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FA Cup (Soccer)
Face (Archery)
Face lacerations (Sports Injuries)
Face mask (American Football)
Face of the board (Darts)
Face off (Bandy)
Face off (Ice Hockey)
Face off (Roller Hockey)
Face vault (Women's Gymnastics)
Facial massage (Rugby League)
Factory support teams (Rally Driving)
Fade (Golf)
FAI (Aerobatics)
Failed dive (Diving)
Failure (Field Events - High Jump)
Failure (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Failures (Field Events - Long Jump)
Fair and foul territory (Softball)
Fair ball (Baseball)
Fair catch (American Football)
Fair catch (Rugby Union)
Fair territory (Baseball)
Fairway (Golf)
Fairway woods (Golf)
Fake (Basketball)
Fake tag (Softball)
Fakie (Snowboarding)
Faking (Roller Hockey)
Fall (Women's Gymnastics)
Fall (Wrestling)
Fall (Yachting)
Fall line (Ski Jumping)
Fall line (Skiing)
Fall line (Snowboarding)
Fall of wicket (Cricket)
Fall-back (Wrestling)
Fall-down mark (Speed Skating)
Falls (Show Jumping)
Falls (Ski Jumping)
Falls (Speed Skating)
False attack (Fencing)
False casting (Fishing)
False lift (Ballooning)
False start (American Football)
False start (Dragon Boat Racing)
False start (Rowing)
False start (Swimming)
False start (Track Events - General Terms)
False-start rope (Swimming)
Fan (Field Events - High Jump)
Fancier (Pigeon Racing)
Farming (Karting)
Fast (Archery)
Fast break (Basketball)
Fast green (Bowls)
Fast pool (Swimming)
Fast recovery reel (Fishing)
Fastball (Baseball)
Fat (Golf)
Fathom (Yachting)
Fault (Badminton)
Fault (Court Handball)
Fault (Croquet)
Fault (Rackets)
Fault (Show Jumping)
Fault (Squash)
Fault (Tennis)
Fault (Volleyball)
Fault line (Real Tennis)
Faults (Men's Gymnastics)
Faults (Sports Acrobatics)
Faults (Women's Gymnastics)
FCI (Pigeon Racing)
Feather (Rowing)
Feather the rig (Yachting)
Feathering (Mountain Biking)
Featherweight (Boxing)
Feature race (NASCAR)
Federation Cup (Tennis)
Federations (Pigeon Racing)
Feed (Netball)
Feed station (Mountain Biking)
Feet (Field Hockey)
FEI (Dressage)
FEI (Show Jumping)
Feint (Boxing)
Feint (Fencing)
Feint (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Feint pass (Netball)
Fence (Eventing)
Fencing (Fencing)
Fencing measure (Fencing)
Fencing time (Fencing)
Fergie (Skiing)
Ferry glide (Canoeing)
Fetch (Surfing)
Fetlock (Harness Racing)
FIA (Drag Racing)
FIA (Formula One)
FIA (Karting)
FIA (Rally Driving)
FIA (Stock Car Racing)
Fiberglass rods (Fishing)
FIBT (Bobsled)
Fichet (Hang gliding)
Fichet (Paragliding)
Field (American Football)
Field (Archery - Target Archery)
Field (Baseball)
Field (Canadian Football)
Field (Field Hockey)
Field (Horse Racing)
Field (Lacrosse)
Field (Rugby Union)
Field (Shinty)
Field Archery (Archery - Field Archery)
Field crossbows (Field Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Field crosse (Lacrosse)
Field Events (Field Events - General Terms)
Field face (Archery)
Field goal (American Football)
Field goal (Basketball)
Field goal (Canadian Football)
Field goal (Speedball)
Field goal (Water Polo)
Field Hockey (Field Hockey)
Field judge (American Football)
Field position (American Football)
Field umpires (Australian Rules Football)
Fielder (Baseball)
Fielder (Cricket)
Fielder's choice (Baseball)
FIFA (Soccer)
FIG (Men's Gymnastics)
Fight (Orienteering)
Fighting (Greyhound Racing)
Fighting stance (Thai Kickboxing)
Figure competition (Synchronized Swimming)
Figure Skating (Figure Skating)
Figure skating (Water Skiing)
Figure-eighting (Fishing)
FILA (Wrestling)
Fill the port (Curling)
Filly (Carriage Driving)
Filly (Horse Racing)
FIM (Motorcycling - Trials)
FIM (Speedway)
Fin (Rowing)
Fin (Windsurfing)
Fin box (Surfing)
FINA (Swimming)
Final (Wrestling)
Final leg (Track Events - Relay Events)
Final round (Trampolining)
Final set (Tennis)
Finalists (Wrestling)
Finals (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Finals (Swimming)
Finals (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Fine (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Fine compass (Orienteering)
Fine leg (Cricket)
Fine orienteering (Orienteering)
Finger grip (Bowls)
Finger play (Fencing)
Finish (Biathlon)
Finish (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Finish area (Biathlon)
Finish clock (Bobsled)
Finish line (Highland Games)
Finish line (Track Events - General Terms)
Fins (Surfing)
FIPV (Jai alai)
Fire resistant clothing (Safety Measures)
Fire-resistant clothing (Sports Locker)
Firearm (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Firing order (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Firm wood (Bowls)
FIRS (Roller skating)
First cut (Fives)
First down (American Football)
First flight (Women's Gymnastics)
First pass (Volleyball)
First past the post (Dragon Boat Racing)
First position (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
First referee (Volleyball)
First serve (Rackets)
First service (Tennis)
First stage (Scuba Diving)
First-and-goal (American Football)
FIS (Ski Jumping)
FIS (Skiing)
FIS (Snowboarding)
FISA (Rowing)
FISB (Skibob Racing)
Fish form (Canoeing)
Fish spring (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Fishing (Fishing)
Fist (Gaelic Football)
FITA (Archery)
FITA targets (Archery - Target Archery)
Five Nations Championship (Rugby Union)
Five points (Wrestling)
Fives (Fives)
Fix (Boxing)
Fixed ropes (Mountaineering)
Fixed stance (Bowls)
Flag (American Football)
Flag (Australian Rules Football)
Flag (Golf)
Flag post (Shinty)
Flags (Carriage Driving)
Flags (Eventing)
Flags (Korfball)
Flags (Swimming)
Flake (Yachting)
Flamingo position (Synchronized Swimming)
Flank vault (Women's Gymnastics)
Flanker (American Football)
Flare (Paragliding)
Flash (Fishing)
Flat (American Football)
Flat back four (Soccer)
Flat scull (Synchronized Swimming)
Flat ski (Skiing)
Flat spot (Formula One)
Flat spot (IndyCars)
Flat spot (Motorcycling)
Flat spot (NASCAR)
Flatspot (Rallycross)
Flea-flicker (American Football)
Fleche (Fencing)
Fleeing a hold (Wrestling)
Fleeing the mat (Wrestling)
Fletching (Archery)
Fleuret (Fencing)
Flex (Snowboarding)
Flex memory (Skateboarding)
Flexibility (Men's Gymnastics)
Flexion (Horse Racing)
Flexion, lateral (Horse Racing)
Flick (Field Hockey)
Flick (Soccer)
Flick (Table Tennis)
Fliffis (Trampolining)
Flight (Darts)
Flight (Diving)
Flight (Swimming)
Flight archery (Archery)
Flight shooting (Archery)
Flip jump (Figure Skating)
Flip pass (Ice Hockey)
Flipper (Cricket)
Float (Table Tennis)
Float (Women's Gymnastics)
Float upstart (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Floatants (Fishing)
Floater (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Floating service (Volleyball)
Floating support (Women's Gymnastics)
Flofit (Skiing)
Flood (Surfing)
Flooding (American Football)
Floodlights (Soccer)
Floor area (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Floor area (Sports Acrobatics)
Floor exercise (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Floor exercise (Women's Gymnastics)
Floorer (Skittles)
Flush (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Flushing Meadows (Tennis)
Flutter kick (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Flutter kick (Swimming)
Fly ball (Baseball)
Fly fishing (Fishing)
Fly line (Fishing)
Fly out (Baseball)
Fly pattern (American Football)
Fly reel (Fishing)
Fly rods (Fishing)
Fly shot (Court Handball)
Fly spring (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Fly spring (Women's Gymnastics)
Flyer (Swimming)
Flying beachie (Water Skiing)
Flying kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Flying kilometer/mile (Skiing)
Flying lap (IndyCars)
Flying lap (Motocross)
Flying lap (Motorcycling)
Flying lap (NASCAR)
Flying lap (Rallycross)
Flying mare (Wrestling)
Flying spin (Figure Skating)
Flyweight (Boxing)
Foal (Carriage Driving)
Foal (Horse Racing)
Focus (Thai Kickboxing)
Fohn (Skiing)
Foible (Fencing)
Foible (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Foil (Fencing)
Follow on (Cricket)
Follow-through (Tennis)
Followers (Australian Rules Football)
Following (Orienteering)
Foot (Windsurfing)
Foot (Yachting)
Foot fault (Court Handball)
Foot fault (Paddleball)
Foot fault (Rackets)
Foot fault (Squash)
Foot fault (Tennis)
Foot fault (Volleyball)
Foot faults (Bowls)
Foot on floor (Pool)
Foot skis (Skibob Racing)
Foot-fault judge (Tennis)
Football (Darts)
Football Association (Soccer)
Football League (Soccer)
Footholds (Tug-of-War)
Footing (Motorcycling - Trials)
Footline (Boules)
Footpass (Australian Rules Football)
Footplate (Roller skating)
Footsteering (Windsurfing)
Footstraps (Windsurfing)
Footwear (Track Events - General Terms)
Footwork rule (Netball)
Force (American Football)
Force play (Baseball)
Force play (Softball)
Forcing shot (Snooker)
Fore checking (Ice Hockey)
Forehand (Dressage)
Forehand (Harness Racing)
Forehand (Tennis)
Forehand drive (Table Tennis)
Forehand push (Table Tennis)
Forehand shot (Ice Hockey)
Forehand strokes (Badminton)
Forehander (Polo)
Forerunners (Skiing)
Foresail (Yachting)
Foresight (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Foresight (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Forest rally (Rally Driving)
Forestay (Yachting)
Forfeit (Baseball)
Forfeit (Softball)
Forfeit (Wrestling)
Forfeited game (Basketball)
Forkball (Baseball)
Form line (Orienteering)
Formation (American Football)
Formation (Field Hockey)
Formation (Soccer)
Formula One (Formula One)
Formula racing (Formula One)
Forte (Fencing)
Forte (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Forward (Ice Hockey)
Forward (Rugby League)
Forward defensive (Cricket)
Forward dive (Diving)
Forward dive piked (Diving)
Forward dive tucked (Diving)
Forward hip circle (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Forward jump full twist (Diving)
Forward jump piked (Diving)
Forward jump straight (Diving)
Forward jump tucked (Diving)
Forward loop (Parachuting)
Forward movement (Dressage)
Forward one-and-a-half somersault piked (Diving)
Forward one-and-a-half somersault tucked (Diving)
Forward pass (American Football)
Forward pass (Canadian Football)
Forward pass (Rugby League)
Forward progress (American Football)
Forward roll (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Forward roll (Women's Gymnastics)
Forward seat circle (Men's Gymnastics - Horizontal Bar)
Forward somersault (Women's Gymnastics)
Forward stance (Thai Kickboxing)
Forward swing (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Forward taper line (Fishing)
Forward walkover (Women's Gymnastics)
Forwards (Basketball)
Fosbury flop (Field Events - High Jump)
Foul (Boules)
Foul (Bowling)
Foul (Canadian Football)
Foul (Field Events - Discus)
Foul (Field Events - Hammer)
Foul (Field Events - Shot Put)
Foul (Gaelic Football)
Foul (Karate)
Foul (Korfball)
Foul (Rugby League)
Foul (Rugby Union)
Foul (Snooker)
Foul (Soccer)
Foul (Speedball)
Foul (Thai Kickboxing)
Foul ball (Baseball)
Foul ball (Softball)
Foul line (Bowling)
Foul lines (Baseball)
Foul snookers (Pool)
Foul territory (Baseball)
Foul throw (Skittles)
Foul throw (Soccer)
Foul tip (Baseball)
Fouls (Billiards)
Fouls (Canoe Polo)
Fouls (Field Events - Javelin)
Fouls (Field Hockey)
Fouls (Roller Hockey)
Fouls (Wrestling)
Foundations (Stadium Architecture)
Four (Cricket)
Four steps (Gaelic Football)
Four-ball break (Croquet)
Four-man (Bobsled)
Four-stroke (Motorcycling - Trials)
Four-stroke (Speedway)
Four-wall court (Paddleball)
Fourball (Golf)
Fours (Bowls)
Fours (Rowing)
Foursomes (Golf)
Fox (Boxing)
Fractures (Sports Injuries)
Frame (Billiards)
Frame (Bowling)
Frame (In-line skating)
Frame (Skittles)
Frame (Snooker)
Free (Diving)
Free (Figure Skating)
Free (Yachting)
Free agent (American Football)
Free ascent (Scuba Diving)
Free ball (Pool)
Free ball (Snooker)
Free bounce (Trampolining)
Free cartwheel (Women's Gymnastics)
Free climb (Mountaineering)
Free dance (Figure Skating)
Free distance (Track Events - Relay Events)
Free fall (Parachuting)
Free foot (Roller skating)
Free forward roll (Women's Gymnastics)
Free gate (Canoeing)
Free hand (Table Tennis)
Free hit (Field Hockey)
Free hit (Polo)
Free kick (Australian Rules Football)
Free kick (Gaelic Football)
Free kick (Rugby Union)
Free kick (Soccer)
Free kick (Speedball)
Free pass (Korfball)
Free pass (Netball)
Free pistol (Guns and Ammunition)
Free pistol shooting (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Free position (Lacrosse)
Free puck (Hurling)
Free riding (Snowboarding)
Free rifle (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Free safety (American Football)
Free shot (Croquet)
Free skate (Figure Skating)
Free skating (Roller skating)
Free space to goal (Lacrosse)
Free stroke (Bandy)
Free throw (Basketball)
Free throw (Canoe Polo)
Free throw (Team Handball)
Free throw (Water Polo)
Free transfer (Soccer)
Free walk (Dressage)
Free walkover (Women's Gymnastics)
Free-lining (Fishing)
Free-throw line (Team Handball)
Free-wheel (Cycling)
Freeboard (Canoeing)
Freeboard (Scuba Diving)
Freeboard (Yachting)
Freekick (American Football)
Freestyle (Archery)
Freestyle (In-line skating)
Freestyle (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Freestyle (Snowboarding)
Freestyle (Swimming)
Freestyle (Windsurfing)
Freestyle (Wrestling)
Freestyle relays (Swimming)
Freestyle sparring (Thai Kickboxing)
Freeze (Curling)
Freezing the puck (Ice Hockey)
Frog position (Parachuting)
Froissement (Fencing)
Front court (Basketball)
Front crawl (Swimming)
Front drop (Trampolining)
Front kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Front layout (Synchronized Swimming)
Front nine (Golf)
Front pike position (Synchronized Swimming)
Front shears (Men's Gymnastics - Pommel Horse)
Front support (Women's Gymnastics)
Front-pointing (Mountaineering)
Front-row (Volleyball)
Frontis (Jai alai)
Fronton (Jai alai)
Frontside (Surfing)
Frontsiding (Skateboarding)
Frontstops (Rowing)
FTD (Drag Racing)
FTD (Karting)
FTD (Rallycross)
FTD (Stock Car Racing)
Fuel (Ballooning)
Fuel (IndyCars)
Fuel (Speedway)
Fuel depletion and sweat loss (Track Events - Marathon)
Fuel injection (Engines and Technology)
Full back (Australian Rules Football)
Full contact (Thai Kickboxing)
Full cross (Parachuting)
Full face helmet (Mountain Biking)
Full forward (Australian Rules Football)
Full game (Croquet)
Full nelson (Wrestling)
Full throttle (Drag Racing)
Full throttle (Formula One)
Full throttle (Karting)
Full throttle (Rally Driving)
Full throttle (Rallycross)
Full throttle (Stock Car Racing)
Full time (Soccer)
Full toss (Cricket)
Full turn (Women's Gymnastics)
Full-ball (Snooker)
Full-bore (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Full-court press (Basketball)
Full-length jack (Bowls)
Full-suspension (Mountain Biking)
Fullback (American Football)
Fumble (American Football)
Funicular (Skiing)
Funnel (Cross Country Running)
Funnel judges (Cross Country Running)
Funnel judges (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Funnel stewards (Cross Country Running)
Funny cars (Drag Racing)
Fusen-gachi (Judo)
Futurity (Harness Racing)
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