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I (Parachuting)
I-formation (American Football)
IAAF (Cross Country Running)
IAAF (Track Events - General Terms)
IBF (Boxing)
Ice dancing (Figure Skating)
Ice Hockey (Ice Hockey)
Ice pack (Sports Injuries)
Ice rink (Bandy)
Ice skates (Sports Footwear)
Icing the puck (Ice Hockey)
Identification (Greyhound Racing)
Identity ring (Pigeon Racing)
Ideomotor Training (Sports Psychology)
Iditarod (Sled Dog Racing)
IFAA (Archery)
IFSA (Sports Acrobatics)
IGC (Gliding)
IIbo daeryon (Tae Kwon Do)
IIHF (Ice Hockey)
IISA (Roller Hockey)
Illegal pinfall (Bowling)
Illegal pitch (Baseball)
Illegal serves (Paddleball)
Illegally batted ball (Softball)
Imaginary line (Windsurfing)
Imitator (Fishing)
Impact zone (Surfing)
Impossible shot (Pool)
Impulsion (Dressage)
Impulsion (Harness Racing)
Impulsion (Show Jumping)
In and out (Eventing)
In hand (Snooker)
In irons (Yachting)
In line (Fencing)
In off (Snooker)
In quatata (Fencing)
In quatata (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
In-goal (Rugby Union)
In-hand (Curling)
In-hand (Horse Racing)
In-line racing (In-line skating)
In-line skating (In-line skating)
In-off white (Billiards)
In-play (Badminton)
In-turn or out-turn (Curling)
Inboard (Rowing)
Incidental contact (Basketball)
Inclination (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Incoming runner (Track Events - Relay Events)
Incubation period (Pigeon Racing)
Index contour (Orienteering)
Indian dribble (Field Hockey)
Indianapolis 500 (IndyCars)
Indie (Snowboarding)
Indirect (Fencing)
Indirect free hit (Roller Hockey)
Indirect free kick (Soccer)
Individual (Cross Country Running)
Individual combined events (Men's Gymnastics)
Individual competition (Biathlon)
Individual event (Men's Gymnastics)
Individual events (Women's Gymnastics)
Individual pursuit (Cycling)
Individual World Championships (Speedway)
Induced drag (Gliding)
IndyCars (IndyCars)
Ineligible receiver (American Football)
Inertia (Swimming)
Infield (Baseball)
Infield (Softball)
Infield fly rule (Baseball)
Infighting (Boxing)
Infringement (Bandy)
Infringement (Rugby League)
Infringement (Tug-of-War)
Inner ski (Skiing)
Innings (Baseball)
Innings (Cricket)
Innings (Croquet)
Innings (Rounders)
Innings (Softball)
Innings (Down-the-Line Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Innings defeat (Cricket)
Inrun (Ski Jumping)
Inside edge (Figure Skating)
Inside edge (Roller skating)
Inside edges (In-line skating)
Inside lines (Fencing)
Inside skate (In-line skating)
Instep (Thai Kickboxing)
Instinctive (Archery - Field Archery)
Insufficient parry (Fencing)
Intentional fouls (Basketball)
Intentional grounding (American Football)
Interception (American Football)
Interchange area (Australian Rules Football)
Interchange players (Australian Rules Football)
Intercom (Rally Driving)
Interference (American Football)
Interference (Basketball)
Interference (Canadian Football)
Interference (Ice Hockey)
Interference (Korfball)
Interference (Softball)
Interference (Speed Skating)
Interference (Squash)
Interference by a player (Pool)
Interference from another person (Pool)
Interfering (Boules)
Interior linemen (American Football)
Internal bleeding (Sports Injuries)
International RAC Rally (Rally Driving)
International races (Dragon Boat Racing)
International rounds (Field Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
International Tennis Federation (ITF) (Tennis)
Interrupted time (Show Jumping)
Intertrack race (Greyhound Racing)
Interval (Speedball)
Interval (Volleyball)
Interval training (Swimming)
Intervals (Sled Dog Racing)
Intoeing (Swimming)
Inversion (Boules)
Inverted flight (Aerobatics)
Inverted rubber (Table Tennis)
Inverted tricks (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Inverted-vertical position (Synchronized Swimming)
Invitation (Fencing)
Inward dive (Diving)
Inward dive piked (Diving)
Inward dive tucked (Diving)
IOC (The Olympic Games)
Ippon (Aikido)
Ippon (Jiu Jitsu)
Ippon (Judo)
Ippon (Karate)
Ippon-seoi-nage (Judo)
Irishman's confetti (Boxing)
Iron (Golf)
Iron cross (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Ironman (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Irregular point (Boules)
ISA (Paragliding)
Isander (Diving)
ISDT (Motorcycling - Trials)
ISF (Snowboarding)
Island Fence (Eventing)
ISU (Figure Skating)
Italian pursuit (Cycling)
Itzia (Jai alai)
IWF (Weightlifting)
IYRU (Yachting)
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