
Long off (Cricket)
Long on (Cricket)
Long program (Figure Skating)
Long Room (Cricket)
Long serve (Court Handball)
Long service line (Badminton)
Long-distance races (Dragon Boat Racing)
Long-distance racing (Canoeing)
Long-distance swimming (Swimming)
Long-handed boxing (Thai Kickboxing)
Long-track course (Speed Skating)
Longbow (Archery)
Longswing (Women's Gymnastics)
Lonsdale Belt (Boxing)
Loom (Canoeing)
Loop (Table Tennis)
Loop jump (Figure Skating)
Loop to loop (Fishing)
Loose (Archery)
Loose arm (Rugby League)
Loose ball (Rugby League)
Loose head (Rugby League)
Lord's (Cricket)
Losing hazards (Billiards)
Losing pitcher (Baseball)
Losing serve (Squash)
Loss of service (Paddleball)
Lost ball (Golf)
Lost or misfired rounds (Biathlon)
Lost target (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Louisiana Superdome (Stadium Architecture)
Love (Badminton)
Love (Real Tennis)
Love (Tennis)
Love game (Real Tennis)
Love set (Real Tennis)
Low (IndyCars)
Low (Parachuting)
Low blow (Boxing)
Low house (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Low invitation (Fencing)
Low line (Fencing)
Low post (Basketball)
Lower ski (Skiing)
LPGA (Golf)
Luff (Yachting)
Luff lines (Hang gliding)
Luffing (Yachting)
Luge (Luge)
Lugrig (Yachting)
Lugsail (Yachting)
Lull (Surfing)
Lunch (Cricket)
Lunch meat (Fishing)
Lunge (Fencing)
Lunge (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Lunge (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Lunge dive (Diving)
Lunge position (Women's Gymnastics)
Lunge punch (Thai Kickboxing)
Lunging (Netball)
Lure (Fishing)
Lure (Greyhound Racing)
Lutz jump (Figure Skating)
Lying on or near the ball (Rugby Union)
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