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Hachimaki (Kendo)
Hachimaki (Sports Locker)
Hackle (Fishing)
Hadake-jime (Judo)
Hadudu (Kabaddi)
Hail Mary (American Football)
Hairpin (Formula One)
Hairpin (IndyCars)
Hairpin (Motocross)
Hairpin (Motorcycling)
Hairpin (Rallycross)
Haisoku (Aikido)
Hajime (Aikido)
Hajime (Jiu Jitsu)
Hajime (Kendo)
Haka (Rugby Union)
Hakama (Jiu Jitsu)
Hakama (Kendo)
Hakama (Sports Locker)
Hakko ryu (Jiu Jitsu)
Half (American Football)
Half angle (Croquet)
Half butt rest (Snooker)
Half court line (Real Tennis)
Half nelson (Wrestling)
Half turn (Women's Gymnastics)
Half volley (Tennis)
Half-ball (Snooker)
Half-century (Cricket)
Half-court line (Rackets)
Half-court line (Squash)
Half-halt (Dressage)
Half-halt (Horse Racing)
Half-pipe (Snowboarding)
Half-rounder (Rounders)
Half-screw (Water Polo)
Half-turn (Figure Skating)
Half-volley (Soccer)
Half-volley (Table Tennis)
Halfback (American Football)
Halftime (American Football)
Halftime (Bandy)
Halftime (Gaelic Football)
Halftime (Hurling)
Halftime (Korfball)
Halftime (Rugby League)
Halftime (Soccer)
Hall of Fame (American Football)
Halt (Dressage)
Halte (Fencing)
Halts (Carriage Driving)
Halyard (Yachting)
Hamburger (Skateboarding)
Hammer (Field Events - Hammer)
Hammer (Field Events - Hammer)
Hammer axe (Mountaineering)
Hammer glove (Field Events - Hammer)
Hammer grip (Table Tennis)
Hand (Dressage)
Hand chalk (Men's Gymnastics)
Hand grip (Volleyball)
Hand in (Rackets)
Hand in (Squash)
Hand out (Rackets)
Hand out (Squash)
Hand tackle (Canoe Polo)
Hand tailing (Fishing)
Hand traverse (Mountaineering)
Hand-off (American Football)
Handball (Australian Rules Football)
Handball (Soccer)
Handicap (Betting)
Handicap (Cycling)
Handicap (Golf)
Handicap (Horse Racing)
Handicap (Polo)
Handicap (Rallycross)
Handicap (Yachting)
Handicap race (Greyhound Racing)
Handicap races (Harness Racing)
Handicapper (Horse Racing)
Handicaps (Karting)
Handle throw (Water Skiing)
Handling (Formula One)
Handling (Motocross)
Handling (Motorcycling)
Handling (NASCAR)
Handling (Rallycross)
Handling line (Ballooning)
Handling the ball (Cricket)
Handoff pass (Canadian Football)
Handover (Rugby League)
Handover (Track Events - Relay Events)
Handover zone (Biathlon)
Handrail (Orienteering)
Hands off (Ballooning)
Handshake (Boxing)
Handspring (Women's Gymnastics)
Handspring vault (Men's Gymnastics - Vault)
Handstand (Men's Gymnastics)
Handstand (Women's Gymnastics)
Handstop (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Hane-goshi (Judo)
Hane-makikomi (Judo)
Hang glider (Paragliding)
Hang gliding (Hang gliding)
Hang loop (Hang gliding)
Hanger (Archery)
Hangfire (Guns and Ammunition)
Hangfire (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Hangfire (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Hanging ten (Skateboarding)
Hank (Yachting)
Hansford device (IndyCars)
Hansoku (Aikido)
Hansoku (Karate)
Hansoku (Kendo)
Hansoku-chui (Karate)
Hansoku-make (Judo)
Hantei (Aikido)
Hantei (Jiu Jitsu)
Hantei (Kendo)
Hara (Aikido)
Harai-goshi (Judo)
Harai-makikomi (Judo)
Harai-tsurikomi-ashi (Judo)
Hard going (Eventing)
Hard going (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Hard pass (Ice Hockey)
Hard rail (Surfing)
Hard skis (Skiing)
Hard-hat divers (Scuba Diving)
Hardan marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Harden in (Yachting)
Hardtail (Mountain Biking)
Harness (Hang gliding)
Harness (Paragliding)
Harness Racing (Harness Racing)
Harnessing (Sled Dog Racing)
Harrow-type brake (Bobsled)
Hashmarks (American Football)
Hat trick (Cricket)
Hataki-komi (Sumo Wrestling)
Haute (Dressage)
Haymaker (Boxing)
Haystack (Canoeing)
Hazard (Golf)
Hazard chase/hazard side chase (Real Tennis)
Head (Bowls)
Head (Tennis)
Head (Yachting)
Head linesman (American Football)
Head linesman (Canadian Football)
Head of the river (Rowing)
Head pole (Harness Racing)
Head race (Rowing)
Head rest (Rowing)
Head spring (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Head string (Pool)
Head up (Yachting)
Head-hold (Wrestling)
Headband (Sports Locker)
Header (Soccer)
Headguard (Sports Locker)
Heading (Ballooning)
Heading the ball (Rugby Union)
Heading up (Windsurfing)
Headpin (Skittles)
Headsail (Yachting)
Heat (Bobsled)
Heat (Windsurfing)
Heats (Field Events - Discus)
Heats (Harness Racing)
Heats (Rallycross)
Heats (Swimming)
Heats (Track Events - General Terms)
Heats (Track Events - Relay Events)
Heave to (Yachting)
Heavy (Ballooning)
Heavy (Curling)
Heavy events (Highland Games)
Heavy green (Bowls)
Heavyweight (Boxing)
Hecht half-turn (Women's Gymnastics)
Heel (Skittles)
Heel (Thai Kickboxing)
Heel edge (Snowboarding)
Heel kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Heel of the stick (Ice Hockey)
Heel stop (In-line skating)
Heeled (Rugby League)
Heelside (Snowboarding)
Height (Aerobatics)
Height of hurdles (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Height of rings (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Height of the barrel (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Held ball (Volleyball)
Heli-skiing (Skiing)
Helicopter (Figure Skating)
Helicopter (Skateboarding)
Helicopter (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Helicopter (Water Skiing)
Helm (Yachting)
Helm down (Yachting)
Helmet (American Football)
Helmet (Cricket)
Helmet (Field Hockey)
Helmet (In-line skating)
Helmet (Safety Measures)
Helmet (Sports Locker)
Helmets (Snowboarding)
Helmsman (Yachting)
Helsinki step-fence (Eventing)
Hemp seed (Fishing)
Henley (Rowing)
Hens (Pigeon Racing)
Heptathlon (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Herringbone (Skiing)
Heya (Sumo Wrestling)
Hidari (Aikido)
Hidari (Kendo)
Hidri (Sumo Wrestling)
High (IndyCars)
High (Parachuting)
High altitude (Mountaineering)
High defense (Table Tennis)
High elbow (Swimming)
High goal polo (Polo)
High house (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
High jump (Field Events - High Jump)
High jump (Highland Games)
High Jump (Show Jumping)
High jumping (Skateboarding)
High lines (Fencing)
High post (Basketball)
High sticking (Ice Hockey)
High tackle (Rugby Union)
High-lift (Badminton)
High-lift style (Swimming)
Highboard diving (Diving)
Highland Games (Highland Games)
Hiji (Aikido)
Hikiwake (Kendo)
Hikkake (Sumo Wrestling)
Hikkiwake (Aikido)
Hikkiwake (Jiu Jitsu)
Hill climbs (Cycling)
Hinder (Court Handball)
Hip checking (Ice Hockey)
Hip circle (Women's Gymnastics)
Hit (Court Handball)
Hit (Fencing)
Hit (Field Hockey)
Hit (Snowboarding)
Hit (Volleyball)
Hit in (Shinty)
Hit wicket (Cricket)
Hit-in (Polo)
Hiza (Aikido)
Hiza-gatame (Judo)
Hiza-guruma (Judo)
Hobbles (Harness Racing)
Hock (Harness Racing)
Hockey stop (Skiing)
Hog's back (Show Jumping)
Hogoo (Tae Kwon Do)
Hold (Mountaineering)
Hold part (Men's Gymnastics)
Holder (American Football)
Holding area (Sled Dog Racing)
Holding position (Netball)
Holding the ball (Australian Rules Football)
Hole (American Football)
Hole (Golf)
Hole (Water Polo)
Hole in one (Golf)
Hollow (Figure Skating)
Home nations (Rugby Union)
Home plate (Baseball)
Home run (Baseball)
Home run (Softball)
Homeward (Cycling)
Homologation (Drag Racing)
Homologation (Karting)
Homologation (Rally Driving)
Homologation (Rallycross)
Homologation (Stock Car Racing)
Hon-kami-shiho-gatame (Judo)
Hon-kesa-gatame (Judo)
Hon-tate-shiho-gatame (Judo)
Hon-yoko-shiho-gatame (Judo)
Honbu (Aikido)
Honbu (Kendo)
Honk (Cycling)
Honor (Golf)
Hook (Boxing)
Hook (Cricket)
Hook (Fishing)
Hook (Golf)
Hook (Rugby League)
Hook (Wrestling)
Hook grip (Weightlifting)
Hook removal (Fishing)
Hook serve (Volleyball)
Hook shot (Basketball)
Hook size (Fishing)
Hooking (Fishing)
Hooking (Ice Hockey)
Hooking (Polo)
Hooking (Water Skiing)
Hoop (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Hoop point (Croquet)
Hop (Field Events - Triple Jump)
Hop (Gaelic Football)
Hop serve (Court Handball)
Horizontal Bar (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Horizontal eight (Aerobatics)
Horizontal slow roll (Aerobatics)
Horn (Harness Racing)
Horse (Horse Racing)
Horse Racing (Horse Racing)
Horse trials (Eventing)
Horse vault (Women's Gymnastics)
Horses/ponies (Carriage Driving)
Hospital pass (Rugby League)
Hot dogging (Skateboarding)
Hot-dogging (Water Skiing)
Hotdog skiing (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
House (Curling)
How's that? (Cricket)
HPA (Polo)
Huddle (American Football)
Human pacing (Cycling)
Hungarian repetitions (Swimming)
Hunter's round (Archery - Field Archery)
Hurdle (Diving)
Hurdles (Greyhound Racing)
Hurdles (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Hurdles (Track Events - Steeplechase)
Hurdles Events (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Hurley (Hurling)
Hurling (Hurling)
Hybrid strokes (Synchronized Swimming)
Hydrofoil (Powerboat Racing)
Hydroplaning (Powerboat Racing)
Hydrostatic pressure (Scuba Diving)
Hypothermia (Swimming)
Hypoxic training (Swimming)
Hyung (Tae Kwon Do)
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