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A cheval (Mountaineering)
A droite (Fencing)
A droite (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
A gauche (Fencing)
A gauche (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
A la coquille (Fencing)
A-clamp (Scuba Diving)
A-flag (Scuba Diving)
A-frame (Engines and Technology)
A-frame (Hang gliding)
A-Frame (In-line skating)
A/S (Drag Racing)
A/SA (Drag Racing)
Aback (Yachting)
Abaft (Yachting)
Abeam (Yachting)
Abfahrt (Skiing)
Abonnement (Skiing)
Abseiling (Mountaineering)
Absence of blade (Fencing)
Absence of blade (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Absolute altitude (Gliding)
Abuse (Highland Games)
Acceleration zone (Track Events - Relay Events)
Acceptances (Horse Racing)
Accidental offside (Rugby Union)
Accountant (Figure Skating)
Accumulator (Betting)
Accuracy (Paragliding)
Ace (Court Handball)
Ace (Tennis)
Achilles tendon (Sports Injuries)
Acrobatic element (Men's Gymnastics)
Acrobatics (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Across the head (Bowls)
Action (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Action (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Action (Swimming)
Action (Track Events - Walking Events)
Action (rod) (Fishing)
Adage (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Added money (Horse Racing)
Address (Golf)
Adiabatic (Hang gliding)
Adiabatic (Weather Forecast)
Admiral's Cup (Yachting)
Adolph (Trampolining)
Advancing (Fencing)
Advancing (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Advantage (Boules)
Advantage (Rugby League)
Advantage (Rugby Union)
Advantage (Soccer)
Advantage (Tennis)
Advantage (Water Polo)
Advertisement (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Advertissement (Fencing)
Aerial (Field Hockey)
Aerial (Women's Gymnastics)
Aerial ball (Speedball)
Aerial pass (Field Hockey)
Aerials (Skiing - Freestyle Skiing)
Aero-tow (Gliding)
Aerobatics (Aerobatics)
Aerobic (Swimming)
Aerodynamics (Hang gliding)
Aerodynamics (Paragliding)
Aerofoils (Engines and Technology)
Aeroplane (Trampolining)
AFC (American Football)
AFNOR (The Association Franchise de Normilization) (Paragliding)
Aft (Canoeing)
AFTM (American Fishing Tackle Manufactor) scale (Fishing)
Age (Carriage Driving)
Age (Greyhound Racing)
Age (Harness Racing)
Age (Horse Racing)
Age classes (Speed Skating)
Aggression (Sports Psychology)
AGL (Hang gliding)
AGL (Paragliding)
Aids (Dressage)
Aids (Fencing)
Aids (Horse Racing)
Aids (Swimming)
Aiki (Judo)
Aikido (Aikido)
Aikido (Judo)
Ailerons (Gliding)
Aim (Skiing)
Aiming off (Modern Pentathlon - Shooting)
Aiming off (Orienteering)
Aiming off (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Aiming point (Bowls)
Aiming point (Croquet)
Air (Snowboarding)
Air ball (Basketball)
Air brakes (Gliding)
Air pistol (Guns and Ammunition)
Air rifle (Guns and Ammunition)
Air rifle (Shooting - Rifle Shooting)
Airborne throw (Netball)
Airfoil (Drag Racing)
Airfoil (Hang gliding)
Airfoil position (Ski Jumping)
Airspeed (Hang gliding)
Airspeed (Paragliding)
Aite (Judo)
Aiuchi (Aikido)
Aiuchi (Kendo)
Ajemis (Jiu Jitsu)
AKFI (Kabaddi)
AlBA (Boxing)
Albatross (Golf)
Alevin (Fishing)
Alignment (Rowing)
All (Tennis)
All England Lawn Tennis Club (Tennis)
All-around (Windsurfing)
All-rounder (Cricket)
All-up weight (Paragliding)
Allais chicane (Skiing - Alpine Skiing)
Allegretto (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Allegro (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Allen key (In-line skating)
Alley (Skittles)
Alley-oop pass (Basketball)
Alley/lane (Bowling)
Allez (Fencing)
Alpine launch (Paragliding)
Altered bat (Softball)
Alternate captain (Ice Hockey)
Alternate stokes (Swimming)
Alternate strokes (Modern Pentathlon - Swimming)
Alternative method (Track Events - Relay Events)
Altimeter (Hang gliding)
Altimeter (Paragliding)
Altitude (Hang gliding)
Aluminium (Field Hockey)
Aluminium (Mountain Biking)
Alveoli (Scuba Diving)
Amalgamations (Pigeon Racing)
Amar (Kabaddi)
Amateur (The Olympic Games)
America's Cup (Yachting)
American Bowl (American Football)
American Football (American Football)
Amidships (Canoeing)
Ammunition (Biathlon)
Ammunition (Shooting - Free Pistol Shooting)
Ammunition (Shooting - Rapid Fire Pistol Shooting)
Ammunition (Olympic Trench Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Ammunition (Skeet Shooting) (Shooting - Clay Pigeon Shooting)
Amplitude (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
AMSL (Hang gliding)
AMSL (Paragliding)
AMT (Sports Psychology)
An marki (Tae Kwon Do)
An palja sogi (Tae Kwon Do)
Anaerobic (Swimming)
Anchor cannon (Billiards)
Anchor leg (Track Events - Relay Events)
Anchor man (Soccer)
Anchor man's grip (Tug-of-War)
Andante (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Angle of attack (Gliding)
Angle of attack (Hang gliding)
Angle of incidence (Hang gliding)
Angle off (Surfing)
Angled (Snooker)
Angler (Fishing)
Angulation (Skiing)
Angulation (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Ankle and leg drive (Wrestling)
Ankle strap (Surfing)
Annule (Fencing)
Annun sogi (Tae Kwon Do)
Anoxia (Scuba Diving)
Ante-post (Betting)
Anthem (The Olympic Games)
Anti-loop (Table Tennis)
Anti-reverse lever (Fishing)
Anti-roll bar (Engines and Technology)
Anticipation (Skiing)
Antifriction pad (Skiing)
Antiroll bar (Drag Racing)
Antis (Kabaddi)
Anuro marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Ao (Judo)
Ao-muku-kami-shiho-gatame (Judo)
Ao-muku-yoko-shiho-gatame (Judo)
AOD (Parachuting)
Ap chagi (Tae Kwon Do)
Ap koobi (Tae Kwon Do)
Ap sogi (Tae Kwon Do)
Apcha busigi (Tae Kwon Do)
Apchook (Tae Kwon Do)
Apex (Parachuting)
Apparatus (Men's Gymnastics)
Apparatus (Men's Gymnastics - Vault)
Apparatus (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Apparent wind (Yachting)
Appeal (Baseball)
Appeal (Cricket)
Appeal (Rackets)
Appeal (Squash)
Appeal play (Softball)
Appel (Fencing)
Apprentice (Horse Racing)
Approach (Bowling)
Approach (Field Events - High Jump)
Approach (Field Events - Pole Vault)
Approach (Men's Gymnastics - Vault)
Approach run (Sports Acrobatics)
Approach shot (Polo)
Apres la parade (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Apron (Golf)
Aquaplaning (Formula One)
Aquaplaning (Stock Car Racing)
Aquatic (Swimming)
Arabesque (Figure Skating)
Arabesque (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Arabesque (Roller skating)
Arabesque (Women's Gymnastics)
Arae (Tae Kwon Do)
Arae marki (Tae Kwon Do)
Arbitration jury (Trampolining)
Arbitrator (Karate)
Arc (Bowls)
Arc (Field Events - Javelin)
Arch (Stadium Architecture)
Archery (Archery)
Area (Aikido)
Area (Kendo)
Arena (Dressage)
Arena (Show Jumping)
Arena (Track Events - Marathon)
Arena (Tug-of-War)
Arena polo (Polo)
Arm action (Synchronized Swimming)
Arm stand (Diving)
Arm-up start (Swimming)
Armco (Formula One)
Armco (IndyCars)
Armco barrier (Rallycross)
Arresting (Skiing - Nordic Skiing)
Arretez (Fencing)
Arretez (Modern Pentathlon - Fencing)
Arriere (Jai alai)
Arrow (Archery)
Arrow rest (Archery)
Arrow shelf (Archery)
Artery forceps (Fishing)
Artificial climbing (Mountaineering)
Artificial flies (Fishing)
Artificial horizon (Gliding)
Artificial obstacles (Cross Country Running)
Artificial skiing (Skiing)
Artistic impression (Figure Skating)
Ashi-guruma (Judo)
ASI (Hang gliding)
ASI (Paragliding)
Aspect ratio (Gliding)
Aspect ratio (Hang gliding)
Assemble (Rhythmic Gymnastics)
Assist (Baseball)
Assist (Basketball)
Assist (Ice Hockey)
Assist (Softball)
Assistance (Cross Country Running)
Assistance (Track Events - General Terms)
Assistant judges (Aikido)
Assistant judges (Kendo)
Assistant referee (Soccer)
Assisted ascent (Scuba Diving)
Assisted hit (Volleyball)
Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) (Tennis)
Astride sitting (Women's Gymnastics)
Astro (Field Hockey)
ATB (Mountain Biking)
Atchiki (Jai alai)
Atemi (Jiu Jitsu)
Atemiwaza (Judo)
Athletic stance (Bowls)
Atmosphere (Weather Forecast)
Atmospheric pressure (Scuba Diving)
ATP Tour (Tennis)
ATP Tour World Championship (Tennis)
Attack (Fencing)
Attack hit (Volleyball)
Attack lines (Volleyball)
Attack point (Orienteering)
Attack point (Parachuting)
Attacker (Bandy)
Attacker (Gaelic Football)
Attacker (Korfball)
Attacker (Shinty)
Attacking bowl (Bowls)
Attacking team (Netball)
Attacking team (Rugby League)
Attaque (Fencing)
Attention stance (Aikido)
Attention stance (Thai Kickboxing)
Attitude (Gliding)
Attractor (Fishing)
Au bras (Fencing)
Au masque (Fencing)
Auction plate (Horse Racing)
Audible (American Football)
Augusta National Golf Club (Golf)
Australian pursuit (Cycling)
Australian Rules Football (Australian Rules Football)
Auto-tow (Gliding)
Automatic (Guns and Ammunition)
Auxiliary equipment (Ballooning)
Avalanche cord (Skiing)
Average speed (Pigeon Racing)
Averages (Cricket)
Awasette (Aikido)
Awasette (Judo)
Axel jump (Figure Skating)
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