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B badge (Gliding)
B-line stall (Paragliding)
Baaaaaallll (Australian Rules Football)
Back (Archery)
Back (Polo)
Back (Rugby League)
Back (Yachting)
Back bowl (Bowls)
Back check (Ice Hockey)
Back checking (Ice Hockey)
Back crawl (Synchronized Swimming)
Back dive (Diving)
Back drop (Trampolining)
Back fall in (Diving)
Back flip (Men's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)
Back flip (Women's Gymnastics)
Back flop (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Back full (Trampolining)
Back judge (American Football)
Back judge (Canadian Football)
Back jump straight (Diving)
Back jump tucked (Diving)
Back kick (Thai Kickboxing)
Back layout (Synchronized Swimming)
Back loop (Parachuting)
Back nine (Golf)
Back pass (Field Hockey)
Back position (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Back protector (Motorcycling)
Back pull over (Trampolining)
Back row (Volleyball)
Back scratcher (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Back somersault tucked (Diving)
Back stick (Field Hockey)
Back up (Hang gliding)
Back uprise (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Back wall shot (Court Handball)
Back walls (Real Tennis)
Back-handed shot (Roller Hockey)
Back-line (Netball)
Back-line throw-in (Netball)
Back-paddle (Swimming)
Back-paddling (Canoeing)
Back-pike position (Synchronized Swimming)
Backboard (Basketball)
Backcourt (Tennis)
Backcourt violation (Basketball)
Backers (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Backfield (American Football)
Backfield motion (Canadian Football)
Backhand (Tennis)
Backhand drive (Table Tennis)
Backhand push (Table Tennis)
Backhand shot (Ice Hockey)
Backhand strokes (Badminton)
Backhand turn (Surfing)
Backhander (Polo)
Backheel (Soccer)
Backing (Weather Forecast)
Backing (Yachting)
Backing line (Fishing)
Backlift (Cricket)
Backmarker (Formula One)
Backmarker (IndyCars)
Backmarker (NASCAR)
Backmarker (Stock Car Racing)
Backmen (Australian Rules Football)
Backside (Surfing)
Backsiding (Skateboarding)
Backsight (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Backsight (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Backspin (Table Tennis)
Backstay (Yachting)
Backstops (Rowing)
Backstroke (Swimming)
Backward area (Rounders)
Backward defensive (Cricket)
Backward dive straight (Diving)
Backward hit (Rounders)
Backward pumping (Figure Skating)
Backward roll (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Backward roll (Women's Gymnastics)
Backward snowplow (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Backward swing (Men's Gymnastics - Rings)
Backward walkover (Women's Gymnastics)
Backwash (Surfing)
Bad gate (Water Skiing)
Bad light (Cricket)
Badminton (Badminton)
Bag (Boxing)
Baggot (Fishing)
Baguette (Boules)
Baikal (Tae Kwon Do)
Bails (Cricket)
Bait (Fishing)
Bakuro marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Bal deung (Tae Kwon Do)
Bal twikumchi (Tae Kwon Do)
Balance (Dressage)
Balance (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Balance beam (Women's Gymnastics)
Balance routines (Sports Acrobatics)
Balanced lug (Yachting)
Balbadak (Tae Kwon Do)
Balestra (Fencing)
Balestra (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Balk (Baseball)
Balk (Water Skiing)
Ball (American Football)
Ball (Australian Rules Football)
Ball (Bandy)
Ball (Baseball)
Ball (Basketball)
Ball (Bowling)
Ball (Canadian Football)
Ball (Canoe Polo)
Ball (Court Handball)
Ball (Cricket)
Ball (Field Hockey)
Ball (Fives)
Ball (Gaelic Football)
Ball (Golf)
Ball (Hurling)
Ball (Korfball)
Ball (Lacrosse)
Ball (Netball)
Ball (Paddleball)
Ball (Real Tennis)
Ball (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Ball (Rounders)
Ball (Rugby League)
Ball (Rugby Union)
Ball (Shinty)
Ball (Skittles)
Ball (Soccer)
Ball (Softball)
Ball (Speedball)
Ball (Squash)
Ball (Table Tennis)
Ball (Tennis)
Ball (Volleyball)
Ball (Water Polo)
Ball back (Rugby League)
Ball baskets (Bandy)
Ball bouncing from pocket (Pool)
Ball boy/girl (Tennis)
Ball control (American Football)
Ball falling without being hit (Pool)
Ball frozen to a cushion (Pool)
Ball hockey (Roller Hockey)
Ball of foot (Thai Kickboxing)
Ball off the table (Pool)
Ball or player touching the referee (Rugby Union)
Ball out (Trampolining)
Ball up (Australian Rules Football)
Ball-in-court (Tennis)
Ball-in-play (Tennis)
Ballast (Yachting)
Ballet (Men's Gymnastics)
Ballet skiing (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Ballistic (Swimming)
Ballmarker (Golf)
Ballooning (Ballooning)
Balloons (Ballooning)
Balls (Billiards)
Balls (Pool)
Balls (Snooker)
Balls touching (Billiards)
Bam Joomeok (Tae Kwon Do)
Banana kick (Soccer)
Bananas (Water Skiing)
Bandae dollyo chargi (Tae Kwon Do)
Bandages (Weightlifting)
Bandal chargi (Tae Kwon Do)
Bandal son (Tae Kwon Do)
Bandeau (Real Tennis)
Banding (Netball)
Bandy (Bandy)
Bank (Motocross)
Bank (Motorcycling)
Bank (Show Jumping)
Bank shot (Basketball)
Bank shot (Pool)
Banking (IndyCars)
Banking (Skiing)
Banking (Water Skiing)
Banks (Bowls)
Bantamweight (Boxing)
Banzuki (Sumo Wrestling)
Bar (Field Events - High Jump)
Bar (Yachting)
Barani in (Trampolining)
Barani out (Trampolining)
Barbell (Weightlifting)
Bare lie (Golf)
Bare-bow (Archery)
Barefoot (Water Skiing)
Bareme (Show Jumping)
Barge (NASCAR)
Barge (Rallycross)
Barging (Track Events - General Terms)
Baro jireugi (Tae Kwon Do)
Barrage (Fencing)
Barrage (Show Jumping)
Barranca (Golf)
Barrel (Darts)
Barrel (Guns and Ammunition)
Barrel jumping (Skateboarding)
Barrel roll (Parachuting)
Barrel roll (Trampolining)
Barrier (Figure Skating)
Bars (Harness Racing)
Bars (Men's Gymnastics - Parallel Bars)
Base (Baseball)
Base bar (Hang gliding)
Base coach (Baseball)
Base hit (Baseball)
Base hit (Softball)
Base line (Baseball)
Base line (Table Tennis)
Base mark (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Base on balls (Baseball)
Base path (Softball)
Base plate (Orienteering)
Base runner (Baseball)
Baseball (Baseball)
Baseball (Sticks and Balls)
Baseball pass (Basketball)
Baseline (Basketball)
Baseline (Tennis)
Baseline drive (Basketball)
Baseline player (Tennis)
Basho (Sumo Wrestling)
Basic strokes (Badminton)
Basket (Basketball)
Basket (Korfball)
Basket (Skiing)
Basketball (Basketball)
Bat (Baseball)
Bat (Cricket)
Bat shot (Water Polo)
Batang son (Tae Kwon Do)
Baton (Track Events - Relay Events)
Batsman (Cricket)
Battement (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Batten (Hang gliding)
Batten (Windsurfing)
Batten (Yachting)
Batten down (Yachting)
Batter (Softball)
Batter's box (Baseball)
Batter's circle (Baseball)
Batteries (Real Tennis)
Battery (Baseball)
Batting (Rounders)
Batting helmets (Baseball)
Batting order (Baseball)
Batting square (Rounders)
Baulk (Billiards)
Baulk (Croquet)
Baulk area (Snooker)
Baulk line (Billiards)
Baulk line (Kabaddi)
BCF (Mountain Biking)
BDA (Dragon Boat Racing)
Beach start (Windsurfing)
Beach volleyball (Volleyball)
Beachie (Water Skiing)
Beam (Stadium Architecture)
Beam (Women's Gymnastics)
Beam (Yachting)
Beam reach (Yachting)
Beamer (Cricket)
Bear away (Yachting)
Bear down on (Yachting)
Bearing (Horse Racing)
Bearing (In-line skating)
Bearing (Orienteering)
Bearing away (Windsurfing)
Beat (Fencing)
Beat (Yachting)
Beating (Windsurfing)
Beating the gun (Track Events - General Terms)
Bed (Trampolining)
Bedding (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Behaviorism (Sports Psychology)
Behind (Australian Rules Football)
Belay (Mountaineering)
Belay (Safety Measures)
Belay (Yachting)
Bell (Boxing)
Bell (Fencing)
Bell (Show Jumping)
Bell (Track Events - General Terms)
Belly (Archery)
Belly (Surfing)
Belly flop (Diving)
Below the belt (Boxing)
Belt (Aikido)
Belt (Judo)
Belt (Safety Measures)
Belt (Sports Locker)
Bench (American Football)
Bench (Australian Rules Football)
Bench (Baseball)
Bench (Basketball)
Bench penalty (Ice Hockey)
Bench press (Weightlifting)
Bend (Fishing)
Bend (Track Events - General Terms)
Bending (Netball)
Bending sails (Yachting)
Bending turning (Skiing)
Bends (Scuba Diving)
Bent arm (Swimming)
Bent-arm back crawl (Synchronized Swimming)
Bent-arm front crawl (Synchronized Swimming)
Bent-knee position (Synchronized Swimming)
Bergschrund (Mountaineering)
Berm (Mountain Biking)
Bermudan (Yachting)
Best boat. (Rowing)
Best glide speed (Hang gliding)
Best glide speed (Paragliding)
Best-arm attack (Fencing)
Better (Real Tennis)
Between-the-Iegs-dribble (Basketball)
Bezel (Scuba Diving)
BHB (Horse Racing)
Bias (Bowls)
Biathlon (Biathlon)
Biathlon (Swimming)
Bibs (Highland Games)
Bicycle (Triathlon/Ironman - Cycling)
Bicycles (Highland Games)
Bidon (Cycling)
Big air (Snowboarding)
Big ears (Paragliding)
Bike mark (Mountain Biking)
Bilateral (Swimming)
Bilge (Canoeing)
Bilge (Yachting)
Bilge keel (Yachting)
Billiards (Billiards)
Bind (Fencing)
Bind (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Binding (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Binding (Snowboarding)
Binding (Water Skiing)
Bindings (Skiing)
Bintsuke (Sumo Wrestling)
Bird nesting (Skiing)
Bird's nest (Fishing)
Birdie (Golf)
Birds (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Bisque (Croquet)
Bisque (Real Tennis)
Bit (Harness Racing)
Bit-and-bit (Cycling)
Bite (Golf)
Bites (Fishing)
Biting (Curling)
Black and white warning board (Karting)
Black flag (Formula One)
Black flag (Powerboat Racing)
Black flag (Rallycross)
Black flag (Stock Car Racing)
Black flag with white number (Karting)
Black flagged (Dragon Boat Racing)
Black run (Skiing)
Blackguard (Fives)
Blade (Canoeing)
Blade (Figure Skating)
Blade (Rowing)
Blank (Skateboarding)
Bledisloe Cup (Rugby Union)
Bleeper (Snowboarding)
Blind (Carriage Driving)
Blind obstacle (Horse Racing)
Blind pass (Ice Hockey)
Blind-side (Rugby League)
Blinders (Horse Racing)
Blindside (American Football)
Blitz (American Football)
Block (American Football)
Block (Boxing)
Block (Cycling)
Block (Table Tennis)
Block (Volleyball)
Block return (Badminton)
Block shot (Bowls)
Blocking (Aikido)
Blocking (Basketball)
Blocking (Lacrosse)
Blood wagon (Skiing)
Bloodworm (Fishing)
Blow up (Cycling)
Blow-up (Drag Racing)
Blow-up (Formula One)
Blow-up (Karting)
Blow-up (Rally Driving)
Blow-up (Rallycross)
Blow-up (Stock Car Racing)
Blower (Drag Racing)
Blower (Formula One)
Bluch (Trampolining)
Blue flag (Formula One)
Blue flag (Karting)
Blue flag (Rallycross)
Blue flag (Stock Car Racing)
Blue lines (Ice Hockey)
Blue Peter (Yachting)
Blue run (Skiing)
Blue thermal (Hang gliding)
Blue thermal (Paragliding)
Blue thermal (Weather Forecast)
Blue-tile fever (Skateboarding)
Board (Fives)
Board (Windsurfing)
Boarder-X (Snowboarding)
Boarding (Ice Hockey)
Boards (Ice Hockey)
Boards (Polo)
Boast (Real Tennis)
Boast (Squash)
Boat fishing (Fishing)
Boat race (Rowing)
Bob (Bobsled)
Bob fly (Fishing)
Bobbing and weaving (Boxing)
Bobble service (Real Tennis)
Bobsled (Bobsled)
Bodied waggler (Fishing)
Body armor (Mountain Biking)
Body checking (Lacrosse)
Body checking (Roller Hockey)
Body cranking (Skateboarding)
Body position (Synchronized Swimming)
Body press (Wrestling)
Body weight (Weightlifting)
Bogey (Golf)
Bogged down (Motocross)
Bogged down (Motorcycling)
Bogged down (NASCAR)
Bogged down (Rallycross)
Bokken (Aikido)
Bokken (Kendo)
Bolt rope (Yachting)
Bolts (Field Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Bolts (Match Crossbow Shooting) (Archery - Crossbow Archery)
Bolue tiree (Boules)
Bomb (American Football)
Bon (Fencing)
Bongo (Skateboarding)
Boning (Snowboarding)
Bonk (Cycling)
Bonk bag (Cycling)
Bonus points (Men's Gymnastics)
Bonus points (Women's Gymnastics)
Boom (Windsurfing)
Boom (Yachting)
Boomerang service (Real Tennis)
Boot (Figure Skating)
Bootleg (American Football)
Boots (Skiing)
Boots (Snowboarding)
Boots (Speed Skating)
Boots (Tug-of-War)
Boron rods (Fishing)
Borrowing (Tug-of-War)
Bosman ruling (Soccer)
Boss (Archery)
Bottleneck (Skiing)
Bottom board (Canoeing)
Bottom pocket (Billiards)
Bottom time (Scuba Diving)
Bottom turn (Windsurfing)
Bottoming (Mountaineering)
Boule (Boules)
Boule pointee (Boules)
Boule portee (Boules)
Boules (Boules)
Bounce pass (Basketball)
Bouncer (Cricket)
Bouncing (Australian Rules Football)
Bound (Rugby Union)
Boundary (Cricket)
Boundary jack (Bowls)
Boundary line (Australian Rules Football)
Boundary line (Cricket)
Boundary line (Croquet)
Boundary line (Korfball)
Boundary line (Women's Gymnastics)
Boundary umpire (Australian Rules Football)
Bourree (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Bout (Fencing)
Bout (Karate)
Bout (Wrestling)
Bow (Archery)
Bow (Canoeing)
Bow (Rowing)
Bow (Yachting)
Bow rudder (Canoeing)
Bow stroke (Canoeing)
Bow wave (Swimming)
Bowing (Judo)
Bowl (Bowls)
Bowled (Cricket)
Bowler (Cricket)
Bowling (Bowling)
Bowling crease (Cricket)
Bowling shoes (Sports Footwear)
Bowling square (Rounders)
Bowls (Bowls)
Bowman (Canoeing)
Bowsight (Archery)
Bowsprit (Yachting)
Box (Cycling)
Box (Safety Measures)
Box strategy (Roller Hockey)
Boxed in (Track Events - General Terms)
Boxing (Boxing)
Boxing gloves (Sports Locker)
Boxing out (Basketball)
Brace (Archery)
Brace (Canoeing)
Brace (Polo)
Brace (Stadium Architecture)
Bracer (Archery)
Bracing the boat (Dragon Boat Racing)
Bracket (Roller skating)
Brake (In-line skating)
Brake balance (NASCAR)
Brakeman (Bobsled)
Brakes (Karting)
Brakes (Paragliding)
Braking straight (Bobsled)
Bramble bashers (Orienteering)
BRDC (Formula One)
Bread (Fishing)
Bread crust (Fishing)
Bread paste (Fishing)
Break (Billiards)
Break (Boxing)
Break (Croquet)
Break (Cycling)
Break (Pool)
Break (Snooker)
Break (Trampolining)
Break point (Tennis)
Break-out (Diving)
Breakaway (Ice Hockey)
Breakdown (Wrestling)
Breakfall (Aikido)
Breakfall (Judo)
Breaking ground (Fencing)
Breakout (Canoeing)
Breakout (Ice Hockey)
Breakout pass (Ice Hockey)
Breast harness (Harness Racing)
Breaststroke (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Breaststroke (Swimming)
Breaststroke (Synchronized Swimming)
Breath hold dive (Scuba Diving)
Breeding (Pigeon Racing)
Bridge (Snooker)
Bridge (Wrestling)
Bridge position (Women's Gymnastics)
Bridging (Mountaineering)
Bridle line (Parachuting)
Briefing (Aerobatics)
Bring up (Yachting)
British Open (Golf)
Broadsiding (Speedway)
Broken hammer (Field Events - Hammer)
Broken swim (Swimming)
Broken time (Fencing)
Bronze badge (Gliding)
Brood mare (Horse Racing)
Broom (Curling)
Brown trout (Fishing)
Brownlow Medal (Australian Rules Football)
Bruises (Sports Injuries)
Brush (Badminton)
Brush and rails (Show Jumping)
Brushbrow (Sled Dog Racing)
Brutality (Water Polo)
Brutality (Wrestling)
BTD (Rally Driving)
Bubble (Skiing)
Bubble float (Fishing)
Bucket (Basketball)
Buddy (Scuba Diving)
Budo (Kendo)
Building the wall (Paragliding)
Bujutsu (Kendo)
Bujutsu ryu (Jiu Jitsu)
Bull (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Bull's-eye (Darts)
Bullet (Ballooning)
Bullfighter turn (Skiing)
Bully (Field Hockey)
Bully (Rackets)
Bump (Australian Rules Football)
Bump-and-run (American Football)
Bumpers (Horse Racing)
Bumps (Rowing)
Bumps (Snowboarding)
Bunch (Cycling)
Bungee launch (Gliding)
Bungees (Parachuting)
Bunker (Golf)
Bunny hop (Mountain Biking)
Bunny hop (Skateboarding)
Bunts (Baseball)
Buoy (Powerboat Racing)
Buoyancy (Canoeing)
Buoyancy (Swimming)
Buoyancy compensator (Scuba Diving)
Buoyancy trim (Scuba Diving)
Buoyant ascent (Scuba Diving)
Buoys (Dragon Boat Racing)
Buoys (Triathlon/Ironman - Swimming)
Burgee (Yachting)
Buried boule (Boules)
Buried jack (Boules)
Burn (Ballooning)
Burner (Ballooning)
Burnt (Curling)
Butsukari-geiko (Sumo Wrestling)
Butt (Boxing)
Butt (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Butterfly (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Butterfly (Roller Hockey)
Butterfly (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Butterfly (Swimming)
Button (Boxing)
Button (Rowing)
Button (Skiing)
Butts (Archery)
Buzzer (Bobsled)
Bye (Cricket)
Bye (Figure Skating)
Byline (Shinty)
Byline (Soccer)
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