What is SportsDefinitions.com and Why do I Need it

Originated on the playing fields of the "Old Country', brought to the Americas by emigrants, colonialists, and merchant adventures, and popularized in the public parks and stadiums of the cities and the suburbs, organized sports and games have evolved a language that is vibrant, diverse and often obscure.

SportsDefinitions.com is where you can find:

Pockets and Gloves that won't be found in a clothing store?
Spider Rests and Fly Balls that are of no interest to arachnologists or entomologists?
Flippers that have nothing to do with a dolphin?
Jacks, Aces and Deuces that don't have a place in a deck of cards?
Eagles and Albatrosses that can't flap their weight?
Pikes without fins or gills?

SportsDefinitions.com is an essential reference for all the terms of every game you are ever likely to see or play or watch on television. It covers over 175 sports and has definitions for over 7,500 keywords and phrases.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast who wants to learn the finer details of his/her favorite sport or a newbie taking up a sport for the first time and want to get the lingo down, SportsDefinitions.com is for you.

The abstruse and sometimes esoteric language of sports can be a source of confusion and perplexity to the dedicated sports fan. What to do when you are out on the golf course and someone yells 'fore' in your direction? What are your friends on about when they talk about 'banana kicks' in a soccer game? And why is it that NFL quarterbacks always seem to be the ones getting sacked?

With coverage of more than 175 sports and games, including every accredited Olympic sport and many national and regional specialties, SportsDefinitions.com provides the answers to a plethora of sporting queries. You can browse the site by sport, and the sports are grouped under the following main categories: stadium team sports, court games, target ball games, track and field, gymnastics, combat sports, target sports, motor sports, water sports, winter sports, activity and adventure sports and animal sports. On each sport page, the key words and phrases are arranged alphabetically. The argot of each sport is comprehensively explained, from descriptive terms for playing positions, techniques and equipment to local jargon and slang expressions.

SportsDefinitions.com will increase your command of sporting lingo will enable you to converse freely with teammates, to keep up with the commentators and understand the pundits from across the wide world of sport. This site is an indispensable reference for all those who love sports, whether as a player or official, live spectator or TV-viewing fan.

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