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SportsDefinitions.com features over 7,500 terms across over 175 sports with links between related terms and sports providing a clear and concise description of all sports terminology.

Sport is no longer a matter of simply playing games. It is a multi-billion dollar business, has a global economy of its own and is a way of life for people all over the world. It can also be an international language, a force for peace or a political weapon.

People have died in the name of sport, wars have started and stopped because of it, and countless millions have been uplifted and inspired by it. In short, sport is something that touches all our lives to a lesser or greater degree. Not only is it played on every country on Earth, but sport takes place on frozen Arctic wasteland, in the skies, and even by astronauts on the moon!

Some sports are genuinely global - there cannot be a country in the world where small boys and increasingly girls do not start kicking a small ball around as soon as they are able to walk. Others are more localized, although the growth of televised sport and the migration of nationalities have taken different sports into new countries. While some have declined in popularity towards the end of the twentieth century, others have grown and prospered. Many sports have changed beyond all recognition through the ages, others have stayed essentially the same for hundreds of years.

SportsDefinitions.com includes a powerful search tool (at the top of every page), a browse by letter feature, and sports specific dictionaries to help you learn the terminology you're interested in. In addition, via our Term of the Day Page, you can learn a new term and definition each day, so you can easily build your knowledge of sports lingo every day, for the next time you find yourself engaged with that sport. We hope you decide to bookmark SportsDefinitons.com and use it whenever you need an accurate, precise definition of a sports term.

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