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Gadget play (American Football)
Gaelic Football (Gaelic Football)
Gaff (Fishing)
Gaff (Yachting)
Gain of height (Gliding)
Gaining ground (Fencing)
Gait (Harness Racing)
Gait (Horse Racing)
Gait (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Gaiters (Skiing)
Gaiting strap (Harness Racing)
Galleries (Real Tennis)
Gallery post (Real Tennis)
Gam-jeom (Tae Kwon Do)
Game (Tennis)
Game ball (Squash)
Game fish (Fishing)
Game misconduct penalty (Ice Hockey)
Game of points (Curling)
Game plan (American Football)
Game point (Tennis)
Gaminee (Kabaddi)
Gang tackle (American Football)
Gangway (Mountaineering)
Gap (American Football)
Gap (Snowboarding)
Garami (Aikido)
Garami (Kendo)
Garbage goal (Ice Hockey)
Gardening (Mountaineering)
Garryowen (Rugby Union)
Gas Bomb (Mountain Biking)
Gassing (Water Skiing)
Gate (Canoeing)
Gate (Rowing)
Gate (Skiing)
Gate (Water Skiing)
Gauntlet (Jiu Jitsu)
Gearbox (Motorcycling - Trials)
Gedan barai (Kendo)
Gelding (Carriage Driving)
Gelding (Horse Racing)
General classification (Cycling)
Genoa (Yachting)
Gentlemen, start your engines (IndyCars)
Get air (Mountain Biking)
Get under (Eventing)
Get under (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
GHAS (Archery)
Gi (Aikido)
Gi (Jiu Jitsu)
Giant slalom (Snowboarding)
Giant slalom course (Skibob Racing)
Giant swing (Women's Gymnastics)
Gills (Fishing)
Gimme (Golf)
Giraffe service (Real Tennis)
Glacier (Skiing)
Glass jaw (Boxing)
Glassy (Surfing)
Glassy (Weather Forecast)
Glide (Swimming)
Glide angle/ratio (Paragliding)
Glide forward (Women's Gymnastics)
Glide ratio (Hang gliding)
Glide zones (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Glides (Fishing)
Gliding (Fencing)
Gliding (Gliding)
Glissade (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Glissading (Mountaineering)
Gloves (Baseball)
Gloves (Boxing)
Gloves (Thai Kickboxing)
Gnarly (Windsurfing)
Go about (Yachting)
Goal (Australian Rules Football)
Goal (Bandy)
Goal (Canoe Polo)
Goal (Field Hockey)
Goal (Gaelic Football)
Goal (Hurling)
Goal (Ice Hockey)
Goal (Rugby Union)
Goal (Shinty)
Goal (Soccer)
Goal (Speedball)
Goal (Water Polo)
Goal area (Roller Hockey)
Goal area (Rugby League)
Goal area (Soccer)
Goal area (Team Handball)
Goal crease (Lacrosse)
Goal judge (Shinty)
Goal judges (Ice Hockey)
Goal judges (Water Polo)
Goal line (American Football)
Goal line (Australian Rules Football)
Goal line (Bandy)
Goal line (Rugby League)
Goal line (Shinty)
Goal referee (Bandy)
Goal square (Australian Rules Football)
Goal throw (Bandy)
Goal umpire (Australian Rules Football)
Goal umpires (Gaelic Football)
Goal umpires (Hurling)
Goal-circle (Netball)
Goal-line clearance (Soccer)
Goal-line throw (Canoe Polo)
Goalkeeper (Bandy)
Goalkeeper (Gaelic Football)
Goalkeeper (Hurling)
Goalkeeper (Shinty)
Goalkeeper (Soccer)
Goalkeeper (Water Polo)
Goalkeeper's restraining line (Team Handball)
Goalkeeper's throw (Team Handball)
Goalline (Speedball)
Goalpost (Bandy)
Goalpost (Hurling)
Goalpost (Shinty)
Goalpost (Soccer)
Goalpost (Speedball)
Goalposts (American Football)
Goalposts (Gaelic Football)
Goaltender (Ice Hockey)
Goaltending (Basketball)
God's country (Roller Hockey)
Goggles (Sports Locker)
Going (Betting)
Going (Horse Racing)
Going yard (Baseball)
Gokyo-no-nagi-waza (Judo)
Gold (Archery)
Gold badge (Gliding)
Golden duck (Cricket)
Golden Gloves (Boxing)
Golf (Golf)
Good going (Eventing)
Good going (Modern Pentathlon - Riding)
Good landing (Ballooning)
Good return (Rackets)
Good return (Squash)
Goofy (Skateboarding)
Goofy (Snowboarding)
Goofyfoot (Surfing)
Googly (Cricket)
Goongi Kabaddi (Kabaddi)
Gooseneck (Yachting)
Gore (Parachuting)
Gorilla grip (Skateboarding)
Goshi (Aikido)
Gozzer (Fishing)
Grab (Snowboarding)
Grab start (Swimming)
Graded drivers (Formula One)
Graded race (Greyhound Racing)
Grading (Mountaineering)
Grand (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Grand American (Stock Car Racing)
Grand amplitude (Wrestling)
Grand battement (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Grand FITA (Archery - Target Archery)
Grand National cars (Stock Car Racing)
Grand Prix (Formula One)
Grand Prix (Show Jumping)
Grand Slam (Golf)
Grand Slam (Rugby Union)
Grand Slam (Tennis)
Grand Slam Cup (Tennis)
Granite (Stadium Architecture)
Granny gear (Mountain Biking)
Grasp (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Grass skiing (Skiing)
Grassing the bowl (Bowls)
Gravel trap (Formula One)
Gravel trap (Motorcycling)
Gravel trap (NASCAR)
Gravel trap (Rallycross)
Gray (Carriage Driving)
Greased line (Fishing)
Greco-Roman (Wrestling)
Green (Bowls)
Green card (Field Hockey)
Green flag (Formula One)
Green flag (Karting)
Green flag (Rallycross)
Green flag (Stock Car Racing)
Green light (Bobsled)
Green light (Greyhound Racing)
Green lights (Speedway)
Green run (Skiing)
Green speed (Bowls)
Greens in regulation (Golf)
Gremlin (Skateboarding)
Greyhound Racing (Greyhound Racing)
Greyhound track (Speedway)
Grid (Formula One)
Grid (Karting)
Grid (Motorcycling)
Grid (Rallycross)
Grid (Speedway)
Grille (Real Tennis)
Grille penthouse (Real Tennis)
Grille wall (Real Tennis)
Grind (In-line skating)
Grind plate (In-line skating)
Grip (Field Events - Javelin)
Grip (Fishing)
Grip (Tennis)
Grip (Tug-of-War)
Grip tape (Skateboarding)
Grip zone (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Groom (Carriage Driving)
Gross misconduct penalty (Ice Hockey)
Ground ball (Speedball)
Ground effect (Hang gliding)
Ground effect (IndyCars)
Ground judges (Fencing)
Ground line (Horse Racing)
Ground markings (Tug-of-War)
Ground out (Baseball)
Ground outside (Field Events - Shot Put)
Ground rule double (Baseball)
Ground rule double (Softball)
Ground signals (Parachuting)
Ground stroke (Tennis)
Ground under repair (Golf)
Groundbait (Fishing)
Groundspeed (Hang gliding)
Group jump (Parachuting)
Group work (Sports Acrobatics)
Groups (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Groups of five (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Grubber (Cricket)
Guard (American Football)
Guard (Cricket)
Guard (Curling)
Guard (Fencing)
Guard (Thai Kickboxing)
Guarded leave (Croquet)
Guards (Basketball)
Gudgeon (Fishing)
Gully (Cricket)
Gumshield (Boxing)
Gumshield (Safety Measures)
Gumshield (Sports Locker)
Gun barrel (Skiing)
Guns (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Gunter rig (Yachting)
Gunwale (Canoeing)
Gunwale (Scuba Diving)
Gup (Tae Kwon Do)
Gust (Paragliding)
Gust (Weather Forecast)
Gut wrench (Wrestling)
Guy (Yachting)
Gyaku-juji-jime (Judo)
Gymnastic element (Men's Gymnastics)
Gyoji (Sumo Wrestling)
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