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Eagle (Golf)
Ear clearing (Scuba Diving)
Ear'ole (Betting)
Early buoy (Water Skiing)
Early twist fliffis (Trampolining)
Earned run (Baseball)
Ease sheets (Yachting)
East swell (Surfing)
Easterly wind (Surfing)
Eastern grip (Tennis)
Eating it (Skateboarding)
Ebb (Surfing)
Ebb (Weather Forecast)
Echelon (Cycling)
Eddy (Canoeing)
Edge (Figure Skating)
Edge (Snowboarding)
Edge change (Ski Jumping)
Edge change (Skiing)
Edge of foot (Thai Kickboxing)
Edges (In-line skating)
Edges (Roller skating)
Edges (Ski Jumping)
Edges (Skiing)
Edging (Ski Jumping)
Edging (Skiing)
Egg beater kick (Synchronized Swimming)
Egg position (Ski Jumping)
Egg position (Skiing)
Eight (Rowing)
Either ball rule (Croquet)
Elapsed time (Drag Racing)
Elapsed time (Formula One)
Elapsed time (Karting)
Elastics (Parachuting)
Elbow (Basketball)
Elbow leading (Swimming)
Elbow lever (Women's Gymnastics)
Elbow strike (Thai Kickboxing)
Elbowing (Boxing)
Element (Men's Gymnastics)
Element (Women's Gymnastics)
Elements (Figure Skating)
Elements (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Elevator (Gliding)
Eligibility (Powerboat Racing)
Elimination (Field Events - High Jump)
Elimination (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Elimination (Wrestling)
Elimination system (Speed Skating)
Eliminator (Drag Racing)
Elite (Orienteering)
Elite class (Rowing)
Embarking area (Dragon Boat Racing)
En finale (Fencing)
En tournant (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Encho hajime (Kendo)
Encho-sen (Karate)
Encroachment (American Football)
End (Archery)
End (Curling)
End around (American Football)
End kick (Speedball)
End line (Gaelic Football)
End line (Hurling)
End line (Speedball)
End line (Table Tennis)
End of block (Pool)
End zone (American Football)
End zone (Speedball)
End zones (Ice Hockey)
Endline (American Football)
Endover (Skateboarding)
Endurance (Eventing)
Endurance (Swimming)
Enduro (Motorcycling - Trials)
Enemies (Pigeon Racing)
Engagement (Fencing)
Engagement (Horse Racing)
Engagement (Jiu Jitsu)
Engagement (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Engine (Engines and Technology)
Engine (Karting)
Engine (Speedway)
English match (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
English-type saddle (Eventing)
Enquiry (Betting)
Entire (Horse Racing)
Entrechat (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Entries (Diving)
Entry (Diving)
Entry (Swimming)
Envelopment (Fencing)
Envelopment (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Epee (Fencing)
Ephemerid (Fishing)
Equipment (Biathlon)
Equipment (Speed Skating)
Equipment time-outs (Court Handball)
Error (Baseball)
Error (Croquet)
Error (Softball)
Escape point (Wrestling)
Eskimo kayak (Canoeing)
Eskimo roll (Canoeing)
Etiquette (Golf)
Etrier (Mountaineering)
European Championships (Soccer)
Eventing (Eventing)
Events (Men's Gymnastics)
Events (Powerboat Racing)
Every inch (Curling)
Excess shots (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Exclusion (Rowing)
Exercise (Men's Gymnastics)
Exhaust systems (Karting)
Expedite system (Table Tennis)
Expired Air Resuscitation (EAR) (Scuba Diving)
Explosive breathing (Swimming)
Expression session (Windsurfing)
Expulsion (Bandy)
Expulsion (Hurling)
Expulsion (Roller Hockey)
Expulsion foul (Lacrosse)
Extended canter (Dressage)
Extended trot (Dressage)
Extended walk (Dressage)
Extending (Fencing)
Extension (Harness Racing)
Extension (Horse Racing)
Extension (Snooker)
Extension (Swimming)
Extra (Cricket)
Extra innings (Baseball)
Extra man (Water Polo)
Extra point (American Football)
Extra time (Bandy)
Extra time (Korfball)
Extra time (Shinty)
Extra time (Speedball)
Extra time (Team Handball)
Extra time (Water Polo)
Extra-inning victory (Softball)
Extra-time (Soccer)
Extreme (Snowboarding)
Extreme skating (In-line skating)
Eye (Fishing)
Eye of the wind (Windsurfing)
Eye of the wind (Yachting)
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