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C (Canoeing)
C badge (Gliding)
Cable car (Skiing)
Cabriole (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Cabriole (Women's Gymnastics)
Caddie (Golf)
Cadence (Cycling)
Cadence (Dressage)
Cadence (Fencing)
Cadence (Horse Racing)
Cage (Field Events - Discus)
Cage (Field Events - Hammer)
Cage (Ice Hockey)
Calculator (Gliding)
Calcutta Cup (Rugby Union)
Calibre (Guns and Ammunition)
Called game (Baseball)
Caman (Hurling)
Caman (Shinty)
Caman (Sticks and Balls)
Camber (Ski Jumping)
Camber (Skiing)
Camber (Snowboarding)
Camel spin (Figure Skating)
Camera patrol (Horse Racing)
Canadian (Canoeing)
Canadian Football (Canadian Football)
Cannons (Billiards)
Canoe Polo (Canoe Polo)
Canoeing (Canoeing)
Canopy (Parachuting)
Canopy (Paragliding)
Canter (Dressage)
Canting (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Canting (Ski Jumping)
Canting (Skiing)
Cap (Soccer)
Capacity (Drag Racing)
Capacity (Motorcycling - Trials)
Capacity (Speedway)
Capewell release (Parachuting)
Capriole (Dressage)
Caps (Sports Locker)
Caps (Water Polo)
Captain (Cricket)
Captain (Soccer)
Car lines (Ballooning)
Carbo-loading (Mountain Biking)
Carbon (Mountain Biking)
Carbon fiber rods (Fishing)
Carbureatar (Engines and Technology)
Card (Rowing)
Carriage (Figure Skating)
Carriage Driving (Carriage Driving)
Carriages (Carriage Driving)
Carrying (Hurling)
Cartography (Orienteering)
Cartridge (Guns and Ammunition)
Cartridges (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Cartwheel (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Cartwheel (Women's Gymnastics)
Carve (Snowboarding)
Carved turn (Skiing)
Carving (Skateboarding)
Carving (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Cast (Archery)
Cast (Trampolining)
Cast (Women's Gymnastics)
Cast a plate (Horse Racing)
Casters (Fishing)
Casual water (Golf)
Cat gut (Tennis)
Cat leap (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Cat leap (Women's Gymnastics)
Cat rig (Yachting)
Cat twist (Trampolining)
Catamaran (Skateboarding)
Catamaran (Yachting)
Catch (Baseball)
Catch (Cricket)
Catch (Softball)
Catch a wave (Surfing)
Catch point (Swimming)
Catch up (Swimming)
Catch-as-catch-can (Wrestling)
Catch-as-catch-can style (Highland Games)
Catcher's box (Baseball)
Catcher's interference (Baseball)
Categories (Kabaddi)
Categories (Weightlifting)
Category (Cycling)
Caught and bowled (Cricket)
Caution (Boxing)
Caution (Shinty)
Caution (Soccer)
Caution (Tug-of-War)
Caution period (IndyCars)
Cautions (Wrestling)
Cavalletti (Eventing)
CCI (Eventing)
CCIO (Eventing)
CCN (Eventing)
Ceding parry (Fencing)
Ceding parry (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Ceiling (Ballooning)
Ceiling serve (Court Handball)
Ceiling shot (Court Handball)
Center (American Football)
Center (Ice Hockey)
Center bounce (Australian Rules Football)
Center circle (Australian Rules Football)
Center circle (Netball)
Center circle (Soccer)
Center court (Netball)
Center edge (In-line skating)
Center face off circle (Ice Hockey)
Center line (Korfball)
Center line (Table Tennis)
Center of effort (Windsurfing)
Center of gravity (Ballooning)
Center of gravity (In-line skating)
Center of lateral resistance (Windsurfing)
Center pass (Field Hockey)
Center pass (Netball)
Center pocket (Billiards)
Center spot (Billiards)
Center spot (Rugby League)
Center spot (Shinty)
Center spot (Soccer)
Center square (Australian Rules Football)
Center-board (Yachting)
Center-half (Soccer)
Centering (Figure Skating)
Centerline (Tennis)
Centerpin reel (Fishing)
Centers (Basketball)
Central line of barrel (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Century (Cricket)
Century (Snooker)
Cesta (Jai alai)
Cesta (Sticks and Balls)
Cha jireugi (Tae Kwon Do)
Chagi (Aikido)
Chagi (Tae Kwon Do)
Chain crew (American Football)
Chain gang (Cycling)
Chain set (Cycling)
Chair lift (Skiing)
Chalk (Billiards)
Chalk (Mountaineering)
Chalk (Safety Measures)
Chalk (Skittles)
Chalk (Snooker)
Chalk (Tennis)
Chalk (Women's Gymnastics)
Chalk jockey (Horse Racing)
Chance disturbance (Boules)
Change beat (Fencing)
Change in track (Speed Skating)
Change of court (Volleyball)
Change of ends (Polo)
Change of hand (Horse Racing)
Change of lead (Horse Racing)
Change of line (Fencing)
Change of service (Table Tennis)
Change-foot spin (Figure Skating)
Changement (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Changeover (Track Events - Relay Events)
Changeover zone (Track Events - Relay Events)
Changing ends (Badminton)
Changing ends (Tennis)
Chankonabe (Sumo Wrestling)
Channels (gutters) (Bowling)
Chanting (Kabaddi)
Character (Roller skating)
Charging (Speed Skating)
Charging down (Rugby League)
Charging foul (Basketball)
Charity stripe (Basketball)
Charleston ski dance (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Charyot seogi (Tae Kwon Do)
Chase (Real Tennis)
Chasse (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Chasse (Roller skating)
Chassis (Engines and Technology)
Chattering (Ski Jumping)
Chattering (Skiing)
Chaya (Sumo Wrestling)
Check (Curling)
Check (Figure Skating)
Check (Fishing)
Check (Ice Hockey)
Check or cue mark (Track Events - Relay Events)
Check or cue mark (Track Events - Steeplechase)
Checkered flag (Formula One)
Checkered flag (IndyCars)
Checkered flag (Karting)
Checkered flag (Motocross)
Checkered flag (Motorcycling)
Checkered flag (NASCAR)
Checkered flag (Powerboat Racing)
Checkered flag (Stock Car Racing)
Checking (Australian Rules Football)
Checking (Trampolining)
Checkpoints (Cross Country Running - Mountain/Fell Running)
Cheese (Skittles)
Cheese (Sticks and Balls)
Cheese roll (Windsurfing)
Chef d'equipe (Eventing)
Chest pass (Basketball)
Chest pass (Netball)
Chicane (Formula One)
Chicane (IndyCars)
Chicane (Karting)
Chicane (Motocross)
Chicanes (Motorcycling)
Chicken salad (Snowboarding)
Chief (Kendo)
Chief range officer (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Chigi (Tae Kwon Do)
Chill factor (Skiing)
Chimney (Mountaineering)
Chin music (Baseball)
Chine rails (Surfing)
Chip (Golf)
Chip (Soccer)
Chireugi (Tae Kwon Do)
Chockstone (Mountaineering)
Choctaw (Roller skating)
Chojum (Tae Kwon Do)
choke (American Football)
Chon-mage (Sumo Wrestling)
Chookyo marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Choongdan (Tae Kwon Do)
Chop (Table Tennis)
Chop (Tennis)
Chop (Weather Forecast)
Chopped ball (Softball)
Chopper grip (Tennis)
Choppers (Table Tennis)
Chopping (Track Events - Hurdles Events)
Chord (Gliding)
Chord (Hang gliding)
Chord line (Hang gliding)
Choreography (Sports Acrobatics)
Christi turn (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Christie (Skateboarding)
Christmas tree (Drag Racing)
Chu-gaeri (Judo)
Chu-kit-kit (Kabaddi)
Chub (Fishing)
Chuck (American Football)
Chudan (Aikido)
Chudan (Kendo)
Chudan no kamae (Kendo)
Chudan uke (Aikido)
Chui (Aikido)
Chui (Jiu Jitsu)
Chui (Judo)
Chui (Kendo)
Chukka (Polo)
Chusoki (Aikido)
Chute (Canoeing)
Chutes (Snowboarding)
Cinder/shale surface (Speedway)
CIP (Parachuting)
Circle (Field Events - Discus)
Circle (Field Events - Hammer)
Circle (Field Events - Shot Put)
Circle eights (Roller skating)
Circle Kaaddi (Kabaddi)
Circles (Roller Hockey)
Circuit races (Cycling)
Circular block (Aikido)
Circular or counter parry (Fencing)
Circular or counter parry (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Circular windup (Polo)
Cirgue (Mountaineering)
Cirrus (Weather Forecast)
Citadin (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Claiming race (Horse Racing)
Claiming races (Harness Racing)
Class (Fencing)
Classes (Drag Racing)
Classes (Karting)
Classes (Rallycross)
Classics (Cycling)
Classics (Horse Racing)
Classification (Powerboat Racing)
Claw grip (Bowls)
Clay Pigeon Shooting (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Clean (Figure Skating)
Clean (Motorcycling - Trials)
Clear (Badminton)
Clear round (Show Jumping)
Clearing (Netball)
Clearing the table (Snooker)
Clearing trial (Greyhound Racing)
Cleat (Sports Footwear)
Cleat (Windsurfing)
Cleat (Yachting)
Clerk of the course (Horse Racing)
Clerk of the scales (Horse Racing)
Clerks of the course (Cross Country Running)
Clew (Windsurfing)
Clew (Yachting)
Cliff drops (Snowboarding)
Climb (Mountaineering)
Climb rate (Gliding)
Climbers (Skiing)
Clinch (Boxing)
Clip in weight (Hang gliding)
Clipless pedals (Mountain Biking)
Clipping (American Football)
Clipping (Ice Hockey)
Close hauled (Yachting)
Close passing (Cycling)
Close quarters (Fencing)
Close-faced reel (Fishing)
Close-out (Surfing)
Closed events (Karting)
Closed gate (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Closed position (Figure Skating)
Closing down (Field Hockey)
Closing the line (Fencing)
Clothing (Fishing)
Clothing (Men's Gymnastics)
Clothing (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Clothing (Track Events - Marathon)
Clothing (Triathlon/Ironman - Cycling)
Clothing (Triathlon/Ironman - Running)
Clothing (Triathlon/Ironman - Swimming)
Clothing (Women's Gymnastics)
Clout shooting (Archery)
Club (Sticks and Balls)
Clubs (Golf)
Clubs (Pigeon Racing)
Clubs (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Co-favorite (Betting)
Coach (American Football)
Coach's box (Baseball)
Coaming (Canoeing)
Coarse fish (Fishing)
Cob (Carriage Driving)
Cock feather (Archery)
Cockpit (Canoeing)
Cockpit (Formula One)
Cockpit (NASCAR)
Cocks (Pigeon Racing)
Code of points (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Cody (Trampolining)
Coffin (Skateboarding)
Coin flip (American Football)
Col (Mountaineering)
Coliseum (Stadium Architecture)
Collar (Weightlifting)
Collect (Orienteering)
Collected canter (Dressage)
Collected trot (Dressage)
Collected walk (Dressage)
Collecting feature (Orienteering)
Collecting ring (Show Jumping)
Collection (Dressage)
Color (Greyhound Racing)
Colors (Snooker)
Colt (Carriage Driving)
Colt (Horse Racing)
Column (Stadium Architecture)
Combi skis (Skiing)
Combination attack (Volleyball)
Combination gates (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Combination jumps (Show Jumping)
Combination paddle (Table Tennis)
Combined event (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Combined routines (Sports Acrobatics)
Combined run (Sports Acrobatics)
Combined training (Eventing)
Comma (Skiing)
Committee (Skiing)
Committee boat (Yachting)
Common carp (Fishing)
Compact tuck position (Synchronized Swimming)
Compensation (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Competition (Wrestling)
Competition timing (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Competitions (Jiu Jitsu)
Competitions (Luge)
Competitors (Biathlon)
Competitors (Luge)
Competitors (Sled Dog Racing)
Competitors (Weightlifting)
Complete game (Baseball)
Complete swing (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Completion (American Football)
Complicated fracture (Sports Injuries)
Composite bow (Archery)
Compound attack (Fencing)
Compound attack (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Compound bow (Archery)
Compound fracture (Sports Injuries)
Compound riposte (Fencing)
Compound riposte (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Compound skis (Skiing)
Compressed air (Scuba Diving)
Compression (Skiing)
Compulsory dance (Figure Skating)
Compulsory exercise (Women's Gymnastics)
Compulsory exercises (Sports Acrobatics)
Compulsory figures (Figure Skating)
Compulsory program (Roller skating)
Compulsory routine (Trampolining)
Concave (Surfing)
Concentric circles (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Concrete (Stadium Architecture)
Concussion (Sports Injuries)
Conditioned races (Harness Racing)
Cone event (Carriage Driving)
Coned (Skateboarding)
Cones (Carriage Driving)
Conformation (Horse Racing)
Connecting move (Women's Gymnastics)
Connector links (Parachuting)
Constructors' Championship (Formula One)
Contact (Dressage)
Contact (Horse Racing)
Contact (Orienteering)
Contact point (Snowboarding)
Contestants (Wrestling)
Continuation stroke (Croquet)
Continuous axis (Roller skating)
Continuous play (Pool)
Contretemps (Fencing)
Control (Orienteering)
Control card (Orienteering)
Control code (Orienteering)
Control descriptions (Orienteering)
Control flow (Orienteering)
Control lines (Paragliding)
Control points (Cycling)
Control stations (Bobsled)
Control stations (Safety Measures)
Control zone (Roller Hockey)
Controller (Table Tennis)
Converging (Gliding)
Conversion (Rugby League)
Conversion (Rugby Union)
Convert (Canadian Football)
Convert (Paragliding)
Conveyer (Pigeon Racing)
Copybook landing (Ballooning)
Coquille (Fencing)
Corkscrew (Trampolining)
Corn snow (Ski Jumping)
Corn snow (Skiing)
Corner (Croquet)
Corner (Soccer)
Corner (Water Polo)
Corner area (Croquet)
Corner flag (Soccer)
Corner hit (Field Hockey)
Corner hit (Shinty)
Corner judge (Jiu Jitsu)
Corner post (Rugby League)
Corner spot (Croquet)
Corner stroke (Bandy)
Corner throw (Canoe Polo)
Cornerback (American Football)
Cornering (Bobsled)
Cornice (Mountaineering)
Cornice (Skiing)
Cornice (Weather Forecast)
Corps a corps (Fencing)
Corpse (Trampolining)
Correct hold (Wrestling)
Corresponding edges (In-line skating)
Corridor (Orienteering)
Costume (Highland Games)
Coule (Fencing)
Couloir (Mountaineering)
Couloir (Skiing)
Count (Bowls)
Count (Boxing)
Counter (Boxing)
Counter (Curling)
Counter (Roller skating)
Counter move (Wrestling)
Counter riposte (Fencing)
Counter riposte (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Counter rotation (Skiing)
Counter time (Fencing)
Counter-canter (Dressage)
Counterattack (Fencing)
Counterhit (Table Tennis)
Counting (Fishing)
Country code (Fishing)
Coup d'Orleans (Real Tennis)
Coup de cabasse (Real Tennis)
Coup de chandelle (Real Tennis)
Coup de temps (Real Tennis)
Coup double (Fencing)
Coupe (Fencing)
Coupe d'arret (Fencing)
Coupled entry (Harness Racing)
Coupled entry (Horse Racing)
Courbette (Dressage)
Course (Ballooning)
Course (Biathlon)
Course (Bobsled)
Course (Dragon Boat Racing)
Course (Golf)
Course (Luge)
Course (Motorcycling - Trials)
Course (Orienteering)
Course (Show Jumping)
Course (Triathlon/Ironman - Running)
Course des primes (Cycling)
Course of fire (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Course of fire (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Course of fire (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Courses (Triathlon/Ironman - General Terms)
Court (Badminton)
Court (Basketball)
Court (Court Handball)
Court (Fives)
Court (Jai alai)
Court (Kabaddi)
Court (Korfball)
Court (Netball)
Court (Rackets)
Court (Real Tennis)
Court (Squash)
Court (Team Handball)
Court (Tennis)
Court (Volleyball)
Court Handball (Court Handball)
Court hinder (Court Handball)
Court linkage (Netball)
Court measurements (Paddleball)
Covered (Fencing)
Covered court (Tennis)
Covering (Ice Hockey)
Covering the smash (Volleyball)
Cowboy (Cycling)
Cox (Rowing)
Crab (Women's Gymnastics)
Crack (Mountaineering)
Cracking (Scuba Diving)
Cradle (Trampolining)
Cradle (Wrestling)
Cradle grip (Bowls)
Crag (Mountaineering)
Cramped odds (Real Tennis)
Crampit (Curling)
Crampon (Mountaineering)
Crampon (Safety Measures)
Crampons (Sports Footwear)
Crash and burn (Figure Skating)
Crash dive (Trampolining)
Cravat (Paragliding)
Crease (Cricket)
Crease (Ice Hockey)
Crease (Roller Hockey)
Crescent kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Crest (Surfing)
Cresting (Archery)
Crevasse (Mountaineering)
Crevice (Skiing)
Crew (Ballooning)
Crew (Dragon Boat Racing)
Crew chief (Ballooning)
Crew list (Dragon Boat Racing)
Cricket (Cricket)
Cricket (Darts)
Cringle (Windsurfing)
Criss cross attack (Ice Hockey)
Criterium (Cycling)
Critical point (Ski Jumping)
Critical scoring area (Lacrosse)
Croise (Fencing)
Croquet (Croquet)
Croquet stroke (Croquet)
Croqueted ball (Croquet)
Cross Country Running (Cross Country Running)
Cross court (Tennis)
Cross over (Roller skating)
Cross-bracing (Paragliding)
Cross-buttock (Wrestling)
Cross-checking (Ice Hockey)
Cross-country (Mountain Biking)
Cross-country turn (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Cross-face (Wrestling)
Cross-over kick (Swimming)
Cross-port vents (Paragliding)
Crossbar (Bandy)
Crossbar (Gaelic Football)
Crossbar (Hurling)
Crossbar (Rugby League)
Crossbar (Shinty)
Crossbar (Soccer)
Crossbar (Speedball)
Crossbow (Match Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Crossbow Archery (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Crossbow field captain (Field Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Crosse-checking (Lacrosse)
Crossed chasse (Roller skating)
Crossing (Polo)
Crossing line (Speed Skating)
Crossover (Ice Hockey)
Crossover (In-line skating)
Crossover dribble (Basketball)
Crossover kick (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Crossover turns (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Crossovers (Figure Skating)
Crosstubes (Hang gliding)
Crotch ball (Court Handball)
Crouch dive (Diving)
Crouch stance (Bowls)
Crow hop (Softball)
Crown (Ballooning)
Crown line (Ballooning)
Crud (Ski Jumping)
Crud (Skiing)
Cruiserweight (Boxing)
Crush (Croquet)
Crust (Skiing)
Crust (Weather Forecast)
CSI (Drag Racing)
CSI (Formula One)
CSI (Karting)
CSI (Rallycross)
CSI (Stock Car Racing)
Cue (Billiards)
Cue (Snooker)
Cue (Sticks and Balls)
Cue ball (Billiards)
Cue ball (Snooker)
Cue ball within the string (Pool)
Cues (Netball)
Cumberland and Westmoreland wrestling (Highland Games)
Cumulus (Paragliding)
Cumulus (Weather Forecast)
Curbie (Skateboarding)
Curbs (Motorcycling)
Curbs (NASCAR)
Curbs (Rallycross)
Curl (Surfing)
Curling (Curling)
Curling ball (Soccer)
Curve (Roller skating)
Curve eight (Roller skating)
Curveball (Baseball)
Cushion (Billiards)
Cushion (Skateboarding)
Cushion (Snooker)
Cut (Cricket)
Cut (Polo)
Cut (Tennis)
Cut (Water Skiing)
Cut-off (Baseball)
Cutback (American Football)
Cutback (Windsurfing)
Cutline (Squash)
Cutter (Cricket)
Cutter rig (Yachting)
Cutthroat (Court Handball)
Cutting (Korfball)
Cycles (Cycling)
Cycleway (Cycling)
Cycling (Cycling)
Cyclo-cross (Cycling)
Cyclops (Tennis)
Cylinder (Scuba Diving)
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